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Wow it was worse than I thought. Thanks for bringing them to my attention, I’ll brush them up within the next few days/weeks/months/etc :D

Aw I thought I proofed it pretty well. Do you remember what lines they were?

I would never inflict SS-style gameplay on anyone. Ever.

Thanks for playing it. Regarding the enemies, one thing I’ve learned from my past jam entries is that people don’t like being thrown in against hardmode ballbuster enemies right at the start, before they’re even used to the battle system, skills, etc. I always felt like FF4 did “hard” really well, so I tried to follow that model.

Wish I’d caught this one, too. Still was very informative and showed me another bug I missed–the compass orb (upper-right display) breaks on floor 2. Also regarding somebody’s comment, it’s not FF7 music. It’s by YouFulca, who I apparently forgot to credit. D: This game had so many bugs/oversights, so thank you for bearing with it for as long as you did.

Aw man, I missed it–by like 7 days. :D I like how you found an (unintended) way to navigate the options menu, as the original intent was to just tease players with settings like the movement type setting (Right Only, 4-Dir, 8-Dir) which they can’t change (and if they could, it does nothing). The social status one affects which “chapter” plays though. Anyhow, was a fun watch, thanks for playing it!

Okay so I gave it another go by forcing the player’s transparency back to false, and yeah there’s a bit more to see here–enough to make me curious about part 2, but not enough to alter my ratings any.

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Yeah feel free to play around with it in the editor. It’s so horribly broken and the more I look at it, the more I see other things I forgot to do. Marsha’s Fire spell has a broken action sequence tag, the north wall in the cat’s area isn’t supposed to be open, it’s using the wrong icon set (the “good” icon set is in the img/system folder but not set) and…who knows what else. Yeah I intend to clean up and expand this entry by a lot after the jam. Not sure why I thought I could put out something even remotely good like this in only 2 days, but thanks for trying it anyway!

Edit: Also, the cat explains that some enemies (based on their in-dungeon appearance) will be stronger than others. The dragon (and the dark elf who isn’t accessible) are meant to be pretty dangerous foes. Same with Haimonster and Baimonster.

Aah okay, good to know–thanks! I’ve tried to make my stuff at least somewhat optimized and wanted to make sure something wasn’t choking unnecessarily.

Understandable, as everyone has different tastes in comedy. I do regret not giving Reid more interactions in the Roza “fight” though, since especially in the second round, he will probably get 2 actions before the fight ends instead of just one.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I gotta say, it felt weird to actually portray Reid as a protag for once. :D

Definitely agree about the battles. Michelle and Kasey/Eliot in particular should’ve probably had half the HP they did. Now when you say “ran like trash” were there any particular parts? And do MZ games generally run worse for you than MV games? Trying to isolate any bottlenecks, but I suspect effekseer animations.

Probably just an unfinished event/progress point. I ran into this same problem in the same place.

I sure hope you’re right!

“Right” here? I see what you did, and I approve!

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Thanks, and yeah the original maze floors were going to be 50x50, but I quickly realized that was too massive, so I opted for 30x30 per floor. I hope the compass helped a bit with the sense of direction. I wanted to include a map that filled in as you went along as well, but…yeah time happened.

Edit: The horror comment reminded me, I forgot all about the yellow-walled SF tiles which would’ve been perfect for some backrooms action. Maybe next year!

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Here’s a list of “known” bugs, just to save people the trouble of reporting them. :)

  • The blue crystal teleporter in B2 takes you to the wrong location, making the game unwinnable :(
  • The gold coin doesn’t convert into the correct item and has incorrect text
  • Lucius doesn’t learn any additional spells as he levels up
  • Not a bug, but I didn’t have time to place chests with gear upgrades besides the 3 locked chests.
  • Front view battles resolve correctly, but the presentation is borked AF
  • Enemy strength is horribly imbalanced (in the player’s favor)
  • Marsha’s Fire spell has a broken action sequence tag and thus doesn’t work
  • The north wall of the cat’s “room” isn’t supposed to be open.
  • The wrong icon set is being loaded.

Does the player have to actually climb the ascent? Or can they technically go to it, but walk by it?

Not sure if it’s intentional, but you can view the map and still move around, making it a lot easier to see/avoid the enemies and find the objective chests. Also kind of wish I could do more with movement though, like beat up the baddies. Didn’t make it past level 2 since half of the map seems inaccessible unless there’s some switch I’m supposed to find or something. Enjoyed the weird environments (yay giant cat statues!)

This one was interesting, and I enjoyed the quirky dialog. I couldn’t get very far though, since after I fought the evil looking dude at the church, I couldn’t figure out where to go or what to do. Also I kind of want to eat the talking pizza. :D

This game actually reminds me of the old days of flash games, as the “arena shooter” type games were pretty popular/common back then. The good old “orbit the room and shoot toward the middle” trick still works quite well. My only real complaint is that it’s wasd movement without any other options, and I’m terrible at wasd movement.

