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Thanks for playing the game.
yes, sadly we don't know how much is too much or too few. :' Thanks for the input XD
I'm glad that you liked the game. XD

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Thanks for mentioning it.
I think it would be interesting to play 2 songs at once. (Since the player want to disturb the neighbor who plays Carnival Dark).
But yeah, I think it's kinda annoying after some time.

By the way, now it's already fixed on 0.1

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Played by keychera on livestream XD
start at 10:23

Hi ^^
I'm fine, thank you ^^
Congratulations on fixing it XD
I'll try to play it later XD

I like this game XD
Both the UI and the Portrait that you used is really good XD

The only problem that I have with this game is the inability to go back. Especially to the first town. This make the player must prepare and plan for the journey. This could be fun, but maybe add a warning and confirmation before that?

I like this game XD
I got stuck at the history part at first, but after some time, I got it right XD
But, I think the history part is really important in this game. It told the player the backstory of the game. One of the clever example in my opinion is the wall. I got confused as to why the walls are all steel at first, but after learning the history, I learned that it's post apocalypse story, and the house is like a bunker I guess? But I think it's suitable with the story XD
The maze is also a nice addition. Exploring in the maze is fun. XD

By the way when I played the game, I got stuck next to the bear. It's when there are a character that follows the player around. In that tile, there's only one way out, and it's get blocked by that character :'

I like the UI in this game. XD
The camera movement and positioning also make the map become more beautiful to see XD
I also like what you did with the wall. It's making the map become more clean. XD
The night and day system also making this game become more interesting XD

But, I think some of the camera movements are too fast. Making me kinda surprised by that.
and then, the enemy appearance rate is too much I think(?) When the player already far away, it's hard to go back because of that. And also, in the tower, in the green floor area, when the player is far away from camera, the player become hard to see because the hair and the floor is the same color :'

The animations are so smooth and each character have many animations. There are also so much details in the characters. It's really good XD
The size of characters also suitable with the default SGB Assets, (same size as a door in SGB) so it's usable right away. XD

Wow, the mechanics you put here is really awesome. There are so many attack combinations, and all of them are working great XD
I also like the camera positioning you do. It's making the transition between each places become much more interesting. The details on the map that you do is also making the map become much more beautiful. I like it XD

By the way, when I played this game, I somehow always got stuck on the third combos. I think that's when the player want to do the uninteruptable combo but the enemies are nowhere near the player. That's making the game got stuck and the player can't do anything at all.

I have tested adding it to SGB and the only problem that I can found is the texture naming for the heroines. SGB said that they can't found the texture file, and I think it's because of the naming problem for the texture. For example, when I tried to import Edit_Heroine03_A, the warning said that the name of the texture "Akia_0.png" can't be found. So I have to rename the texture file first. The other stuffs can be added fine.

By the way, I like the edit you did. It's really a problem for me, when creating a character from SGB's 3D Character Editor, you can only get the 3D character, you didn't get the image for the dialogue. So, I can't show the expressiveness in the dialogues because the face didn't match. With the edit, both the 3D and the face image can be get, so it will really help to solve that problem.

Great job with the submission. XD

I like it XD
I love the visual effect you do. It's really beautiful XD
I also like the art style and animations. It's really great XD
By the way, I think I got stuck in 2nd grassy area. The paths that are there lead to nowhere so I can't progress :'
And also, I think I can walk through pots and barrels in the town.

This game is good. XD
I like how every time you load the game in the dungeon or enter the dungeon, it also reset the G count. Making it hard to grind at first. But, maybe it's better if there are some text explaining every time the G got reset. It took me some time until I realized that.
Luckily, I can beat the boss many times, so I can collect enough G to buy some nice weapons. XD
I played this game until the player become lv 14 and have beaten the north boss. Sadly I can't progress to the east boss. Is it not implemented yet?
By the way, when I got defeated in the dungeon, it teleported the player to the wall area in the dungeon and I got soft locked there.

I played the game until the end and I like it. XD
The puzzle at the 2nd floor are kinda hard to get. But, when it's solved, I feel really happy with the solution XD
The songs are really beautiful, and it's match with the feeling of the game I think. So it's really great. XD
By the way, I found a way to get the 2nd floor key twice by leaving and entering the room.
At that time, I went to the center room first though, and then going back to the chest room to get the 2nd floor key twice. I don't know if it's intentional or not. But, I'm letting you know in case it's not intentional.

Ok, I'll play the new build later then. Thanks for the information. ^^

I like this game XD
The art style and musics is beautiful XD
The story is also interesting XD
I played until day 6 and more and more interesting things keep happening.
By the way, when I played the game, I found a bug where after doing the Mutsu's work, like 3 time I guess? Every time I choose another work, the game keep teleporting me to the park. So I need to go back to the office to start the work I choose.

The concept of the game is really cool. XD
The details on the maps are really good. There are so much stuffs and it placed neatly. XD
I also like the art style. It's really cute. XD

By the way, when playing, I think I found secret areas in the game. It's grass area, red dirt area and swamp area. Even though it's still empty, I think it will be a great area to play in the future. XD

Congratulations on finishing the game for game jam XD I'm glad you finished it so now, you can take a rest after a long time hardwork. XD

I think one of the way to do it is via Unity Tilemap.
That way the ground is placed on tile with same size, and aligned within grid.

I like this game. XD
Haven't completed the game yet, but I can feel that this game will be very long XD
Even the first town have so much contents on it. It's really great that you manage to make game that long within a short amount of time.

I also didn't expect to encounter an ending so early in the game. Really unexpected lol.

I'll update this comment after I completed the game. But, so far I really like the game XD

I really liked it XD
The input in sudoku puzzle is really hard to understand at first. I think I got stuck there because I didn't do something. But, after trying I understand how to input the number. XD
The usage of plants and stuffs for the numbers also great. It makes it more natural rather than putting numbers on the ground. It's hard at first. But, after some time, I think I'm able to memorize it.
The sound clue for the puzzle really helped me solve it. XD

The story is also simple, and easy to understand. XD

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Just in case the game is not intuitive, here's some walkthrough for the game.

Clock Tower

Interact with clock to went 15 minutes ahead. Enter the door to went 1 hour ahead.

Events sequence : 6.00 east near clock, 9.00 east near clock, 3.30 west near clock, 6.00 west near clock, 3.30 west near clock, 6.00 west near clock.

Music Mansion

When in the piano room, enter "B-A-B" when each of the note being played in the background.

Tell a Story

Any options lead to the ending as long as you tell the ending. Choose "Librarian Girl" in the library to read something in the 3rd section. The other story in the 3rd section haven't written yet. :'

Great, thanks XD
Ok, I'll join the discord channel XD