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Past Your DeadTimeView game page

Entry for Mark Brown's 48 Hour Game Jam.
Submitted by Matthew Redmond (@madalaski) — 12 hours, 41 minutes before the deadline

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How does your submission match the theme?
In this game you play as a frightened child, fending off nightmares in the dark. If you fall asleep, you lose. This is indicated by a falling field of view (FOV) and if your FOV is 0 for 3 seconds, it's game over.

Shooting "wakes you up" and increases your FOV back to it's maximum. This maximum is tied to your health, so enemies reaching you will reduce it. Shooting also requires ammo, of which there is a limited supply. Killing enemies rewards you with ammo.

I wasn't sure if these elements were enough to justify a dual purpose design so I decided to add in another element. Gifts will spawn in, at a random location in the room. These gifts will benefit you if you shoot them but they will also make monsters stronger if they get to them first.

Third-party resources
Unity3D for the game.
Aseprite for the art.
Audition for the sound editing.
FL Studio for the music.
Voice Recorder on my phone for the sound effects.

My friend Ollie for bouncing ideas off of.
Some nice people on Discord who gave feedback on my ammo counter.
Daneehand-Demo Font for the Font
Me for making the game and doing all really weird noises required with just my mouth xD.

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maybe it could have used a bit of diversity

awesome game tho


The SFX are quite nice they really work well to convey the feel, and the little screen shake works well too!

The sprites could use a little work though, they don't seem to have much of a style. They're quite functional, but not too pretty.

I like the overall idea of the game, and having to balance between having vision and having ammo is good, but I feel like 5 minutes might be too long, and a timer there to tell you how long is left would be very nice.


Just to clarify (because I made it a bit too hard to find out whoops) you do get a victory to the game once you've survived for 5 minutes!


pant, pant, pant... OK need a calming game now.  Terrifying and stressful but quite satisfying.


Not so well paced, but the mechanic is really interesting, and it fits the theme quite well.


A great idea well served! I find balance between light and shooting quite clever.

The game became a bit too easy once I understood its mechanics. I felt I could continue shooting ennemies forever. But for the time I did it, it felt good!


really fun game but around score 60 your ligth just stops opening and you die (and I got there first try). I gave it a perfect score.


Haha, that's quite generous thank you very much, although you didn't need to tell me xD! I assume by score, you mean the ammo counter? If so, I'm impressed you made it that far but your ammo isn't linked to much your "light" can open, you're health is. Unfortunately, my main short coming in this game was not coming up with a way to notify the player that they've been hit. You can sometimes gain health back by shooting presents, thought perhaps I should've left this to enemies in general...

Thank you very much for your feedback, I hope to apply it to both future games and perhaps further iterations of this one. You can actually complete the game if you last 5 minutes!