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For those that can't play the PC build (or would rather not download anything) we have the webGL build that got stopped mid upload over at

Simple and fun.

Ditto with the controller making keyboard not usable for some reason. Could only move around with controller.

Nice little quick game.

Nice! Like the way it switches things up.  Some of these feel like they could be part of a "pinball but with powerups" game.

Not a bad concept, has some fun moment but later stuff starts getting weird. Good job overall though.

Pretty hard, and that restart right-into-the-middle of heck at the start hurts. Did manage to beat the first level though.

Game over screen taking too long is the most troubling thing, other than keyboard not working for it and... maybe not being able to finish the level? Think it would also have been great for enemies to shoot during offbeats.

Good stuff! Good music and liked how well you used the simple mechanic! Lots of levels too for such a short time!

Tried it out, feedback vid as promised:

(alternate title: How to make a simple game way overly complex in 2 million easy steps)

Heyas all, I've recently released our (very) alpha demo of Missile Comrade, you can check it out at

Missile Comrade is a missile defense game featuring card powers and deckbuilding (featuring the DECA cards system), with mad commanders that take actions into their own hands as the war gets stranger and stranger.  Survive by intercepting incoming missiles as you build up your defenses by playing Armament cards, use Defense cards to get a boost in battle, use Commander cards for their unique abilities, or make the war a bit worse with Escalation cards for a large boost.  Missile Comrade features both cooperative and VS play in arcade mode, and a story mode (wip, currently disabled). 

Heres a preview of the character select, showing off some of the commanders and a few of the available starting cards.

Recent work on building damage and visuals for remaining missiles.  Also, turbo mode because who doesn't want to go fast? I sure don't want to be too slow. (also shows a preview of vs mode and our news ticker, which informs of escalation events and peace talks, which obviously the nations use to arm up again because thats how peace talks work)

Purchasing cards and showing a power in play. We have one relic over in the corner minding its own business too.  I mean, we will have more later, but we have one and it works so it counts!

Be sure to watch us if you like arcade and deckbuilding games, or want a chill (with nuclear warfare) game to play with a friend! (Features 2 players 1 controller mode as well, plus rebindable keys!)