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Three stories telling the tale of separated people trying to find eachother and escape the town gone seemingly mad.
Submitted by Tulenväki Productions (@tulenvaki), Teemu (Tulenväki) (@tmuve), Amadan Interactive (@AmadanDev), RamiN(Tulenvaki) (@bakatus) — 23 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun & Game Design#833.2613.261
Originality & Innovation#953.2173.217

Ranked from 23 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Very nice looking and very smooth.

My main gripe is the sudden difficulty spike. I had to die a lot as soon as the game started, which would have resulted in me quitting if I weren't rating it for a jam. If I were remaking this I would give the player opportunities to have wins straight out the gate!

Is this inspired by Resident Evil Outbreak?

Check out my entry if you like simple puzzle games :)


Thanks, we really appreciate the feedback and will adjust the upcoming releases taking this in consideration.

As for inspiried, nope, I've (Rami) not played resident evil games but the very first one briefly.
I think Teemu have played and experienced that game series WAY more than me but this one just came up from our minds put together and enhanced by the music Cillian made in the first days.
Such awesome tracks from him <3


Looks really good! A very solid entry overall. Not to sure if it's supposed to be a stealth action or a run for your life action. Definitely has a potential. Great job!


Thank you for playing our game <3
The first story came out more like run for your life and trying to evade and trick the Z's.
Though more stealth and activity were designed and will be included in the updated game later on with later stories having more things and activities to do with variety as the stories build up from one to the other.




Glad that you like our game <3


superb graphics


Thank you for the praise, we loved making them <3


Great game! It was difficult to figure out what to do so I just ran up. Eventually I got to the car but couldn't get in. I realized I had to wait for Sandi to die but I managed to survive without her :)


Glad you liked our game.
Sandi does not need to die.
There are 2 endings in the game (Other than dying).


The sound, art, and story add a lot to the immersion, but I think it would be easier to explore the environment more if your character moved just a little faster than the zombies.


Thanks for the feedback!

We did discuss alot about the movement speed. The main reason is that if you were faster than the zombies, you'd just run around and there wouldn't be any feeling of danger for the story. That would do just fine if the game were a shoot-em-up but we have a story driven game where you need to answer the phone instead. Now the player is just about the same speed and you have limited things you can do to hinder the zombies movement (hitting them, blocking with benches or cars at certain choke points and going around corners).


The voiceovers, music, and the overall vibe of the game are handled very well. You can tell this is a very good proof of concept with plans to add a lot later after further development. The games framerate came to a crawl for me a couple of times because of too many enemies on screen, and at the end I got to the smoking car but couldn't figure out what to do next. Really looking forward to seeing with further releases, best of luck!


Thank you for trying out our game.
So glad that you liked it.

And yep the enemy amount with all other stuff does stutter since everything is quite too unoptimized yet.
There is a bug there that sometimes if you don't answer the calls at all the state machine goes wonky and the final stage with the car won't start.
But usualy if you answer all the calls it should go through without problems.

There are 2 endings in the game if you get to the car depending when and where you answer the calls that if it's too late or some events are triggered if taking too much time.


I was waiting to see what you got this time. But then i just forgot about you. Right now when i came across your game, i knew its gonna be amazing and unique even before i tried it.  And i was right!

The loading screen was too slow. Honestly, the slowest compared to any other game i rated so far.

The graphics in the game were amazing but I cannot say the same for the UI on the menu screen. I liked your take on the theme. The voiceovers and music were on point as well. Zombies (Or whatever that thing was) had just the perfect pace, not too fast nor too slow. One thing i could not figure out was where am i supposed to go, sure it was somewhere around some dumpster thing, but the map felt big without the clear instruction, or maybe i was dumb enough to not understand it. Overall i liked the game very much. And i am waiting for the next stories to play post-jam.

Do check our game Separated Shadows as well. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance.


Thanks for trying out our game.
We're so glad you like what we've created <3

Peculiar that the loading screen was slow, since the game was only 10MB might be because I set the game to load all sounds on start instead of load on demand.

The UI for the menu was tried to be created a bit like with the look on 80's 90's detective / city shows look.

Cillian did an awesome job with the music and voice overs, for real.

The directing of the player can be improved and will be improved on later releases, the main direction though is straight up through the zones / phone calls towards the 7-11 parking lot in the end.

The game is under continued contruction and we will release the rest of the stories as well as fine tuned first story at later date when the jam is over and we get the stuff done properly, with no hurry this time around ;)

I'll be sure to play and rate your game asap when I have a chance.


It's a pice of art. Great work I love it <3


Thank you!
We're really glad that you liked it.
The game will be updated after the jam and the rest of the stories will be added too on a later date.
So keep v´following for updates ^_^


For sure I will. What about our game. Did you try it 


Not yet, I have some IRL stuff to do but I'll get back to it later in the evening for sure.

Submitted (2 edits) (+2)

The graphics are truly a work of art. Nice game! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished version.


Thank you for the praise, we loved creating them <3


No problem. Good luck to you guys. Hope you can try my game too. Thanks.


I think there should be cathegory of "ambition and potential", so I just added stars to available cathegories, as deserved.


thank you for the praise <3

That is actually a really nice category idea.

Maybe it’s added on later jams.


A very ambitious project. You can see the great effort that you guys put in, but unfortunately the deadline is too short and this looks more like the beginning of something much bigger. This looks impressive, especially the atmosphere and voice acting. Like a combination of the first Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil. I'm looking forward to playing when it's completely finished.


Thanks, glad you like our project.

Yes it was a bit ambitious to be sure and was partly limited to first story only because of lack of time combined with lack of strength and the game type being totally new that we've never done before so had to invent everything on the run with many errors made during the process.

The game will definitely be continued and polished after the jam, we had so much fun making it and we want to tell the rest of the stories too especially since they progressively start adding more mechanics to the game.


Amazing game! The soundtrack and sound fx everything feel pretty good.

One thing you could fix is that, add checkpoints, or maybe i am just a bad gamer lol. Also i think it would be cool if the player character matched the photo of the player.

But overall, pretty solid game :D


Thanks for trying out and giving feedback.
checkpoints are not needed at the first story, since it's quite short.
The character was a ready made asset originally as a place holder but ran out of time to fully change his looks.
We changed the colors to match closer to the photo though.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Too many enemies at once made me struggle a bit to run through the area.

Audio and graphics is nice but please improve the confusing controls.

I will be waiting for the next parts... Cheers mate.


The enemy hordes are there to give an oppressing feel of danger that must be avoided or tricked.
controls are space answer phone, RAlt to push enemies or selected objects.
The next parts are under work as well as the fine tuning of the first one.

Thank you for your feedback <3


Game is to be released for public about at the final moments of the jam