This jam is now over. It ran from 2022-09-16 11:00:00 to 2022-09-26 23:15:00. View results

What is GBJam?

GBJam is about making gameboy inspired games. Following the original specification, the ten day jam now includes two weekends for the on-the-go participants!

Join the community and find team members here:

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The Theme is Gameboy and... PLANT/PLANTS!

This can be any interpretation of the word "plant" or "plants" - including but not limited to:

  • Plants (the things that grow)
  • To hide something secretly (i.e. "planting" incriminating evidence)
  • A spy or covert operative "planted" within a group of people
  • A power "plant"
  • "Planting" flowers, trees, flags or fence posts.
  • You could even have an acronym for P.L.A.N.T (Pirates Like A Nautical Theme)

Be creative with it!

If it's not clear how you've interpreted the theme because you were so clever, consider including an explanation in your game's short description.


The theme is "Original GameBoy" and "Plant/Plants".
Keep the original GameBoy screen resolution of 160px x 144px. You are allowed to scale to viewport, but must keep the aspect ratio.
Color palettes must consist of up to 4 colors. (Only 4 colors can be displayed on the screen at a time, so you are more than welcome to have changing palettes!)
Use the same control scheme as the GameBoy (D-pad, A, B, select, start).
All assets must be created in the duration of the jam.


Only people who submit a game can rate the other games. You must rate three random games before you can rate other games. The criteria for ratings this year are:

  • Gameplay

    How fun and unique is the gameplay?

  • Graphics

    How does the game look?

  • Soundtrack/SFX

    What does the game sound like?

  • Gameboy Soul

    When you play the game, do you feel that it represents the idea of the gameboy well?

  • Secondary Theme Interpretation

    Does the game contain the secondary theme well? Is it particularly original, true or inventive with the theme of "Plant/Plants"?


  • Is there a theme?
    Yes. There are two themes - one is "Gameboy", the other theme will be announced on the first day of the jam.
  • Can I work as a team?
  • Where can I find a team?
    You can join the Discord or make a post in the "Looking for Team" thread here on
  • What languages or engines are allowed?
    Anything is allowed
  • Can I submit multiple games?
  • Can I use a resolution under 160 x 144?
    Only if you're using a fantasy engine (e.g. Pico8 and TIC-80). If you can stick to the right resolution, do it!
  • What are the rules on audio?
    There are no specific rules, but making it feel like gameboy sound is encouraged
  • What can I work on before the jam?
    You are allowed to set up your tools and your game engine. Tools include: palettes, fonts, tracker instruments and code libraries.
  • Can I use public domain assets?
    No. Music, art and programming must be provided by the people entering the jam. This is to encourage teaming up with other users to make the best game you can!