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Happy birthday ^.^

So I replayed this today and finally reached the end of the game, and wanted to fix where I said the humor didn't land after the beginning. Turns out more humor stuff landed for me ^^ Also, thanks for polishing the game up more :D

Hey, DJ! Thanks for the feedback. Very interesting and also this is the first time I ever heard about lag for the nuclear explosion, so thanks for bringing this to my attention. As for the music, which of the sound effects did you find a bit grating? (Or could it be due to some lag or something?) And yeah, the crash is a part of a joke; it was supposed to crash right after the player sees "To be continued..." as a perfect ending to this unfinished jam version. :P

Actually, I have an idea. ^^ I give you my save file and you check for me if I really did miss a switch or not. I just made a .zip of my save file and want to send it to you :D (...I can't seem to message you on Discord without being a friend though, and seems like I cannot add you either without you adding me first. T_T)

I went around the map so many times again and again and probably checked all(?) switches multiple times. T_T So I have no idea, but at least I think I got all the switches.

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Giving you 5 stars for everything XD Also, I can start the game from the included save file and skip the intro, lmao. :P The poitons and other stuff were the most use-full items in the game. Game of the Year. 5/5.

I enjoyed this at first and like the pacing, but then after spending some time in the second mining part of the dungeon, I started to run away from all battles. Then, in the end, went searching through the whole map and still I can't seem to get to the second boss fight at all T_T So I guess there might be some issue where I'm really unable to progress. Also, when the player first meets Lucius inside the first dungeon, Marsha becomes invisible when walking for a bit. But I enjoyed the experience prior to the mining dungeon. Perhaps if the bugs are fixed, it could be an experience that's enjoyable for me!

I found 18 of 20 clues, and the two clues that I didn't find is the answer to the murder. Was wondering if I were somehow supposed to have all clues, though. So I tested the answer with the right character but wrong weapons twice, and then went for some more tests; I've seen both the "bad" ending and the good ending. Won all the Elementary games, and interesting way for a game, though I'm not sure what's with Reid being excited about it in front of Lucius XD I have to say I laughed when Harold is first revealed to be dead, with the clues and dialogues being light-hearted and silly. :P

Hey! Thanks for the response and letting me know with a direct example of how the combos can work. I'd be interested to retry your game knowing this, because when I played with the repetitive combo, I felt the battles were getting boring and it deeply affected my experience. So I will attempt to find a chance to replay (not going to promise things as I've been quite unstable energetically and needing to rest a lot, so "if it happens, then it happens" would probably be a fairer promise to you without concerns of potential unfulfilled promises or mental to-do lists). As for the F.O.E., I first encountered it with only two party members, and was able to get to the last wave of monsters. So I thought that it was beatable. Then after surprisingly finding Canary, I thought that now I have three party members, it should be easy to beat the F.O.E.s and turns out that was not the case at all. Also, I didn't say this in my previous message, but I think there was a path that let the player keep on chasing the mouse or something, and in the end leads to a more difficult battle encounter. I think I first tried to chase the mouse all the way to the end with only two party members, and the fight felt overly difficult. Think second time around, I stopped chasing and stopped in the middle or something. I'm going to assume there are more rewards for beating the last revealed set of monsters in the end... maybe this will be something I explore if I do retry your game. But would help if I have a heads-up on how that "mouse chase" part works and whether stopping at the first part vs. the second part, would be any different from stopping at the third part... or if the only difference if it's the end where you fight the monster group and before the end when you stopped chasing. Hope this isn't getting confusing XD;

So this game was kinda okay-ish RTP game for me. I did beat the game wondering if I did fight all the bosses, including the secret one, and wondered if it's that treasure chest. Also not sure what the different between giving her the cure or not is; in the end you still fight her before she drops the item. I want to point out that even if you didn't fight the treasure chest boss, when you are about to fight the Chimera Reflection, the character dialogues will still mention being attacked twice in a day. I'm currently sort of doing a second playthrough just to recheck if I did fight all bosses or not; so battles were quite plain and long for me to not be so sure if I did or not. So there is the Yeti, Grave Attendent (treasure chest), Mary's Reflection, Chimera Reflection,  and then the two rounds for the last boss... I think may have fought everything.

