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I had the idea of a rocket launcher as a secondary weapon but dropped it later because I didn't have enough time left. It's a generic top down shooter with your ammo and combo (loosely) tied to your health. Nothing fancy. The balance is way off. I'll probably improve upon it later. 

Thanks for playing!

One of my favorites. Fun level design. Looks great. Music is nice too. Goes well with the theme.

Took me a while to get used to the controls which are... unusual... I guess? Game looks and sounds 10/10  though.

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Higher combos mean higher fire rate but I know what you're saying. It really doesn't make a lot of difference. The system isn't really balanced. Should've increased damage at higher combos. I'll improve on the game later and see if I can manage to balance some things out.

Just to put it out there, the player sprites and arena tiles are by Kenney (link in the description). Did the art for everything else (bullets, blood, bomb, explosion, etc.) myself.

Thanks for playing!

@David. No. You can exit without getting all the torches.

@Jupiter. THANK YOU!

Hi, Kenney!

The top down shooter (pixel) folder has a huge spritesheet with all the sprites in it. Can you please provide them separately (PNGs like in the Vector Pack) because slicing them inside the engine is messy and the sliced sprites can't really be reused in other engines without re-slicing.

Yep. I was in a hurry so I used hitboxes which, in retrospect, was a bad idea. Especially for a tile based game.