Like a few others, I got hit by a lockup bug with the wastebasket since I interacted with it from below rather than the side. Kinda wish the game had a few autosave checkpoints since you can get insta-gameovered if you touch certain bad things, and having to start all over is kinda…annoying. That said, great atmosphere and use of lighting (even if a little dark in some spots)

This is the one I definitely had the most fun with (it’s better than mine, imo) despite the fact I had to play as Reid. :D Got 2 endings when I played (slept in until the final day the first time, then actually tried on the second) and am curious to see what other endings this has. Good job, only bits of advice I’d offer were already mentioned (quicker access to the stat hud, fixing some atk/mat/etc references with the intended stat names, etc)

So now that the jam is over, I want to give this game a full play since the jam version had some weird bug where the graphics were flickering and shaking about so badly I couldn’t tell what was going on. Probably some weird issue with Bakin since it’s still pretty new as an engine. Does the gamejolt version fix that?

Aw crap, did I screw up the ether? Wouldn’t surprise me if it doesn’t work right since I (hastily) tried to make them refill MP, but not the other skill resources like rage or energy. Glad you liked it. :)

They were going to learn those skills as they progressed so it’d feel more natural, but I was out of time for that so I just lumped everything in at the start.

Thanks for giving it a try, and yeah not all parties are created equal. Was going for that FF1 vibe in that regard.

Yeah I never had time to actually balance the exp drops. If I work on a post-jam version, I’ll probably get rid of exp entirely in favor of a very different growth system anyway.

Enjoyable overall, but the last battle is a little opaque unless you can remember how each damage type relates to one another, and after you clear the various battles leading up to the last one, there doesn’t appear to be any reference sheet. This could be solved by including this information in each skill’s description: “Deals Plasma damage to the target (effective against TypeA and TypeB)” or something like that.

Oh yeah, I (I think anyway) fixed it in 1.22.

And yeah, you’re not the only person who had that concern about skipping the intro story with a button press. I’m definitely going to look into adding a little notification at the bottom to indicate that button presses will fastforward, not skip. :)

I feel like you and I made polar opposite entries using RPGMaker–mine being all battle driven and yours being all map/event driven. While I’m not a fan of hidden object games (what this felt like) I can definitely appreciate the amount of time you spent adding little bits of detail, such as random interactables, throughout the world.

I gave it my best shot, but got stuck probably in the first third of the second story route (forgot the name of it) since I couldn’t find where to go or what to do, but a good part of that could be because I was on medication (recovering from an injury) when I played it.

Cute game overall, I’m curious about where the story is going but not sure I have the patience for the hidden object parts. :D

Yeah scrolling text is a thing I abuse when I’m running short on deadlines, and this game did screech across the finish line without much wiggle room. If I expand it, I’ll probably go with cutscenes, or at least with a faster scroll speed, note that you can advance it faster with the confirm button, etc.

And yeah, the game is (modified) stock assets with a fair amount of custom code (the plugins are all my own creations–it’s my version of “art” I guess.)

Overwhelming complexity is an ongoing jam problem for me apparently. I hate simplistic rpg battles, so I try to jazz them up and usually end up making something a bit heavy for more casual players and/or those not overly comfortable with rpg mechanics especially. I need to work on that, although its hard when you also want to keep the game short. I’d hoped The slime battles and player tutorials would ease people into that complexity. Hopefully it helped, anyway.

When the limit gauge hits 100, the limit command replaces the normal attack, but the normal attack skill is present in the limit menu just in case the player wants to use it instead of the limit break skill. Normal attack has no cost to it, so they can continue to use it without wasting their limit skill if they choose.

Finally, I did try to start simple (the slime battles are a lot easier than wave sets 2 and especially 3) but I guess I could’ve started the players with stripped-down skilsets, then added those skills by wave set 3. Progression in jam games is hard given the fact that I wanted it to be short.

Anyway thanks for giving it a try. :) The later versions are a lot better and a lot less broken than the initial version, so feel free to give the newer one a try if you want. :)

Aw crud, did you use the newest version? I thought I fixed the missing party members bug for everyone, but maybe I missed her. I should probably just force-reinitialize the party on main quest embark.

As for the intro being super slow, you should be able to fast-forward it with the confirm button, but I should probably speed up the default scroll speed a bit. I just didn’t want it to be too fast for slower readers. :)

Seems like the start of a decent game, but I couldn’t get past how agonizingly sloooooow the player moves. Controls also took a bit to figure out, and even then, wasd and aim-with-mouse isn’t my favorite control scheme by a long shot. (Note that some keyboard layouts have the wasd keys in alternate locations, making wasd unusable for them)

On the plus side, I do like dungeon crawlers, so I gave it a good run until I unexpectedly died…I’m not sure how either. Keep at it and I bet you can make something decent with this.

Other notes: Not a huge fan of jam games packed with installers, but at least I was able to extract it manually via 7zip.

Thanks for trying it out. :D Regarding the 1 hp + missing party: Oof. I though I fixed that on everybody but I guess I missed her branch–time for a quick hotfix when I next sit down with it.

Thanks for giving it a try! There’s a setting to turn down individual volumes (music, sfx, etc) in the options menu, but I admit I had the defaults left a bit high. A lesson for next time, perhaps. :D

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Odd, 7zip is a pretty popular (and free) compression program, but yeah I can add a zip version sometime within the next few hours. Edit: Zip version is up.

Hi, so quick question about the “no previous database work” part. The default database can be used I assume, but what if I replaced my default database with another one that’s more tailored to the type of projects I typically make. In particular, one with better effect animations (MZ’s default fire animations especially are nothing short of awful).

I’d obviously build all the meaningful stuff (items, equips, states, skills, characters, classes, enemies, troops) from the ground up.