OK, you already know my thoughts on this one, but wanted to just say I like how the cat reminds me of THAT cat from THAT game, even though I know it's the MZ stock cat :P So that alone brought me some kind of comedy moment :P I've seen other MZ stock cats in other games, but yours in particular somehow more directly reminded me of that "The Singing Sword" cat XDDD

Interesting creativity with the "Vexace" and "Emvee" stuff :D I'm also quite familiar with the node traveling style you presented because I've played RPG Maker games recently that uses it. So it was interesting and quite exciting(?) to expect a game jam that's possibly going to be fun like this. :D

Reading the comments below mine though, apparently there are different combo combinations? I keep thinking the combo input keys must be exactly in the same order as displayed on the screen, and it was the same for every character and thus battle felt quite repetitive in some form throughout the game. Like, use combo and then heal or buff (or vice versa), and then repeatedly doing the same thing. So, unless if I'm missing something, I did think that it was relieving I did my playthrough in the easier mode. The F.O.E. one turns out to be too difficult, and maybe that was the intention, but it seems unbeatable. Noticed that the difficulty increases if I have Canary in my party; initially thought it would be easier once I get Canary but it was way harder with a three-people party.

Overall, it's an interesting experience. I probably wouldn't be honest if I say I enjoyed it due to the repetitive battle actions for me and the "Relief I didn't play this in Normal mode," but then it could be I'm missing something, possible wasn't sleeping well when I played, etc. So if there are things I'm supposed to have known or should have done and you want me to redo, feel free to let me know.

Interesting use of MV3D. Though the game play kinda felt repetitive and plain. The ending was interesting and changed the atmosphere quite some :D

I was curious about leaving without checking the Demon Lord first, so I went to the Reid part of the story first. I like this story for some reason XD Though the first battle with Reid's party took quite long and then kind of like a "only to find out I was supposed to lose" thing. ^^; Other than this, I think I wondered if I had stepped into bug territory and battling an enemy group that was too hard, that I wasn't supposed to battle. (Turns out it wasn't, but me skipping the Demon Lord felt like I maybe discovered some extra things that wasn't supposed to be a part of the game.) 

Anyway, I like how vibrant the graphics and text are compared to other RTP games here. Both the style and music reminds me of my VX Ace settings before, which I love. Even the music at the map with the airship felt so VX Ace-like. So I had some feelings for your game from this alone. ^^ Being prevented from not traveling in other parts of the map felt good because it's like "Oh sweet, fewer things to do and shorter play time! :D" after having a long list of games to play.

I checked out the Demon Lord for the first time after I completed the game. (Demon Lord's sprite reappears if you leave the place and reenter.)

Then, I checked out the "final version" .zip file to see if I could fight the statues on the first floor, but still run into the missing background issue XD;

Anyway, for some reason, I enjoyed this entry. ^^And sorry to hear what happened when you were submitting the game! Even though your entry is disqualified, doesn't stop me from sharing thoughts and feedback :D

Ah, didn't realize you could force the transparency settings to change XD; I wish I had your tools :P

OK, so I decided to give it a go after I replied to Aesica below. But basically, if you talk to your party, it will progress the game to the next map. Then, after the cut scene, you'll need to navigate to the top of the mountain in this invisible state until a boss fight. In the beginning, the controls seem weird and like you could be stuck, but it's possible to reach the top. This will be followed by the last boss fight and cut scenes (no more traveling, fortunately). I just completed the game :)

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I've seen the game played further; you just have to continue navigating as an invisible player. I remember there's an ending, but not sure if I want to continue the game navigating like this... there's kind of quite a lot to walk around on for the rest of the game, and all in this invisible player state. (T_T)
EDIT: OK, never mind. I decided to give it a try, and just completed the game. Here are the details of what to expect:

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Perfect kind of humor that I tend to do :D You nailed me, and even put GMT +8 Taipei Standard Time in the game! *O* Makes me curious if you were thinking of me when you put that part in the game :O :O :O
EDIT: Ooooh, so the time zone thing is not fixed stuff. Ah, that makes sense now XD;

The humor here sits really well with me :D Super HENSHIN!! XD I also like the kind of music used in this game; it's the kind of thing I like... though I gotta say when I first started playing, I was in some mode because of this HENSHIN! animation excitement or something, that I wasn't paying much attention in battle and ended up getting myself killed XD; And then I had to redo the intro cut scenes again. I also found myself wanting to avoid some battles so in the beginning it was quite repetitive for me. Going through the last boss felt like bad game design; once I knew I was going to lose, it didn't feel good to have to constantly repeatedly lose until the change finally occurs where you can then defeat the boss. I loved the ending after that and the feelings between Marsha and Harold.

