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What an awesome thought out analysis of the game jam and fine examples of the games.
I really like how you analyze things and write them out with different viewpoints and all. <3

Thanks, we really appreciate the feedback and will adjust the upcoming releases taking this in consideration.

As for inspiried, nope, I've (Rami) not played resident evil games but the very first one briefly.
I think Teemu have played and experienced that game series WAY more than me but this one just came up from our minds put together and enhanced by the music Cillian made in the first days.
Such awesome tracks from him <3

Thank you for playing our game <3
The first story came out more like run for your life and trying to evade and trick the Z's.
Though more stealth and activity were designed and will be included in the updated game later on with later stories having more things and activities to do with variety as the stories build up from one to the other.

Glad that you like our game <3

Thank you for the praise, we loved making them <3

Glad you liked our game.
Sandi does not need to die.
There are 2 endings in the game (Other than dying).

Thank you for trying out our game.
So glad that you liked it.

And yep the enemy amount with all other stuff does stutter since everything is quite too unoptimized yet.
There is a bug there that sometimes if you don't answer the calls at all the state machine goes wonky and the final stage with the car won't start.
But usualy if you answer all the calls it should go through without problems.

There are 2 endings in the game if you get to the car depending when and where you answer the calls that if it's too late or some events are triggered if taking too much time.

Simple, precise, addictive and with traumatizing memories of childhood silbing rivalries :D
Awesomely done <3

Great idea!
Nicely done though the screen was way too big for 1080p screen so I had to scroll up/down all the time to see the top and bottom slots.

Thank you <3
We're really glad that you liked our game.
We will be taking note of the feedback and make changes to accommodate the player more.

Nice take, great soundscape.
The theme is a bit far but understandable.
Alas too bad the enemies are only stationary.
Turning and punch triggering was a bit off, but with some more fine tuning this will be an even more awesome game.

Thanks for trying out our game.
We're so glad you like what we've created <3

Peculiar that the loading screen was slow, since the game was only 10MB might be because I set the game to load all sounds on start instead of load on demand.

The UI for the menu was tried to be created a bit like with the look on 80's 90's detective / city shows look.

Cillian did an awesome job with the music and voice overs, for real.

The directing of the player can be improved and will be improved on later releases, the main direction though is straight up through the zones / phone calls towards the 7-11 parking lot in the end.

The game is under continued contruction and we will release the rest of the stories as well as fine tuned first story at later date when the jam is over and we get the stuff done properly, with no hurry this time around ;)

I'll be sure to play and rate your game asap when I have a chance.

Not yet, I have some IRL stuff to do but I'll get back to it later in the evening for sure.

Thank you!
We're really glad that you liked it.
The game will be updated after the jam and the rest of the stories will be added too on a later date.
So keep v´following for updates ^_^

Simple but effective.

No game uploaded

There is no game uploaded to be played.

Awesome theme idea and execution.

Nice puzzler, though problem on the audio, seems you start playing a new sound file every frame and the game starts to stutter after a while making it unplayable later on.

Nice idea but I just can't get to how to get to exit since there is a wall in between :D

Nice game base to improve upon, loved the dual person separated puzzles.
The hitboxes are a bit large so they hit before graphically getting hit.
Also movement system could be improvet by not using forces but by steady speed, now the gameplay is hindered a bit by low acceleration and slow break speed for efficient play experience.

Awesome and challenging game idea, though the difficulty curve would've been nice to be a bit more shallow, after the 1st level the second was nigh impossible (though I just woke up) until i saw the playthrough video you posted earlier..

Simple yet effective, just needs some more fine tuning and it's a great game.

Thank you for the praise, we loved creating them <3

Thanks, glad you like our project.

Yes it was a bit ambitious to be sure and was partly limited to first story only because of lack of time combined with lack of strength and the game type being totally new that we've never done before so had to invent everything on the run with many errors made during the process.

The game will definitely be continued and polished after the jam, we had so much fun making it and we want to tell the rest of the stories too especially since they progressively start adding more mechanics to the game.

What an awesome take on early days of first person gaming.
I really like the graphics feel, the music is awesome and very well in balance with the general feel of the game.

Exceptional work for your first game <3

Too bad it's not finished and unwinnable, but keep on making it so I can play the final product.
I'm REALLY looking forward to it.
And when ever you require any more help, You know I'm just a message away ;)

Thankd for your feedback <3

Yup, it was by design to remind of 90's 2000 rendered graphics in mind.
Great to hear that the sound and voice acting with the story pulled you in, we managed to to achieve expectations.

Ah, sometimes things tend to get too self explanatory when grinding through your own game so you kind of miss that new players don't have that :D

I kind of went with the idea that there is danger, get away from danger, to the only direction that map movement allows.

One level thus far to fin your way to Sandi to find out if she managed to be there too in the end to escape, depends on the few choices made.

As per start of zombie apocalypses go, no one knows how to kill them at first and of course being just a regular young dude no tools for that either.
Pushing them (making transparent for a moment) makes them stagger and blocking the other zombies following if there is a tight spot.

I can assure you, there are a LOT of issues with you describing one of them.
Thank you for noticing and reporting it, it has been added to the list of things to fix.
It is a bug that when you at start answer the call too fast and then skip the dialogue too fast you get to a state machine lock that I only noticed too late to being there.

The story continues, some changes are sure to be made and the rest of the stories uncovered in due time.

Thanks for trying out and giving feedback.
checkpoints are not needed at the first story, since it's quite short.
The character was a ready made asset originally as a place holder but ran out of time to fully change his looks.
We changed the colors to match closer to the photo though.

The enemy hordes are there to give an oppressing feel of danger that must be avoided or tricked.
controls are space answer phone, RAlt to push enemies or selected objects.
The next parts are under work as well as the fine tuning of the first one.

Thank you for your feedback <3

Fun, simple, nice looking and addictive <3

Thanks, we loved doing it and will continue making all of the 3 stories available soon.

Game is to be released for public about at the final moments of the jam

Oh nice, when is it coming out?

What an awesome article.
Really great take on a lot of great games that we've enjoyed as well.

Also thanks for the praise and great to hear that our game Rocket Racers hit the sweet spot.
The development of it is constantly going on with loads of new play modes and tracks coming up later on.

Thanks, it was fun making them.
I used xVASynth to generate them.

Tängjuu, I enjoyed making the game quite much.
Eagerly waiting for the jam to end so I can upload the much improved version with Leaderboard players crashed ships floating by among the asteroids. and more.

Lovely game, payed it with a friend finally.
The swipe mechanic worked quite nicely, unique and different style.

Really nice and simple, entertaining as a multiplayer mayhem.

No audio dropped the feel quite a bit.

The theme was taken into account quite perfectly, one of the best on this field on the jam.

really nice slinging Game, fun to play when getting the flow on.

Add Music and sound and some more variety with more effect, this is a very solid Game and hope to see more improvement after the jam.

took a while to catch the rhythm, 

Maybe start at lower pace that increases over time.

Solid Game, more fine tuning and nice Music, sound effects and some more visuals like particle effects etc.

this has really much potential, please keep improving.

simple but REALLY HARD because of short time trying to read.

Maybe start with longer time that gets shorter when you advance.

Add some nice relaxing Music and it’s golden.