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Jewel Snake

A topic by Tankbuster created Dec 16, 2017 Views: 168 Replies: 1
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After 2 months it is finally done!

Jewel Snake!

It was Android exclusive, and i decided to port it to PC(Windows), because my gf doesn't own a smartphone and she wanted to play the game, too.

That means you can now compete with decades of Android players around the globe for the best highscore!

It's 1$ atm, but if you like it, please consider supporting me a little, because I'm broke lol :D

You start as a small snake inside a temple full of jewels. Collect as much gems as you can and become the biggest snake. But beware: many dangers (Lava, ghosts, evil snakes, ...) await you there.

You can find hidden diamonds in every level. Collect all diamonds to unlock very hard bonus levels.

How to Play:

Your snake gets longer every time you eat a jewel. You will score more points depending on the lenght of your snake. When colliding with an enemy or obstacle (Vase) you loose points. Become the biggest snake and immortalize you in the online leaderboards!


Arrow Keys, Mouse , recommended: Gamepad (you may need an XBox controller or for gamepad support.  )

◉ A temple full of secrets

◉ Online Highscore - compete with players from all over the world.

◉ 28 challenging Level

◉ unlock bonus levels

◉ 7 playable snakes

I've made the PC version free, because of the bad UX on PC, and because noone really cares about the game. So if you care, I hope you enjoy it.