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Please mobile version 

Nice game bro, congrats

Are they rigged ?

wow awesome assets! congrats!

We need this for Nintendo Switch :)

yep, i played the game too, it is very appealing but i ended playing alone xD next time a call some friends to play together

The message is "The file is in an unknown or damaged format"

I download 7zip just to ensure that the problem was not the compressed file. With 7zip works fine but with WinRar i get the error message.

Hi, i tried to download the windows version from multiple browsers and the result is always a corrupted rar. Could you solve this? I want to try you game.

Awesome man, a great asset pack

Thanks /o/ The ideal is to get a good launch in beginning, this helps a lot if you maintain a good click rate.

The gameplay doesn't have a tutorial yet and this can be confused but it will be explained in the game page.

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Thanks, we had so much ideas but they didn't get out of the paper because of our time management. We feel that the game was cut off but we want to continue this week soon as possible.

Are there any grass shader inside this package ?

Thanks ;)

Can I edit 3d Models ?

Very nice game design work you've done.

This is a neat twist on the original memory game rules, the added mechanics are well thought-out and add extra fun to an originally not-so-fun game. (Or maybe i'm just here venting out my frustrations with having really bad memory as a child. Who knows?)

That life bar REALLY makes justice to that game name, thought. God, I hate the life bar. But it is certainly needed, because I wouldn't have tried to replay this until I won if that pesky thing wasn't there...

I didn't win.

YET. But only because I've faced a bug in which I've found the heart cards but one of them stayed on the table after that. Besides that, I'm not complaining. It's in the title, after all.

For what could be improved, I think it would be nice to have more visual feedback to make the rules easier to understand. It took me a while to realize that the reason I couldn't pick cards from certain rows / columns was because i had turned a card which blocked those respective fields. I think that reducing the opacity or even changing the color of the cards which are unselectable would help with that? I don't know about the limitations of Scratch, but I think that should be doable, given that you've done something similar with the Lock cards.

Besides all, I love that you've made a memory game variation because, honestly, how could you incorporate the theme more than this? It's even kinda meta. And the way you've done it is a really clever one. Nice work!

- Matheus, from Scroplus

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This feels like a finished product!

The gameplay is definitely fun and engaging, and the mechanics incorporate the theme in a really interesting way. I agree with what the person below said about the menu, it was really straightforward to navigate and some nice animations to give the player feedback.

The way the tutorial was incorporated in the game was really nice, though I wish the messages could be skipped by pressing space or some other keyboard key. As the mouse is not a part of the gameplay controls, I see little benefit in using it to skip throught the messages. The menu would also benefit from keyboard navigation. But it wasn't thaaaat annoying, just a little nitpick that I think other notebook users could relate to haha.

Speaking of the game itself, the core gameplay loop was really solid. It's a simple idea, but it's implemented really well - like most good ideas. Like the same person who talked about the menu said below, the risk / reward factor of collecting the health / flare boxes was a clever idea which worked really well and kept the gameplay challenging.

The music was nice, and the graphics were serviceable. They were by no means bad (as I've said, this feels like a finished product), but I think the game could use some more ~~atmosphere~~ to better emphasize the whole being alone in some weird space cave aspect, if you know what I mean? I think that would make the game even more awesome, haha.

What else can I say? Really, really nice job. You people should be proud! :)

- Matheus, from Scroplus


You know, I was laying here, writing verbose reviews for the last two or three hours, but this... no words can describe this.

The journey. The drama. The friendship. The E X P E R I E N C E.

I'm in awe. Congratulations.

- Matheus, from Scropl... well, honestly, I don't even know anymore.

That was a great little atmospheric game. The eerie soundtrack was perfect and kinda scary (if you consider I've played this alone at night and was kinda scared that maybe there would be some jumpscares and thank GOD that never happened), the graphics were fitting and worked well, I especially liked the low-light-pokémon-cave-like vignette filter and the way you've used the colors splitting up to emphasize the character retrieving their memories.

I kinda wished the memories where more scattered through the map though, finding them it felt kinda easy  because they seemed to be placed almost linearly,? Except for the last memory I found, I've never had to deviate too much from the path, I was almost aways just going up. I think the way you've handled the hints was pretty neat thought, both the character saying they felt "something was there" and the transluscent hints of the memory appearing on screen as I was closer to them were nice touches.

The main thing I loved about this was how you crafted the atmosphere. The narrative elements could worked really well in this setting if they were more developed (SPOILERS: I especially liked the abrupt ending and wished more had come out of it, like an after game surprise, some files being created on the game folder, some surprised when I've opened the game again, idk, there's some games who made this kind of stuff and I always find it neat, even if a little scary haha).  

Overall, this was a really nice experience. Good job!

- Matheus, from Scroplus


btw: I had to download Löve2d to play your game, as the windows executable version didn't work. For it to work, you have to distribute it including some files from the engine. The easiest way to do that would be downloading the official 32bits zipped version of Löve, pasting your executable in that folder and zipping it before uploading it here :p

Omg, that was SO lovely!!!! ahahaahah

I really loved the overall aesthetics, the graphics were really cute and fitting to the theme. And you've made some excellent soundtrack choices. This game made me want to run on the beach while I eat some sammiches and some jazzy piano song plays on the background.

Who is the girl who we play as from the second level on? Will I discover more about her once I unlock that secret option on the menu? Is brazillian sammich a THING? I'm brazilian and I didn't even know! Also, what does that ultimate **** sammich taste like???? haha.

For what could be improved, I think it would be better if the characters running animation was more in sync with their actual speed, so it doesn't look like they're kinda "floating" - using another animation or even a static frame for the jumping would also help with this. And I kinda wished that the music wouldn't restart whenever we restarted a level, because it kinda breaked the immersion since I was so hooked on them!

Overall, this was a really pleasing experience! Congratz! :D

- Matheus, from Scroplus

Hi @lamsodarncool, we are grateful with your comment.

We'll fix it soon, it's a bug with static objects in the scene.


Good Job Guys, I really love pico8 games, the first polished game there :D
Great work o/

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Haha, yeah we know it, we will work to fix it  :D

Thanks  !!

I like it very very much, nice artwork and very simple but really fun.

Nice Guy o/

;)  Nós entendemos perfeitamente hehehehehe

Nice game play guys, 

Very cool to have used Godot, the mechanics of the game was good, but he is using a lot of memory ram, I believe because of particle shooting, but locked my notebook when I held LMB and killed some creatures hehe.

Boa gurizada o/

Hey, thank you very much for your feedback, it helps us a lot to grow and implement new things.

Yes we had almost half the time hehe, but we managed to get something we felt safe.

As Game Designer (Nilton Calegari), I imposed an internal rule for our group to do something similar to Doodle Jump and match the Jam theme at the same time, so we left our comfort zone and thought outside the box to adjust a concept to the Jam theme.

Thanks again. o/

Thanks guy !!

Games Plus Jam community · Created a new topic Some Fixes
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If you had already downloaded our game(Random Guy Escapes From A Hole In The Moon With A Time Suit), please redo the download, because we made some fixes.


Hey @caramelcode, sorry we didn't see your message, but I already send an email for
If you don't receive my message, please send an email to or

Thanks for contact us.

Hi caramelcode, sorry for that :v the source is already there now. It was late at night and we were all tired. Thank you for remembering us.

where is the feature ?