Hey, thanks for replying and so glad maybe I wasn't harsh or anything. That's a relief hearing back from you and I really appreciate that. About the speediness, so I just did a quick test and matched the monitor FPS option, went into battle, ran away, switch back to the default setting, and went into battle, and then closed the game... and turns out the speed is okay after I set the adjust monitor FPS to "ON." Not sure why it doesn't happen in other people's MV games but only(?) yours so far, but yes, from my quick test, it seems the setting in the options does fix that issue. ^^

Haha, totally can relate here! I also ran out of time for my entry and though quite different, I kind of deleted something I wanted (or though I deleted it by mistake and had to dig out an older backup of the game files to retrieve it). Yay, for busy life and game jam deadlines! XD; And that growler is the best thing ever :D

I actually didn't really enjoy this T_T The humor landed in the beginning for me that I liked, but the ones after the intro didn't really. I also had this issue with the characters being so speedy and even the menu selection quite slippery and I'm not sure if this is just me, but the speediness even in menu selection affected things negatively for me. The battles didn't grab my attention much and I find myself kind of randomly pressing whatever, and then at times making sure I attack and heal when HP is low. Though I do gotta say I appreciated the class change idea a bit; that was the interesting part for me. But there's kind of not really any revival item, and I started to get frustrated when I'm left with one character and around floor 10, and started to realize perhaps this could be endless and maybe I'll never beat the game. Don't have much fuel to retry or battle when there's only one character left in the party. Maybe if I skipped encounters and only fought the bosses it might have been easier. Maybe this is a rogue-like game, but I think without at least some revive items here and there, it didn't feel balanced at all. It feels like I have so many skills and characters at once, and even healing items, but no revive items (only ever revived a character once at the beginning and never since then was there a revive item for me).

The idea itself is interesting, but perhaps the frustrating parts above could be tweaked a bit.

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Oh, so that's where the ascent is!!! Thanks for letting me know :D
EDIT: So I just re-watched the game, and OK, saw the ascent. Sorry, I was too focused on Lucius' sexy action sequencing to not really notice it somehow * O *

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I played your game before the game jam ended, so memories of names of places, characters, etc. may be unclear, but I'll do what I can to recall what I remember. I also played all paths. I will say that the idea is interesting, but I had more of an impression this game had more bugs than gameplay enjoyment. For example, returning to a previous map may yield a character that was already supposed to disappear on that map, movement issues with one of the paths, and the rooftop where you can walk out of, and quite some others like the part where you get a boat you can basically get stuck if you go back, and it felt like bugs everywhere (even the drinking challenge with the guy who will give you a boat, you can even trigger a dialogue related to that when you're not on that path? Sorry, memory quite fuzzy after more than a week in an experience I felt like was ruined by the bugs T_T). There were I think at least two different occasions where I can get stuck literally and have to restart from the beginning. I also initially thought the "Tap Z" thing was buggy and tapped so hard and not much happened and just left that path and went with another character, and then came back to it afterwards and finished the path. Anyway, there were so many bugs :'( I think even on one of paths or two, moving at the lava mountain was strange. The coordinates part also never made sense to me, and I could beat that path without figuring it out (although I did try to go around the map to see if I can figure anything out and maybe even ran into some bug). My favorite path is the ninja path, which I really thought was cool and funny. XD I totally enjoyed the ninja one :D The others were okay for me, but I'm sure it's mostly because of getting stuck multiple times due to bugs (besides the "Tap Z" one which may be an exception).

Hey KV, thanks for replying and open to feedback! And oh, I played on the laptop. I tend to avoid browser games when there is a download available (didn't fully realize there was a browser version probably because I downloaded your game quickly along with tons of others the other day). Weird about the music. :O

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Ha, sexy Lucious beatboxing. XD Though I didn't get to do anything. And didn't realize the ascent was at the title screen until after the credits; thought it had to be in-game.

