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Harold In SpaceView game page

Harold finds himself in space in this "exciting" quasi-open mini-RPG!
Submitted by Aesica — 3 hours, 57 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Lucius Award for Laughs: Comedy#123.1863.563
Therese Award for Strength: Combat#123.0193.375
Harold Award for Excellence#163.1863.563
Marsha Award for Music: Sound#172.9633.313
Oldhar Award for Literature: Story#172.9073.250
Hrld Award for Graphics: Visuals#212.9073.250

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Okay, may I begin by saying how insane it is that Final Fantasy (truncated) is a mini-game in your jam entry? There was just so much variety to this game, and so much fun stuff to experience. I thought the story was intriguing, and the writing was good. I enjoyed the references to concepts like the androids/redshirts. There were also some pretty hilarious moments throughout that struck me as very Aesica.

Gameplay got a me a little confused. I got stuck trying to get everything to everyone, and only got endings 1 and 3. A few bugs seemed like they could break the game as well, like getting stuck forever in the cargo bay. 

If it's possible, would like to get the rest of the endings! This game had a ton of depth and thought put into it, but suffered from a few bugs and issues with execution.

That was a fun time, got stuck in the dessert world for a bit, big game for a jam, great work.


Managed to get two endings 'Into the Void' and 'Harold Gets Vaporized'. I couldn't continue onward as I got stuck in Cargo Bay and couldn't figure out how to keep doing the quests. Also, I found the TP, but couldn't pick it up?

Between the two holodecks and the little sidequests there was a lot to do. I think I missed some areas, since I saw KV mention a theatre, but I never came across that one myself. Combat was good, though the fights (barring the first) were tough in the holodeck. 

I like that there's multiple endings. It's a shame that the bugs are keeping me from trying to find more.

All in all solid entry.


For some reason (since changed) I decided that the TP shouldn’t be obtainable unless the quest chain was started, so you’ll have to go back for it once you start the quest chain.

As for the theatre, it’s an unfinished area so you’re not missing anything.


A lot of content packed in here! A lot of cool events when exploring the ship. Unfortunate that the trade quest is bugged, was fun trying to work out what to do with the items. 

Some of the side doors might be missed by some players - maybe an indication might help clueless players like myself :P


Yeah that’s fair about the side doors. I sort of marked them with different walls, but maybe I should’ve done something with the floors instead.

Also fun fact (I guess I can share this now, because it’s another bug that actually might allow you to complete the trading quest, although not in the intended way.

  1. Eat a food cube, get sick from it
  2. Go to the mess hall area (crew quarters, right-hand area) and talk to the redshirt bartender
  3. Use the item he gave you instead of the herbs on the redshirt with the plasma wrench.

Yeah, I had a > instead of an = in the event’s conditional branch.

Submitted (1 edit)

Wow, there is a lot to this game! Between the jumping paths in Candyland, a short version of FF1, and a little sequence-of-events quest in the ship, there is a lot to do. Unfortunately, I think the size of the scope ended up working against you because I couldn't figure out how to complete the sequence of events on the ship to get the "best" ending.

I also noted a few errors during my playthrough and I patched them in my version with the editor. Let me know if you want to know what the errors are or the fixed version.

I should also note the positives of the game:

  • Excellent use of the PandaMaru tiles to make a cool space ship
  • Rockin' tunes to support the action
  • Clever battle skills that have some good action sequencing and complex effects

It's truly a remarkable entry despite its flaws. Nice job!


Thanks for giving it a go, and not running off once the (really bad) bugs popped up. Yeah, I’m curious which ones you stumbled across so I can fix them. The ones I’m aware of and patched up already (for the post-jam release) are:

  • Cargo Bay “door block” event doesn’t go away after the scene (critical)
  • NPC in the Cargo Bay appears before the scene takes place
  • Captain’s intro has a repeated line
  • Candyland doors in the multi-layer cake being weird (not a bug actually, just a really bad/lazy design choice)

So if you have others, please let me know!


In addition to those:

  • The captain doesn't reappear on the bridge after the incident in the cargo bay is resolved.  The first officer also gets stuck in his "cargo bay incident" state due to the way the events are set up. I suspect there are others and may be why I cannot complete the ship quests. I recommend using a switch instead of a variable so you can turn it off when the incident is over.
  • When Harold looks out of the window in the cargo bay, the music stops and does not return when you return to the cargo bay. I noticed in the editor the cargo bay does not have any BGM assigned.
  • Several tiles that should be impassible can be walked on (pictured below)
  • Not a bug per se, but the android in the theater says, "no, unlike themm..."


Awesome, thanks. :D Those are all easy enough to fix up and, not surprisingly, were the results of hasty, rushed-for-time work on my part.

