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Very nice game design work you've done.

This is a neat twist on the original memory game rules, the added mechanics are well thought-out and add extra fun to an originally not-so-fun game. (Or maybe i'm just here venting out my frustrations with having really bad memory as a child. Who knows?)

That life bar REALLY makes justice to that game name, thought. God, I hate the life bar. But it is certainly needed, because I wouldn't have tried to replay this until I won if that pesky thing wasn't there...

I didn't win.

YET. But only because I've faced a bug in which I've found the heart cards but one of them stayed on the table after that. Besides that, I'm not complaining. It's in the title, after all.

For what could be improved, I think it would be nice to have more visual feedback to make the rules easier to understand. It took me a while to realize that the reason I couldn't pick cards from certain rows / columns was because i had turned a card which blocked those respective fields. I think that reducing the opacity or even changing the color of the cards which are unselectable would help with that? I don't know about the limitations of Scratch, but I think that should be doable, given that you've done something similar with the Lock cards.

Besides all, I love that you've made a memory game variation because, honestly, how could you incorporate the theme more than this? It's even kinda meta. And the way you've done it is a really clever one. Nice work!

- Matheus, from Scroplus


thank you for the suggestions! The opacity thing is a very clever idea (maybe i'll add it in a next update)

I'll try to bugfix the cards(the project makes a lot of actions at the same time,so scratch (aka mr. SLOW AF) makes a mess with the code :(