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I have used it back in the day to make my first games.
There are maybe some old forums around with some nice tutorials since that was a thing back then. is a german website with a lot of german blitz ressources, but I don't know about english equivalents.

I learned it by mostly looking at the examples and being active a lot in those forums.

While it's pretty outdated, the main difference to modern game engines is probably the lack of a world editor so for every bigger project you need to build you own. You literally have just your code and that's about it. It's great for building simple games tho or learning programming in general.

wow, thank you so much!  =)

 I present to you my new small game

Little Monsters

Download for free and consider giving me something back, if you REALLY enjoy the game <3

About the game:

It's a turn-based strategy card game. You own a deck of monster cards, and need to save the world with limited ressources . I made it as a learning experience, so the game might not look polished, but i hope you like it anyways :)

The game is translated and localized in english and german (screenshots show german version)

How to play:

You've got an energy-bar on the bottom left, and can summon your monsters to defeat the enemy Deckmaster. Each monster has it's own unique abilities, so be careful what monsters you put into your deck ;)


◉ Story Quest

◉ Quick Match

◉ 101 unique monster cards!!!

◉ The Monster-Encyclopedia is fully editable. You can write your own stories about the monsters and correct my spelling/grammar mistakes :D It's auto saved.

◉ In the Options Menu, you can increase/decrease the difficulty of the AI.

Have fun, enjoy it, i would really love to hear your opinions about the game <3 <3


List of known bugs:

  1. If you click the "next round" button too fast, sometimes the game freezes until you summon a monster
  2. many spelling mistakes in the monster-encyclopedia (but you can correct them by yourself (you can edit the monster-texts)^^

We've updated the  game. (fixxed most of the bugs, rly greater overall experience and gameplay)



content created before the jam - additional stuff:

  • Averia-font from match3 demo
  • flower texture from
  • modified effects from  starter/example content :)

Due to development time limitations, there are some bugs that might occur. We'll fix them after the jam.

  • No win-animation after completing the Level
  • Level 2  ground collision doesn't work
  • Raven-collision-problems
  • Transformation to Butterfly results in glitch at certain locations

Thank you too!

I'll start helping out some devs at their project called Witching Hour:

I plan to release some own games in the future, but for now I'll stick with that team and hopefully make a really cool game.

I know the game is very hard to beat,  but nice you like it anyway! I thought about making the ice sink slower on easy mode, but  i had so much to implement in so little time, i forget about it :x

thanks for your feedback!

I thought it was necessary for the game to have quality settings,  so  older  computers  wont  struggle.

For the next Jam, i will try sticking more to the theme and make it a little easier/acessable. =)

A small but very cool game. However, I somehow can't shoot while slowing down time, I'm not sure, if this is a bug or it was intended, but it would definetly make the game much cooler 8)

Ice Breaker: Nuclear Winter

A small time racing game made for GPJam2018!

It took me 3 days with very little sleep.

I'm very proud of making it in this small amount of time, and you should really give it a try. It's a very hardcore racing game,  every little mistake will be punished :D

So if you like those punishing games, that are hard to master, check this one out ^^

PS: I'm looking for some team-members for future gamejams, so contact me.

Special Features: Online Highscore

Finally it's released! Now it's time to  get some sleep back :)

You can play the Game in your Browser now! :)

I was very busy during the weekend and ended up with this cute snake puzzle game:

It's made with Unreal, so I used one day to code, and one day to set everything in the engine up , package apks, obtain image licenses and all this stuff nobody rly want's to do, but  it looks better then expected. I enjoy it very much, and i hope some other ppl will like it, too.

How to play:

Just select the Puzzle you want to play
You can choose the difficulty by selecting the puzzle grid size. Just tap on a puzzle tile to select it, tab on an other tile to swap location. (YOU CAN NOT DRAG TILES AROUNG WITH YOUR FINGER, SORRY FOR THAT) If all tiles are placed the right way, firework will start, and you can play again.

I've made the PC version free, because of the bad UX on PC, and because noone really cares about the game. So if you care, I hope you enjoy it.

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After 2 months it is finally done!

Jewel Snake!

It was Android exclusive, and i decided to port it to PC(Windows), because my gf doesn't own a smartphone and she wanted to play the game, too.

That means you can now compete with decades of Android players around the globe for the best highscore!

It's 1$ atm, but if you like it, please consider supporting me a little, because I'm broke lol :D

You start as a small snake inside a temple full of jewels. Collect as much gems as you can and become the biggest snake. But beware: many dangers (Lava, ghosts, evil snakes, ...) await you there.

You can find hidden diamonds in every level. Collect all diamonds to unlock very hard bonus levels.

How to Play:

Your snake gets longer every time you eat a jewel. You will score more points depending on the lenght of your snake. When colliding with an enemy or obstacle (Vase) you loose points. Become the biggest snake and immortalize you in the online leaderboards!


Arrow Keys, Mouse , recommended: Gamepad (you may need an XBox controller or for gamepad support.  )

◉ A temple full of secrets

◉ Online Highscore - compete with players from all over the world.

◉ 28 challenging Level

◉ unlock bonus levels

◉ 7 playable snakes

Hey, I'm Tim, I'm a solo indie dev from germany, and i just released my first game.

I would like to make games all day, but atm i first need a job in real life, because being fulltime indie for 9 month burnt all my savings, and now i struggle a little, but will eventually get up again :D

Damn, it's my first day on and i already like it!

Jewel Snake community · Created a new topic Known Issues!

A list of known issues, if you find any new, feel free to share:

  • Mouse cursor hidden when game started.
  • 4:3 screen ration leads to UI-scaling bugs.
  • can't toogle fullscreen.