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Harold In a Generator Dungeon II: Harold's Friends In a 3D Non-Generated DungeonView game page

A terrible, unbalanced 3d game made in 2 days
Submitted by Aesica — 5 minutes before the deadline
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Harold In a Generator Dungeon II: Harold's Friends In a 3D Non-Generated Dungeon's page


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This is neat! I like the pseudo-3D type games. I have nothing to complain about, so, good game!


Pretty good for a rushed entry. More jams (and maybe more RM games in general) should have enemies that can be defeated by a level 1 party's basic attack in one hit.


Thanks for playing it. Regarding the enemies, one thing I’ve learned from my past jam entries is that people don’t like being thrown in against hardmode ballbuster enemies right at the start, before they’re even used to the battle system, skills, etc. I always felt like FF4 did “hard” really well, so I tried to follow that model.


Hi, I am live with your game :D


Wish I’d caught this one, too. Still was very informative and showed me another bug I missed–the compass orb (upper-right display) breaks on floor 2. Also regarding somebody’s comment, it’s not FF7 music. It’s by YouFulca, who I apparently forgot to credit. D: This game had so many bugs/oversights, so thank you for bearing with it for as long as you did.


OK, you already know my thoughts on this one, but wanted to just say I like how the cat reminds me of THAT cat from THAT game, even though I know it's the MZ stock cat :P So that alone brought me some kind of comedy moment :P I've seen other MZ stock cats in other games, but yours in particular somehow more directly reminded me of that "The Singing Sword" cat XDDD


I would never inflict SS-style gameplay on anyone. Ever.


Disappointed I can't go any further (though I could do some editing myself). Was a fun and short ride for what it was. Combat was either super easy or kind of impossible (hard dragon boss), but it didn't harm the experience imo. Navigation apps have destroyed my sense of direction, so I was always lost, but the levels were simple enough that it didn't take long at all to find the solutions. The compass sort of helped. 

Super curious what one full month of dev on this one would have looked like!

Developer (1 edit)

Yeah feel free to play around with it in the editor. It’s so horribly broken and the more I look at it, the more I see other things I forgot to do. Marsha’s Fire spell has a broken action sequence tag, the north wall in the cat’s area isn’t supposed to be open, it’s using the wrong icon set (the “good” icon set is in the img/system folder but not set) and…who knows what else. Yeah I intend to clean up and expand this entry by a lot after the jam. Not sure why I thought I could put out something even remotely good like this in only 2 days, but thanks for trying it anyway!

Edit: Also, the cat explains that some enemies (based on their in-dungeon appearance) will be stronger than others. The dragon (and the dark elf who isn’t accessible) are meant to be pretty dangerous foes. Same with Haimonster and Baimonster.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

The first thing I noticed was that you avoided the writing pitfalls of certain-jams-I-won't-name that went overboard with infodumps that were too big for the scale of their game so I really appreciated the change of pace

Judging this as a prototype, I feel this demo shows me that 3D maze games are even easier to get lost in than 2D mazes. That first floor despite its small size is big enough that I needed to focus to not lose my sense of direction. Also not used to the controls which feels like you're driving a vehicle through the maze. Overall while an interesting subversion of the troll games from last year, I think 3D maze dungeons are more terrifying than 2D but probably an idea to go for a horror RPG for later. Maybe

EDIT: BTW I like that cat

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Thanks, and yeah the original maze floors were going to be 50x50, but I quickly realized that was too massive, so I opted for 30x30 per floor. I hope the compass helped a bit with the sense of direction. I wanted to include a map that filled in as you went along as well, but…yeah time happened.

Edit: The horror comment reminded me, I forgot all about the yellow-walled SF tiles which would’ve been perfect for some backrooms action. Maybe next year!

Developer (7 edits)

Here’s a list of “known” bugs, just to save people the trouble of reporting them. :)

  • The blue crystal teleporter in B2 takes you to the wrong location, making the game unwinnable :(
  • The gold coin doesn’t convert into the correct item and has incorrect text
  • Lucius doesn’t learn any additional spells as he levels up
  • Not a bug, but I didn’t have time to place chests with gear upgrades besides the 3 locked chests.
  • Front view battles resolve correctly, but the presentation is borked AF
  • Enemy strength is horribly imbalanced (in the player’s favor)
  • Marsha’s Fire spell has a broken action sequence tag and thus doesn’t work
  • The north wall of the cat’s “room” isn’t supposed to be open.
  • The wrong icon set is being loaded.