What do you do with the weed medicinal herb? I've wandered around all over the place trying to find a use for it. Also, any hints for getting endings after 1 and 2?

DeveloperSubmitted (1 edit)

I don’t want to give it away completely, but I’ll give a hint: There’s a sign outside the hydroponics bay that might point you toward the right targets for it.

Edit: Update on this, turns out another bug prevents the herbs from being used on the appropriate NPC, so that part can’t be completed. Sorry. :(


Space, the final frontier...

I was hooked with the comedic premise of this one, the burger lines had me giggling.

The use of pictures and comedic timing was great, the writing was very enjoyable.

The setting of in space was a breath of fresh air out of other entries i played and enjoyed the choice of appropriate space music.

The first puzzle of the bat was a bit more complicated/on a steep hill rather than gradually escalating.

If the creator had used a progression series of increasing difficulty for the candy puzzles this would have been a better approach and given the player a bit of help or direction with it, it would have been better.

The ship exploration felt a little empty and I was disappointed a lot of rooms were empty or devoid of something worth exploring each nook and cranny.

The story of the game is the most engaging and interesting part coupleled with the premise

I found it enjoyable for the amusing dialogue and premise which is definitely its strong suits.

 Overall a bit more narrowing and direction + explanation would have gone a long way, but overall solid entry and definitely one of the memorable story ones for me.


Thanks for playing it. Yeah the empty rooms are the…“I ran out of time” areas that were going to have a lot more going on for them. And the named NPCs that didn’t seem to say or do much of interest were the ones I had to cut content for at the last minute :(


I got the Dark Lord ending woot! Very interesting mix of Sifi and Fantasy and very nice eventing throughout.


Thanks for trying it out. :D


The set-up to the game was interesting and I wanted to see how the combat and such turned out, but I noped out at the first holodeck puzzle (the "candy" themed one). That repetitive, aimless jumping nonsense with the grating music loop and constantly being unsure of what environment elements you can interact with just didn't do it for me.

I can't justify spending 20 minutes making zero progress on a single puzzle when it's the first bit of actual gameplay I run into.

On the plus side, the dialog is gold, so for someone with a bit more patience I'm sure the writing alone is worth the price of admission.


I tried to make a little bit of something for everyone in this. I suspect you would’ve enjoyed the other holodeck level a bit better.

Submitted (1 edit)

That's what I gathered from chatting with some other players.

This is one of a few of the games on my "retry" list, so I'll probably skip that area or leave it for last depending on whether it's optional or not.


Yeah the FF part of the holodeck was badass, and I'm glad I had time to at least do a partial replay.

The balance was kinda wonky and the roles shifted a bit versus expectations, as Black Mage with Healstaff became my primary healer (except when Limit was on) and my Red Mage became single target healer + Protect dispenser with tertiary melee, while White Mage was Thor Hammer spam until Miracle was needed. Fighter gonna fight though (thankfully Provoke was OK, but the bosses were a biiiiit too AoE heavy I think).

Satisfying, big budget special effects for the spells and skills was good.

Definitely one of the more memey fun moments of the jam and the battle music was epic (I noticed certain parts were ripped directly from the core FF games right down to the soundfont).

Had the same issues with trying to do the item chain as pointed out previously and eventually gave up/ran out of time.

Ending 2 was fun at least.


I like the concept and I can tell you put a lot of love into this game. 

The game play was confusing to get too. It may be because there as very little direction given to the player and too much left up to random exploration. I think a little more direction could have been offered to the player for a smother expedience.

The combat I encountered felt a bit heavy and there was no upfront explanation on how a person needed to prep them selves before heading out to fight. My team died and I found my self mildly frustrated that there was no growth towards a hard fight.

There were moments where i was amused. Not enough to laugh out loud, but amused none the less.

I did like the battle music. It was a good choice.

Visually the ship felt a little empty and the town felt overly simple - like a game from the late 80's early 90's.  It's not bad, but it does leave the player wandering too much for the interaction they get.

The story was good, and I liked it the best of all. Harold goes from high fantasy to Sifi and that was a fun little culture shock experience.

Overall I think the combat was to harsh too soon, unless I missed something. My suggestion is to give the player more direction and information and leave less up to them to stumble trough. With a bit more polish this game would have me back in a hot second, because I do like the story idea!


I realize I was taking a bit of a risk by making an open-world-type submission to a game jam, and I didn’t get any real time to test how someone might experience it going blind because…well it made it in with like 3 hours to spare.

Also, funny you’d say that about the town. I wonder if anyone will actually recognize it…


Unfortunately I'm old enough for FF1 to be my first RPG game I ever played.  I was excited to see it.  I even went looking for the dancer to see how accurate, since that was one NPC I could remember.  Will have to finish playing this game tonight, but so far I'm enjoying it.