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Yes and no.

There are RPGMaker sheets included in the character sprite sets, but that is easier to do since the frames already exist - however to get certain map functionality to work (autotile) new iterations of existing map tiles would be necessary.

In other words I believe RPGMaker formatting for characters was not the original intention but a nice bonus provided by the author. Same holds true with the 3x upscale tiles (the base assets are in 16 x 16 format while RPG MV/MZ requires 48 x 48).

So, I've spent some time with the set and it looks fantastic.

One challenge for me, since I am using RPG Maker, was to get the various water and ground tiles configured into viable auto-tiles; is that something you might consider adding later, and/or for future asset packs? I'd kick down a commission towards this, if you have any interest.

I was able to make something decent in GraphicsGale via some cutting/pasting/scaling, but it's not professional quality (some of the transitions look a bit wonky). I can send you my files for reference, but again only if you might want to pursue it.

Regardless, I am looking forward to further asset packs!

I really, really need a FFIV style underground with lava oceans and such... just sayin'.

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Great stuff! Now I am tempted to start yet another new project (already working on a couple 16 bit RPGs).

Excellent work. I think you've really captured the "heart" of classic JRPGs with a lot of these.

Rest, Take Flight / Airship, and Trust are all standouts IMO. (it's the details that matter!)

Nice, another amazing art pack!

I'm really looking forward to building an entire world with just these assets.

Yeah I think I typo'd the character #.

Thanks so much for being responsive and for this awesome pack.

P.S. did you have any interest in seeing the files once I've completed my roster?

One minor detail on character 10: the eye color flips from bluish to red/brown during the "ouch" frames.

(Barely visible except when zoomed in or upscaled, I only noticed because I am mixing and matching character parts for my game project).

Looks great, thanks for the fast turnaround!

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Fantastic variety, and just like the first pack captures the golden-era FF feel amazingly well.

One question: looks like for characters 10 and 24, the first frame of the LH thrust / shoot animation is re-used in frame 3 - is this intentional?

It looks kind of wonky when animated. Of course let me know if I am missing something.

Edit: I am using the RPG Maker arrangement.


Assuming large sprites do become available, any chance of getting large overworld sprites for Pack # 1, at some point?

Update: I still get intermittent crashing on launch, but a restart always fixes it.

It's like Unity can just get hung up on something and leave a process in limbo somewhere.

If you're still interested I wouldn't mind testing a 2019 .exe.

No biggie either way. Great tool!

I second this.

Seeing this pack available made my day.

Amazing work!


Incredible stuff!

Wow, this pack just keeps getting more amazing.

Not only do the re-colors look awesome and add functionality I need for my project, but the 1x file sizes give me a lot more options for importing into MV (I plan on doing my own upscaling first).

How do I make the next pack appear right now?! :D

Amazing stuff.

The samples on your website are equally incredible - very good grasp of mood/genre.

Can't believe you're not charging money for this pack, was glad to kick in the five bucks.

Oooooh - I like the sound of that!

IMO, having more characters is totally worth the wait. Not that I would complain if you released it incrementally, either.

Thanks for being flexible on permissions; my goal is to mix and match the outfits and body parts to make a series of job-specific sprites for each character in my roster. And I'll need to make my own modifications and custom artwork to fill in the gaps of course.

I love this pack - such a great modernization to that classic SNES FF style.

What do you suspect would be the release date for the next pack?

Also, can you confirm that modifying these is OK as long as we don't redistribute? My current project has a class change system that could benefit from re-using select sprite parts for various job sprites.

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Sure, I'd be happy to.

EDIT: Seems to be working now. I was pretty tired last night and didn't take into consideration "rule # 1: always reboot Windows after installing/uninstalling".

Any known Win10 issues?

Seems to error out and crash prior to launching (at the Unity splash screen).

I confirmed it wasn't blocked by AV software.

Looks super cool, hoping I can get this working.