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Zeitmeister the TimeskeeperView game page

Protect the TimeMesh from temporal abominations.
Submitted by Escada Games (@EscadaGames), Sucraiso (@sucraiso) — 6 minutes, 23 seconds before the deadline
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Give a brief description of your game:
You play as the Zeistmeister, a mysterious entity who protects the TimeMesh from being destroyed by Temporal Abominations, like robot caveman and dinossaurs, and medieval knights with guns.

What controls do you need to use?
Keyboard and Mouse.

How did you bring the theme of Time into your entry?
The time theme is present on the concept and also gameplay, with a slow power.

What was the most interesting part about making the game?
Definetely coming up with a way of getting the time into the game. It also was the hardest part!

Anything else to add?
If possible, please leave us some feedback! It will be much appreciated.

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Neat idea! I included it in my Games Plus Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to check it out. :)


Thanks a lot Jupiter :)


Great to play your game.
First impressions: Great interface, nice to have options with the ability to change volumes and graphical settings. Really nice polish and menu. The game itself has a nice consistent graphical style, controls pretty well (some issues I'll discuss in moment), and the music was really nice. The slow down time was nice when dealing with the incoming red bullets. The theme was nice too - the idea of portals of enemies from different time eras etc.

Constructive (Honest!) feedback: The shooting noise gave me a headache. I think there is an issue with the sound playing for every update cycle the mouse button is held in. It would be better if it was for each bullet fired, as wouldn't be quite so intense. Another bit of feedback is the bullets don't quite go to where your mouse cursor is, they are 1 unit away (using the BG grid as a unit). I also found the movement of the camera when you shoot a bit too harsh - I understand the thinking behind it (to allow you to see more of the direction you are shooting), however the speed of camera shift jumping back and forth if you switch between shooting and not shooting was a little dizzying. 


 Hey Dan, thanks for the feedback, especially for the constructive part! I believe that with the errors we can always learn more. Anyway, seeing where we made the right choices is great as well, so thanks for the first impressions as well haha

 The shooting sound definetly was a big mistake... it was rushed about 2 hours before the deadline. I not sure if it was the right choice, because in this case it might have been better to have no sound, but then it would have felt a bit dull. Well, I'll fix this problem later, for sure. 

 About the bullets deviation: I actually wasn't aware of it, thanks for pointing it out; and about the camera, I think I'll add a option to make the camera smoother, maybe like the music and sound sliders.

 Again, thanks for the detailed feedback man! We really appreciate it.


Worked fine on a Mac. I can see where the game has some room to grow. With the intense timeline of a GameJam it's so hard to fit it all in and make it work/fit the vision.

I enjoyed running through the game even tho I was really, really, bad at it.


 Haha, I agree, we sure had a problem with the small time. But I guess that with practice we'll get better at it.

Also, really glad you enjoyed what you played! And thanks for pointing out that the Mac version works fine.


There are lots of options. The shaky effect was irritating after a while. Later on, I found that you can turn it off. Really well done on the user customization part. The graphics are well-polished and the sfx match the game well. Movement was smooth and I had no problems whatsoever. 

But the time-slowing effect was really not so useful. It felt like it was kept in to just connect with the theme randomly. 

Anyway, I applaud your effort into this game and well done.



  Hey Shree, thanks for commenting, it means a lot to us!

I'll try to make the screenshake less annoying in the future; from what I saw, it can add a lot to the game feel, but too much of it has the opposite effect. And about the time slow, in the principle we thought about having more stuff simultaneously on the screen, so that dodging shots and other enemies would be necessary to get out of a tight spot. However, in the current state of the game, I agree with what you said: that mechanic doesn't add a lot gameplay wise.

 Again, thanks a lot for your feedback: I'm sure it will help us not make the same mistakes in the future :)


Pleasures man! I'm surely gonna play again when it is updated. 

Have a good day!!! :)


A really nice game XD

The graphics and the stories fit really well. The Idea of slowing down the time is interesting too. XD I think it will be more interesting if I can shoot while dodging enemies bullet XD. But, it is still up to you if you have different design decision.

The most interesting part in my opinion is when the machine gun enemies is showing XD It's a hard enemies but it is still possible to beat. Nice one XD

By the way, I noticed that there are enemies that can become invisible without any clues about where they are except if you are being hit or shoot aimlessly. Is it bug or intentional? Or are there some clues that I missed about these enemies behaviours?


Thanks for the feedback!

 Lots of mistakes in this game: the shooting while time is slow, I should have kept it; and should have done some better bug hunting (invisible enemies definetly were not supposed to exist). I think we tried to do too much in such a small time (you can see it almost went all wrong by the time left before the deadline expired haha). 

Again, thanks for commenting Finiko! It will really helps our futures games have less mistakes.


A small but very cool game. However, I somehow can't shoot while slowing down time, I'm not sure, if this is a bug or it was intended, but it would definetly make the game much cooler 8)


 Actually was intended, but maybe it wasn't the best design choice... thanks a lot for commenting!


Nice game play guys, 

Very cool to have used Godot, the mechanics of the game was good, but he is using a lot of memory ram, I believe because of particle shooting, but locked my notebook when I held LMB and killed some creatures hehe.

Boa gurizada o/


 Thanks for the feedback! Sadly we did not have enough time to do some decent optimization, so the best I could do was rush in the option to disable such things. Even without the particles and stuff I guess the game would lag because of the enemies almost constantly asking for paths towards the player. Sure there is a way to make the pathfinding smarter, but there was no time to do anything really refined.

 Valeu cara!


;)  Nós entendemos perfeitamente hehehehehe