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Defense of the PhasersView game page

Defend all that is real.
Submitted by Cem Kalyoncu, zeph — 3 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline
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One of my favorites. With some polish and then sound this could be a solid completed game. I love tower defense games and even with just some kenney art I didnt want to stop playing. I played it tonight on my live stream if you want to check it out 


I was supposed to run, check and review quickly, but I got involved for a good dozen or so minutes. A very enjoyable gameplay.

My problems with your game are more or less the same as the one mentioned by heckert. For me, from about the 15th wave, there were only Mega Tanks and I managed to become invincible quite quickly.

I really like that there are so many upgrades.


The bits you did, you did well.

I still think you should have at least added music, if not sound effects, as that affects mood and that is 2 of 4 rating criteria.

You should rate well in gameplay and art though.

Submitted (1 edit)

By the time you can afford to generously spread rocket launchers you practically own the game, and at some point the wave generator only spawns Mega Tanks...

I tink the game could use some sort of win condition...

One little bug I found is when the list of enemies in the forecast is  long enough one has to scroll down, if you're at the end of the list and start the level, the scrollbar flips between its current position and the top of the list where the number of incoming enemies gets updated.

I love the amount of different turrets and enemy types there are. All very well done and the wave forecast is nice to have.

The turret range circles are a good feature, too. The circle of the turret to be placed could be emphasized so it's easier to make out among the others. Maybe give it some neon(-ish) glow that fades when the turret has been placed?

Submitted (1 edit)

Great game, nice styling, everything worked the way I expected.

Only minor thing was on my screen the maps exceeded he screen limits.

Connection to brief?


It was supposed to be fully scalable. In fact it is 3/4 scaled already. Though due to time limitations we were unable to handle it properly, ended up assuming resolution to be full hd. After the voting period, I will fix this issue along with few others.

Great to see the Gorgon game engine in action! Great game. Funny that the dev mentions that the game gets easier because the enemies do not scale in the current version. I still managed to get rekt because rocket tower lvl 3 upgrade became air only! :D


Get rekt noob :D


Good work!!  Really liked it!


Thank you.


Great work guys. I honestly a great amount of fun playing your game. for some reason it reminded me of my good old days playing elemental TD on warcraft 3 custom maps.

I really loved the stinger tower and nuke tower. they made me feel invincible lol. 


Thank you. There are some (not very) late game balancing issues. Hoping to fix them after the voting period.


Awesome game, well done! I was really sucked into this game despite it not having any sound (I have an taste toward tower defense games so maybe because of that :D )
What I was really missing in the first run was a fast forward during the invasion part, but then I read the howto part again and it turns out it is there I just didn't notice it :D

After a while (like after 10+ rounds) it seems to become easier, maybe some nerfing of the resource drops needed, or making the upgrades more expensive.

Also extra points for having it done in pure c++ and having the game size under 6MB :)


Thank you, I am glad you liked it. The game gets easier as it runs out of stronger enemies. I was planning to add enemy scaling but the time was not enough. Once the voting is over I will add that along with audio.