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Thank you for your review and kind words. 

Distorted sounds could be a bug. Gorgon Game Engine version 4 is still in the early development and it has its own audio framework. In the intro there is voice over and a music, afterwards there is only background music until to the end. If you have some other sounds and/or music is distorted, please can you report the details of your system regarding the audio? For reference, this should be the background music after the intro and before the end.

As a work around, you could delete Sounds.gor file to get rid of sounds.

I just uploaded 32 bit version. Toss me a message if you run into any problems.

Windows or Linux? I can do 32 bits, give me few hours. 

This is the revision submitted to the jam: Bitbucket

Oh, I missed the comments,  

@medicinestorm: I am glad you got the concept, it is designed to be challenging and short. Well, it was not supposed to be this challenging, but hard to rebalance for slightly easier. For the record, I have nerfed the platform difficulty multiple times. 

@Chasersgaming: thank you for hosting this event. Hope to see the next one.

Thanks for the video. It is helpful to decide which games to try first. 

I guess keep space pressed longer to jump higher really comes a little too late. We started development way too late, if we had little time, there would have been a restart key around somewhere.

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Like lenis said, normal maps. It allows images to be used with 3D lighting. But the best result also requires Z map as well *grin*. In blender there is an option to take those extra images. Following are the examples of it, first one is diffuse (without shading), second is normal, specular and z-map. Model is from Flare project.

Nice pack. Can I have a request? Could please consider rendering normals?