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A platformer about jumping on projectiles.
Submitted by Melonai (@melonai2d) with 9 hours, 36 minutes before the deadline

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You can jump on your bullets. This opens a wide variety for level design. The gun is also used for level progression. Sadly I couldn't fit all of the potential of this feature into the game.

Third-party resources
- Game Maker Studio 2

- Bfxr

- FL Studio 12


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Neat game. I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Also the camera was a little too shaky.


I like it.  It's pretty good!  I like the idea of jumping on bullets.  I feel like the player moves too fast and jumps too high.  some levels are ridiculously hard

Really good overall. Looks and feels good and your level design is very well thought out with some rooms allowing more than one solution if the player can figure it out.

Sound effects of some kind would have been nice, however the effort you put in to the other stuff makes this issue not so major.


There are sound effects and even a soundtrack! I guess you've turned the volume down somewhere

It might actually be a browser based issue. I played it on Firefox and there was no sound, but then I played it in Chrome and there was sound.

Now that I got to hear the sounds they fit the game well!


Loved the aesthetic. 

Some of the mechanics felt like they were working against each other. such as the recoil when you fired and the bullets being kind of far away when you shot made it so it was difficult to set up jumps, often recoiling into the spikes right behind you. Then also bouncing off of a bullet when you land on it made it so you had to spam jump to do what you wanted to. 

I also got a little confused when i first got the gun because the breakable blocks weren't too clear, and felt like i was supposed to go backwards, but that's possibly just unlucky as it wasn't my first reaction to just fire the gun randomly (partially because i had to go look up what button fired it). Possibly  having  space behind the blocks in that room open instead of just fully filled in with the breakable blocks would help, or possibly something to pick up on the other side it would entice the player to shoot it


Thanks! What exactly do you mean by spamming the jump button?  The player jumps automatically when you land on a bullet and if you hold the jump button while flying of it you will go higher. No need to spam, at least as I understood it. I agree with the blocks part, because I couldn't include a tutorial due to time issues and was expecting the player to randomly shoot and accidentally  hit the entrance, to create that "Aha!" effect.


Ah that makes more sense. makes it a bit easier to control. Really cool over all. I found the effects (screen shake, recoil) eventually started to becoming annoying the longer i played. Might be neat if you could think of a reason for the recoil and the bullets bumping down when you jump on them the be used as mechanics rather than just effects. 


Yes, that was what I was eventually going for, but couldn't because of time. Currently they are just effects, but they definitely could be an actual feature.


This was fun. Very nicely polished.

It was hard to understand exactly how much you can do with the bullets, though. It is hard enough to catch up to the bullet, let alone figure out how to make a decently high jump. I could not get up on the other side of that multi-screen spike pit as I can't seem to jump very high from a bullet.


Way to hard for me but really love how movement feels!


One of my favorites. Fun level design. Looks great. Music is nice too. Goes well with the theme.