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Omg, that was SO lovely!!!! ahahaahah

I really loved the overall aesthetics, the graphics were really cute and fitting to the theme. And you've made some excellent soundtrack choices. This game made me want to run on the beach while I eat some sammiches and some jazzy piano song plays on the background.

Who is the girl who we play as from the second level on? Will I discover more about her once I unlock that secret option on the menu? Is brazillian sammich a THING? I'm brazilian and I didn't even know! Also, what does that ultimate **** sammich taste like???? haha.

For what could be improved, I think it would be better if the characters running animation was more in sync with their actual speed, so it doesn't look like they're kinda "floating" - using another animation or even a static frame for the jumping would also help with this. And I kinda wished that the music wouldn't restart whenever we restarted a level, because it kinda breaked the immersion since I was so hooked on them!

Overall, this was a really pleasing experience! Congratz! :D

- Matheus, from Scroplus

Obrigado Matheus! Seu feedback é muito importante para nós! Planejamos melhorar o jogo ainda este mês para uma versão final com estas correções (Soundtrack sem reiniciar, fase 2 com game design aprimorado, adicionar a fase secreta, melhorar animações e etc.).

Te convido a seguir nossa página para ficar sabendo do lançamento da versão melhorada!

Outra coisa, adorei seus jogos, estilo artístico e polimento, parabéns!