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A stealth game where your character makes a lot of noise and glows. Collect 6 key shards to advance to the next level.
Submitted by moogs — 13 minutes, 34 seconds before the deadline

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I like the idea, but I feel like it didn't quite get to unfold its potential since you just can run away from most enemies and don't need to distract them with the familiar at all. The idea with having to keep the familiar away from the witches is nice, but it seems like sometimes you're safe even when they're visible as long as you're out of sight, and sometimes not? Also found the perspective misleading sometimes, maybe a lit more top-down angle could make things more easy to parse.


Nice idea and funny art style, but the game was a bit hard for me.

Anyway, good job!


Super adorable concept with art and sound to match. You've used this twist on the genre to create something wholly new and original that doesn't play quite like anything else. Unfortunately, I think the gameplay needs a lot of polish. It felt very unclear to me what sounds would attract enemies and how far away I need to be to not have that happen. It's also pretty unclear which enemies will be attracted by the familiar, as it oftentimes feels like they might still just be patrolling. And the witch is a total pain.

Overall, I think this is a super neat little game with a whole lot of potential. Would love to see a more polished version!


Love the model and the animations and the idea is so funny! I just wished it would've been implemented a little better. I think having the "familiar" mechanic was a good idea in concept but I can't say the implementation nailed it as I felt like I could never use it. Also, once I was spotted I remained spotted even when I respawned and it was impossible to escape which makes it hard to survive once spotted.

Still, like I said, really fun idea and I would like to see this polished a bit more and expanded upon as I think this could be a nice parody on Metal Gear or something like that. :D Good work.

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A funny concept and a decent execution. Took a while to get used to, but I made due.

My biggest issue is the level order. In my experience, the first level was the hardest and the second the easiest. For a better dificulty curve, my personal level order would be 2-3-1. But maybe that's just me.

Outside of that, I see quite a bit of pontetial in this.

Neat idea! Took a few deaths before really figuring out how it works. The main issue with it is when you get hit and respawn, you're still detected and have a very slim chance at getting away. Good work though.

Having a protagonist that isn't as helpful as you would like is fun. Lots of charm.


That first level was one of the trials of Hercules. 
It was also really fun!


Pretty hard, and that restart right-into-the-middle of heck at the start hurts. Did manage to beat the first level though.


This is a hilarious idea, very well executed! Congrats!


Well that was terrifying 


That witch was the bane of my existence, but I beat her.