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This feels like a finished product!

The gameplay is definitely fun and engaging, and the mechanics incorporate the theme in a really interesting way. I agree with what the person below said about the menu, it was really straightforward to navigate and some nice animations to give the player feedback.

The way the tutorial was incorporated in the game was really nice, though I wish the messages could be skipped by pressing space or some other keyboard key. As the mouse is not a part of the gameplay controls, I see little benefit in using it to skip throught the messages. The menu would also benefit from keyboard navigation. But it wasn't thaaaat annoying, just a little nitpick that I think other notebook users could relate to haha.

Speaking of the game itself, the core gameplay loop was really solid. It's a simple idea, but it's implemented really well - like most good ideas. Like the same person who talked about the menu said below, the risk / reward factor of collecting the health / flare boxes was a clever idea which worked really well and kept the gameplay challenging.

The music was nice, and the graphics were serviceable. They were by no means bad (as I've said, this feels like a finished product), but I think the game could use some more ~~atmosphere~~ to better emphasize the whole being alone in some weird space cave aspect, if you know what I mean? I think that would make the game even more awesome, haha.

What else can I say? Really, really nice job. You people should be proud! :)

- Matheus, from Scroplus