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Hi Slug Overdose. I'm sorry for the late reply.

This game is still far from finish. I can't get it done in time. There are many things that I want to add and fix before the submission period end. But, unfortunately, I can't make it. I hope I can finish this game later. And, thanks for pointing out the camera and platform bugs. I'll try to fix it later.

Thanks for the review XD

Hi InsightInc. I'm sorry for the late reply.

For the random split, I think it's a bug. It should be only splitting after jumping once, get hurt by enemies or falling out of the game area. For the game stuck on not predefined game area, is it because the split and combine of the slime that occurs infinitely? Or just falling infinitely? I think I'm still not implementing the game border very well. And, thanks for pointing out the jump/move speed. I still don't know how fast/slow it should be. So, it really help me for improvement. XD
The game itself is still full of bugs and is not yet completed because the time limitation. I'm sorry. But, I will try to add and fix some things later.

Thanks for the review XD

Hi zannderx. I'm sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for pointing out about the movement speed. I don't really know about how fast/slow it should be. So, it really help me to tune it later. For the controlling one at a time, it seems interesting. XD I'll try to implement it later.

Thanks for the review. XD

A really nice game XD

The graphics and the stories fit really well. The Idea of slowing down the time is interesting too. XD I think it will be more interesting if I can shoot while dodging enemies bullet XD. But, it is still up to you if you have different design decision.

The most interesting part in my opinion is when the machine gun enemies is showing XD It's a hard enemies but it is still possible to beat. Nice one XD

By the way, I noticed that there are enemies that can become invisible without any clues about where they are except if you are being hit or shoot aimlessly. Is it bug or intentional? Or are there some clues that I missed about these enemies behaviours?

Thanks XD

I'll let you know when I'm updating the game XD

Thanks for the feedback Keyband XD
The crystals is a representative of hopes and sufferings. Because I think nightmares come because of the sufferings and good dreams come because of the hopes. About the bosses skills, he can shoot a bubble that can rewind the yellow crystals movements and the red crystals time to explode. But, I do think those things are not really well designed, I'm too hasty to decide those. :'

On the level design, I admit, it's too hard even for me. I want to make the space bigger, but I still have problem on deciding the ratio of the sprites and its environments size on the screen to make it fun to play and nice to see.

Nice feedback by the way. I'll try to fix it after the voting period ended. XD

I hope I didn't make it become too hard.  :'
When I submit it the first time, it was too easy, so I add some plane to make it more difficult.
But now, me myself can only beat this once. .-.

After the result is out, I have a plan to continue developing this game a bit since there are some things I can't add before.
And, of course I will add some sound effects too.  XD

Thanks for your feedback. ^^

The hand is form god hand meme and after you beat the game, you will get another meme.

The god hand will give thanks.txt from the sky. ^^

Thanks  for your feedback. ^^

Yup, the hands is from the godhand meme. ^^
And if you are able to beat the game, you could see another meme.

The hands giving the thanks.txt from the sky.