I gave all categories 1 stars for fun XD

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This is something I enjoyed in terms of game play. Well executed. :) It surprised me also that I would enjoy the battle system and be impressed by it. Initially I was kind of like "maybe this battle system will just be okay-ish, like maybe better than a lot of battle systems out there, but still sort of okay-ish for me," so I was surprised you actually ended up hooking me into it so much. Even the story was poignant and quite well-written. Now I don't recall any comedy points here, but the game gave me a quite lovely Game Boy Color experience that I can remember. ^^ I felt something in the end, which is what I think contributes to a skill in storytelling. Like sometimes a part of me plays RPGs to feel something that I can "relate" to. And a part of better storytelling is that even if I may not particularly have any actual related experience in my life like what the characters are experiencing, if a game could still *somehow* make me feel like I can relate and made me *feel* it, then the game did something well. Also interesting "post-game" boss battle. Though I had wished I could learn all the skills after that optional boss fight (maybe the Completionist part of me), but guess it makes sense I'm probably not supposed to learn every skill. :P

I told you my thoughts on Discord already, but wanted to point this out as I'm going through commenting on entries, and noticed the screenshots I can use as further clarification on what I mean. So one of the screenshots says, "Logos: For starters, I'm not quite as mature as you are, Harold. My time management skills are substantially weaker." And this is what I meant by how I thought there was supposed to be strategy in this game, and I got frustrated when nothing was making sense. It even looked like a tutorial suggesting that there is "strategy" or "reasoning" in the game, and then it frustrated me SO much in a WTF way to the point I decided to just think it's RTP normal battles with "colored wording" that I don't need to pay attention to. And then there are the save files that wasn't supposed to be in the game, and the ending that I wondered if it could be a bug in some way when there was suddenly another battle. It was confusing T_T So I had no idea this was only RTP battle with no strategy or "gimmick" to figure out, but just "flavored wording." Even the battles were kind of unbalanced in difficulty. T_T My initial impression is that what the characters were saying is like a tutorial showing you the "strategy" for the game, if that makes sense. No idea it was only colorful wording I can ignore.

It was okay, actually. I was expecting some major comedy moment or something from what I read on the Discord server and here, and even the game title itself when I first saw this got uploaded before the jam deadline  (and knowing Aesica's way of humor), and so I was surprisingly disappointed it was okay for me. Yes, it's funny and very creative, and even the kind of humor I'm "supposed" to love, but somehow it felt okay when I played it. T_T My favorite part is how Priscilla appeared like in battle; for some reason that really had a reaction out of me XDDD And the flirting in the battle with Rosa. :P

This game was okay quick RTP game for me. I think also some battles appeared to have been hard at first but turns out I only just needed to attack the same enemy. I do feel like all three floors of battles were the same difficulty unlike what was said at the beginning, but also relieved it's the same difficulty (at least for me) because I wanted to see the story to the end and didn't want to engage in longer RTP battles. So I kind of enjoyed this game because I could easily get through battles by making sure to focus attacks on one particular enemy and things were quickly taken care of, so I can get to the story. I actually had a better experience with your game than some of the submissions.

This was really fun to play :D I also enjoyed destroying the walls XD One of my favorite gameplay submissions in this jam!!

This is one of my top favorites in terms of player experience XD Though there are some "bugs" like stuff you ask Harold for a past part, you can still ask him in later parts, which does make it quite weird and like a "bug" to me. (I played your game before I joined the jam properly, so I'm also having issues recalling exactly what =_=) So that part did confuse me a bit when I was initially stuck on something. Anyway, one of my favorites of all-time, and everything here sits well with me! :P I enjoyed this game soooooooooooo much, from beginning to end, and you nailed it for me. The kind of stuff that I'd get into!! XD

The black bulldog(?) outside with Harold was so funny XD I love this XDDDD

It's humorous XD Enjoyed the dating profiles. :P Though for gameplay and overall experience, as much as I had wanted to enjoy this game, I couldn't enjoy your game even though I like the humor and creativity. This is because of the implementation(?) and the bugs (e.g., the Next Button causes display errors and overlaps, even all the way to the title screen after a path is completed), how sometimes pressing Next skips two screens and I miss text, having to slowly swipe through the profiles every single time (especially if you want to see all the outcomes, and as a Completionist, I do and I did get every single path but it felt like a kind of chore at the same time), and how I have to redo something on the same path from scratch just to see all the different outcomes. So those really killed the experience for me. T_T If there were a "Skip to the next choice selection point," or even a Save/Load option, that would have really helped and I would have enjoyed your game. Also when I played and got most of the outcomes for the most part, there was no music at all. I really thought this was some kind of humor game that  was supposed to have no music (as a part of the design and joke) because the first several times I opened it, it came without any music at all. Then, when I closed the game for a third time due to a bug, I was surprised there was music. Other than this, the idea is interesting and I do want to see more of this project and Harold dating and cucumbers humor XD

