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My Only Friend Is SwordView game page

One-button game where only way you can move and attack enemies is by throwing your sword.
Submitted by SleepingSlaves — 1 hour, 15 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#7313.9003.900

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I liked the idea of throwing the sword to move, however, the delay between throws made it difficult to navigate. 

I thought it was well executed overall besides the delay.


Interesting idea, I think it could be improved in a few key areas.

The cooldown on being able to throw the sword doesn't really add anything, it just means as a player you spend more time just doing nothing. It'd be better if you could throw the sword once you got it back. Also, the amount you move based on how much you throw the sword doesn't seem to be consistent. Sometimes I move a lot, sometimes only a little bit.

The platforms in story mode don't seem to be connected, I wasn't sure how I was supposed to get from one to the other. I tried just moving over the void, and that sometimes worked, but sometimes just instantly ended the game. I couldn't work out why that was. From the screenshots there's some cool new areas I didn't get to, because I couldn't work out how to get from island to island.

If the movement just felt a bit better, and it was clearer where you needed to go, I think you'd have a much better experience. Nice take on the theme though!

- Joe
(if you get a chance to check out our game, that'd be awesome ^_^ )


Thank you for the detailed feedback! Yeah, the cooldown thing is pretty much pointless, but when we realized it, it was too late :D, about the platforms, they are supposed to be areas floating in space, so if you stop moving when between two areas, you die... (well, sometimes you don't because of bugs). The movement rate is inconsistent because of bugs, too D:

Played your game too, nice mix of puzzle and dungeon crawler. With bigger levels where you need to use up all your abilities it would be just perfect!


I think that it is a good base, but it needs to be improved more to get to that next level.


Movement is a little bit clunky but keep at it! The basic principle is very cool! There is a similar game out there in this gamejam. Maybe you will come across it. 


Thanks for playing it, we hope you had fun.
Can you give the link to another game, so we would also check it out?


The concept is neat, and the enemy designs looks nice, but the clunky movement and lack of sound brings the overall experience down.  Outside of the jam, if there was actual regular movement, it would be ok. good start.