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Thank you!
So glad you liked it <3

Thank you, so glad you liked our game <3
There is more variety on puzzles, people and traffic added and more tasks done already in the dev version to be released after the jam.

Thank you so much <3
Glad that you liked the game.
Songs were made using Udio.

Glad thet you liked the game <3
I agree the puzzles were a bit repetitive, I ran out of time to create more variety.

People stuck is already been fixed in the dev version with loads of additions, just waiting to be released after the jam.

Quite nice, I like the look and feel of the game as well as the music and sounds. well done <3

Lovely little game with much potential, I liked the relaxed feel of the game and just got stuck building stuff <3

Thank you <3
I really enjoyed making it too.

Nice pokemonish game, needs a lot of tweaking to clean up the graphics glitches and possibly more interaction results of skills etc, now it feels just like beat the lower levels a bunch of times to get a bit stronger one point at a time without seeming results.
But the story is nice and idea solid. Just needs more polish <3

Lovely puzzle game, though music was playing way loud :D

Thanks, glad you liked our game <3

So glad you liked my game, and nice of you to play it through <3
There are more variety to puzzles to become later on agter the jam

Thank you <3

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Ah need to write that up, I forgot :D
There are me...
Also Teemu made the logo for the loading screen and Cillian did some SFX.
Usually Cillian is making more but he had his own project and such.

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Nice, old retro vector style look.
Though the enemy bullets are way too fast to be reacted upon as the enemy shoots from the very edge when appearing and you just run to the bullet before being able to dodge it.
Also the lack of diagonal movement really hinders the playability.

I REALLY liked the later levels though and the humour was spot on <3


Played it through

Thank you <3

Thanks, I'm so glad that you liked the game.
The puzzles are a tad repetitive, I ran out of time to add more that I wanted like needing to change light bulbs and different puzzle boxes, etc.
You can press Enter to restart the game to the Main menu.
Yea subway doesn't let you transition anywhere yet, going to be added later on.
The pink glitch is a collision box that was forgotten and resided in wrong layer so it appears randomly in front og the camera when going down from street level.
Sound settings and more settings options are already made in the dev version waiting for the jam to be over ;)

Checked it again, nice one indeed.

Screenshots look nice, but I just can't get it to work, for me it's a still image with the ball following the cursor and nothing is happening, tried it with Firefox and Edge.
I hope to see the actual game some how.

Nice one though the enemies tend to get the reactor destroyed almost after I manage to kill one of the worms. :D

Fantastic though hard game play.
After you get the first power extension that gives you a full power you start again with little amount and are then not able to get further on since not getting full power results energy to run off before you can advance enough to the next battery

I'm a bit at loss on this one.
I didn't even manage to see the conductor at first until I actively started trying to find him, and even then I won since the time is so short. :D

Nice game, include some sound effects and game juice to get it even better <3

Nice one, great idea and concept to continue on :)

Nice start, SFX and music would've brought up it more, but anyways a nice start to continue on.

Thanks <3
So glad that you liked that game as well <3

The glow effect makes the layer non transparent unfortunately so all the layers behind it are not visible.

Thank you for the praise <3
That was kind of a bit what I was going for, so nice that you caught up on that ;)

Yea that happens now and then, the citizen strolling is not that accurate, but sufficient to a game jam game.
I will be fixing that down the line in the near future.

GDevelop supports some 3d effects now, which includes a Bloom effect.

So glad you liked the game.
I had plans to add the ability and need to change light bulbs for the street lights which is why I did the climbing routine, but tweaking the puzzle box functionality and IRL stuff made me skip it since ran out of time.

Thank you for the praise <3
I'm so glad you liked our game.
The performance hit is a bit over I agree, but I wanted to make a relaxing beautiful looking game that doesn't that much suffer from fps drops, or at least I hope it doesn't.

So nice to hear you liked our game.
Puzzles are a bit easy yea, it was more for the game jam to be as easy access relaxing type.
More puzzle types are coming up after the jam though.

So glad you liked our game.
Yea the puzzles are a bit repetitive, I had intention to craft more and with different pieces, but had to rework the puzzle box routine a few times from scratch.
Will be adding more content and different types puzzles later on.

I ran out of time to implement light bulb changing so it was not yet added.

For the music I was going with a mellow relaxing track with lyrics telling the tale of the city power grid.

Thanks for the fedback, so glad you liked our game <3

Yea the amount to fix to pas the level kind of overshot a bit due to running out of time.
I had planned to make more and different puzzles as well as some other repair tasks like changin lightbulbs but alas, ran out of time due to wasting a few days rewriting the puzzle logic a few times over :D

Fantastic game tbh.
I loved the car controllability and drifting mechanics.
Also the retro graphics hit a good nerve on a retro gamer <3
WELL done!

Way hard to even get started as the character is at the center of the screen instead of on the left which results that objects appear and reacting them is a really bummer.

Classic! <3

Fantastic take on the theme, simple yet VERY addictive and I loved the old voice synth speech.
Hit's a good nerve on the retro gamers heart <3