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OK, I laughed when I saw the reason for Lucius saying the "go on without me" thing. XD Thanks for the quite-instant laugh right away. It made my night XDDD Made me glad I opened your project :P
EDIT: Oh my god, just completed the game and I will say this is in my top list for comedy. I literally laughed so much especially around the end, and you did great with full-screening my laptop with that "bug." Whoa, brilliant. Wasn't able to "kill game" before my laptop "crashed" into that blue screen, and love how I can even try to heal Harold with the Marsha(?) character XDD
EDIT #2: Oh yeah, forgot to mention I sent you a bug report when the hot chick asked for it. Hope you received it :P

Oh wow, this is interesting because I thought if someone dreams of a physical location, that would count as a physical location (including if the physical location is an illusion created by the mind; like the player will only see physical land, but in reality it has been nothingness all along, but the player will not know that until later in the end). I guess if someone astral travels to the "spirit realm" above the physical ascent (e.g. think Rave Heart), but doesn't actually set foot on there, then maybe it can still work?

Hopefully these questions I asked will help some people get some ideas as well, including those who didn't think they could "make it in time" with a "proper" jam entry because they just discovered it (like me)!

OK, thanks! One more thing:

8. About "the player must go there" and how Sawyer said the "all players must see the ascent in some form" part, does it mean that the characters who set foot on the ascent doesn't have to be characters that the player can control? (e.g., a flashback cut scene for a village's situation 5,000 years ago and way before any of the characters ever existed, or even the boss and villains setting foot on the ascent). Or even: maybe the ascent doesn't have any characters of NPCs on there, but somehow the player gets a "view" of it without being there (e.g., a character falls asleep and dreams of a mysterious ascent-like place that he knows nothing about, and nobody is in the dream; not even himself... the entire dream "goes up" the ascent even though nobody is there.)

Ooh, okay, thanks for answering. Looking forward to seeing if Human has anything else to add, clarify, and/or correct. I have more:

6. Can the entire "game" be only cut scenes like some kind of "movie," "storybook presentation," and/or "visual novel"? (e.g., a "visual novel" made in RPG Maker, except the player doesn't do anything besides pressing the Confirm button to move the writing forward; the player doesn't select anything besides "New Game" or "Start Game" at the title screen.) Just to "tell a story."

7. Also possibly related to #6, but can the entire "game" be one video file the player sees after they choose "New Game"? (After selecting "New Game," the game loads a video file for the "player" to watch.)

(3 edits)

1. Would both kinds of "ascent" be all right especially if the figurative one comes first? (e.g., "ascent" up a military rank comes first in the story, but the actual physical ascent comes later near the end of the game and guaranteed to appear within the one hour play time for all judges who judge the entry.) Hopefully there will not be some kind of misunderstanding that the game did not follow the jam's rules due to the figurative "ascent" that comes first.

2. How many entries can be submitted per entrant?

3. Can a submission be less than six minutes in play time?
Or maybe even two minutes total. Or maybe even mostly cut scenes of a game that is only four minutes long, and has less than one minute where the player actual controls something.

EDIT #1:
4. Following up from #1, what if the entire game is about a figurative "ascent," and the actual physical ascent the player sets foot on is only during a post-game moment? (e.g., after the player finishes the game, the credits roll, and the game says "The End." But instead of automatically going to the title screen, the player directly goes to a post-game map on the physical ascent where they walk upwards for one final cut scene.)

EDIT #2: Made the questions bold and added other examples that could be related to the third question.

EDIT #3:
Made the fourth question bold, but also adding this:
5. Following up from #4, would the player need to be controlling the walk up the ascent, or could it be purely a cut scene of the player character walking up there? And about the player needing to "set foot" on the ascent in general, can it be completely a part of a cut scene, or does the player need to be controlling the movement?