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Very nice.

LOL.  Yup.  Cynical but there's definitely a kernel of truth :)

Hey, can you set the web build as "play in browser" in itch page.  Then it'll, like... play in the browser :)

Superb idea.  I kind'a wish you'd been able to make the graphics look *exactly* like Mark's ones from his videos -- oh the parody!  Like others, wish it had been longer but super fun still :)

Thx for replying. Great stuff. Level design is the part I find hardest and ironically was planning to focus on so choose myself an 'way to implement' game. Sadly I only got 1/3 time I expected so didn't get to exactly that part!

Can I ask how you/your team go about designing levels? Always fascinated to learn and yours were just superb.

I completely agree but, y'know, the 'ideal' interest curve isn't a continuous line from bottom left to top right.  I'd be fascinated to know how much this was accident vs. intention!

Yep, best game of the jam so far.  In addition to ace mechanic, the puzzles are great (with some awesome nods to other games).  Love the idle anim + audio.  I'm going to leave this open in a tab and come back to level 12.  Tricky one!  Thx and think this might be the winner!

yep, web build works now but... um, I fear you might get more of the same comment as above about not being able to tell how to start it.  Something happened when I put my mouse near the top right corner of the screen maybe but... yeah, couldn't get it out of the starting slider.


In soooo many ways :)  The "win condition" isn't working in this build so it does make the game just a touch pointless!

Thanks re. the concept :)  

Best game I've played so far.  Excellent idea and actually great fun to play!  Good luck!

Hey, Can you set your "Web Build" as a web build in so it'll play in the browser, please?

Nice idea.  I like the push off.  The arms seem to function a bit like a jetpack... but only some of the time?  Gets a little monotonous after 5 minutes but with more time for level design, etc, it'd likely be good.  Btw I'm impressed by the music -- oddly that didn't get annoying!?!?  Good job :)

Looks cute but please can we have a web build? :)

Great fun.  Would have been nice to have a wider view.  Very Vlameer -- which is a compliment :)  Aaargh ;-)

Fun.  Not sure what I was doing.  but fun! :)

Really enjoyed this.  Love the mini-game within story approach.  Was eagerly anticipating the next stage.  Great job.  Definitely one of the top entries to my mind :)

Nice.  Pleasant little experience :)

Really liked this one.  Cute idea and use of swarm concept.  A bit more er, flashy feedback to give you a feeling of success would be nice but still, quite pleasant calm experience.

Fire button doesn't register most of the time.  Really nice graphics and looks like it'd be fun but I couldn't fight.  Sorry.

Game stuck at dark screen saying at last new planet.  Read instructions, pressed every keyboard & mouse button, couldn't get it to move on.  Sorry.  I'll leave unrated.

Worked fine for me.  Good fun game (albeit a touch hard breaking ;-) )  2 feedback:

1. Hit boxes are a bit big.  Let players feel like they're great rater than punishing them.

2. sometimes they physics seems to get messed up?  fish ends up in funny orientation and jump pushes you down.  Maybe intentional but didn't feel it.

Surprisingly good fun and actually runs fine in Android Chrome! Good job

Took me so many tries to get a run where I didn't die just as soon as I pressed the ”run game” button. Obviously it's a jam game so I perceived. Finally got gud ;-) managed to survive for a few minutes?

 A starting 'safe time' to let the user figure out what's happening would really help here! But hey, it works and actually becomes quite fun so good job :)

Great fun and very likely the winner.  Great job!

If it were to be more than a jam game, I'd say it needs some 'macro game' ... or more tuning/UX to make the macro game more obvious.  I got a bit bored after hauling in 2 things.

(and obviously the frame-rate dependence thing we discussed in Discord that you already knew about)

Again, these are nits.  Great job :)

pant, pant, pant... OK need a calming game now.  Terrifying and stressful but quite satisfying.

terrifying and stressful -- so kind'a fun? :)