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A jam entry

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evergreen the game
Submitted by tadpolili (@GeekBread) with 30 minutes, 14 seconds before the deadline
Rated by 22 people so far
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I wish my first game was this good! Nicely done! It's very engaging!


Thanks securas, I had the benefit of doing working on a lot of unfinished games first haha


Congrats on finishing a game! :) I like the art style - with some tweaking of the animations, this could look really great.


Thanks so much! That's encouraging


I think it's a good first try.  All the issues are something that could be fixed with time.

The biggest I noticed is the intro text said spacebar was jump but it's actually the up arrow.  Adding some clues on where the player should be going would also help, but I made it to the end just by being curious and jumping down pits.


You're right, the player is kind of left on their own to figure out if a jump is safe or not which is not the best game design.

Thanks for commenting and taking the time to leave some feedback. I'm not sure if I'll revisit this since the code is so messy but I appreciate it nonetheless.


The graphics is very good, but the game still miss some tuning.


Love the graphics and the overall feel to the game. Congrats!

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

Hey it's pretty good !
Nice music and nice graphics, the sword slash animation feels a bit weird as it freezes the character !

Also is there an end ? I couldn't find one, I just fall in the void at the "end" of the level
(Also the music stops playing after some time)


Hey thanks for letting me know I missed boundary haha, there is an 'end' where you interact ('press space') with a woman in a room.

The game is lacking in showing the player where they are jumping to and what jumps are dangerous. (It's this area though I know that's not helpful)