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Share Your Progress Sticky

A topic by Miss Myu created Jun 05, 2018 Views: 1,385 Replies: 73
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It is nice to have company when you're creating something!
So if you want to share your progress, feel free to do it here, or on Twitter (#CoffeeJam)


ugh.  only the lame-ish ideas cometh.


Ok - I came up with a goofy idea.  Here's my first sprite --- CoffeeMan!


This is strong coffee energy :P


Just finished working on my sprites! I'm also done with the background, but it may need some tweaks here and there


Oh my! These characters are so cute ♥ I especially love the little coffee bag asset!


Still need to make some textures for the truck, and get it driving, but thought that I made pretty decent progress tonight, especially after being away from Blender and Unity for so long. Started working on this a bit later than I had hoped, so hopefully I can get the rest of it sorted out by next Saturday!


A gamedev is never late, they upload precisely when they mean to ;)
Don't fret about the date, upload a first version on time, and then update it as you want. This is a very promising start !

Being able to see your progress is one of the best things about programming or game dev. I just spent around an hour working on the inventory system. Something that took me a couple of weeks to get the hang of a few months ago.

(Also, please ignore my PAINFULLY, 


Bad art. I can't make up my mind for what art style I want to go for so this is just........ placeholder 'art'.

Next up; actually being able to attack your enemies!


Got my idea on Sunday evening. I'm going to be working on a Twine game, I did the coding part last night and it all seems to work.

Now I have to write the damn thing. I gave myself today, tomorrow and wednesday to write the three chunks of text that are going to be the full game. And then I'll use the rest of the time to make it look prettier and to translate it to English if I can. I'm confident it's a reasonable schedule.

Only I didn't write a line today. Might be the heat, or the washing I did that left me knackered. Anyway, I know I work best during the night, so here's to hoping I get that first third of the writing done before bedtime.


A Twine game yay \o/ I love Twine ♥ Hope the heat doesn't tire you out too much though :( 


I'm nowhere near done, but don't Twine story trees look lovely?

This is the stage where I start realizing I'm actually doing this. I'll be in time and I'll have something to show, and it probably won't be good, but ehh who cares?


It'll be great! Your tree is so tidy too ♥


Omg your Twine is so organized ! Mine looks like this


My game is done and working in French, I'm now supposed to use the ten remaining hours before the deadline to rush a translation in English.



Aaand I'm done!

Fully translated to English, just in time. I just need to upload it and that's it!


Didn't get as much done tonight as I had hoped, but got some textures going on the truck itself, and found the reading material I needed to (hopefully) get the truck driving for tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!


I'm only getting a few hours a day to work on this, so progress is slow.  Plus the fact that my game idea was only half formed.  I've been able to expand the game idea today, and created some appliances.  :)  Also, you should see a falling coffee bean, there.


Hi! I've decided to take part in this jam to kickstart my learning-blender-and-unity journey, but mostly I've been watching very slow tutorials and not working on the jam. I've modeled a cup though! Not textured, and not especially pretty, but it is a cup.

Hopefully I will still be able to submit something more than a screenshot of an untextured model at the end of this, haha!


Are you doing the BlenderGuru tutorial with the donut and the mug? I did that one last weekend, slow going but very good to really understand how the software works :D
I am sure you'll have much better than an untextured mesh by the end of the jam ^^

No, I've been jumping around between different tutorials, may have to check it out! I should just pick a day where I go ham and work on my models all day, and I'm sure I'll at least have a scene to submit! :)


Here's a very quick Sneak Peek of my game in progress, I started a bit late, so hopefully can catch up....


Is it a match-3 game?? That's so great! Hope you can catch-up without exhausting yourself :)


Alright, my turn, I'm having fun learning Blender and getting back into Unity :) Still a lot of things missing, not sure I'll be able to finish but I like what I have so far (with a lot of help from the internet and smarter folks than I)

I love the style and the colours and the particles and the and the... That's a really good looking cup of coffee.

So cute 😍 I love the lil' ghost buddies

Alright... done for today,

I decided to go for a dark/ forest theme. I played around a bit with the UI and am quite happy with how it is presented here. (Note, the top tab is for crafting / mixing). Due to me losing my mind over trying to make an inventory system (rolling back to a previous version is never fun) where all the items are unique and don't all derive from the same class I decided to change up my key mechanic a bit. Instead of using Ingredients to improve your basic coffee you use the ingredients to make unique coffees (so a weird reversal thing). 

Tomorrow. Ingredients and Mixing!


Yay, mixing coffee \o/ It's always nice to allow yourself to change your concept in a jam, sometimes we need to step back and reassess!


got the truck to drive today, as well as a waypoint indicator!! now to just get the waypoints to spawn randomly. then, it'll be time to make some coffee deliveries


Here's what I've been working on during yesterday's and today's coffee breaks :

Don't let those sugar cubes spoil the taste of some good coffee, but mind your caffeine level, so that you can keep up with the pace.

All that's left is basically to add some sound effects, and more importantly to redraw those ugly coffee cups.


I love the Game and Watch-esque style. Really nicely detailed hud as well.


It's sper cute and look really fun with all the sugar to stop


Wow, that looks AMAZING ♥_♥ love the style and it looks super fun :D Great job!


Looks incredible!! Can't wait to play it!


Just added a rough actions menu and scoring UI  to the Coffee Coders office. Now the coders know they will need more coffees to reach their targets.

Numerous gameplay improvements and graphical updates needed before Saturday! Not to mention a good sfx hunt.

The background shapes look funky because I converted a small pixel art scene to svg to enlarge it. A foolish idea which I haven't yet reverted.

You know it's accurate because even though there's only 270 lines of code, there's already 58 bugs in the program :D


Love the little coffee machine in the corner! This looks super nice :D


I have three enigmas for my escape ! I consider my work to officially being decent (not good yet but hey... I still have two days)


I'm sure you'll manage to make something great!  (actually I'm quite sure you've already done better than "decent" but hey, we're our own harshest critics oftentimes :P)


Looking good, everyone!  Can't wait to play these games!

I've got my main sprites done, i think.  Coffee bag, creamer machine, sugar dropper, and a "flavorator".   Now I gotta try to get some gameplay going.  Don't know if I'll finish, since I work 9 hours everyday, but maybe I can get a makeshift, no frills, demo to work.

What font did you use for the GudNuf (nice name by the way) Coffee Co. Lettering if you don't mind me asking.


Sorry it took me so long to reply.  Life and stuff.  The font is 5Mikropix ---

No problem, also thanks!


Day.... 3? done. God, what a day.

This is my very first RPG-esque kind of game with this kind of battle system. Unfortunately I kind of underestimated how difficult it is to not only have 2 seperate inventories  but also expect them to interact with each other in a way which is bug-free. Well, I had to spend a good 30 minutes battling a stupid bug (items not highlighting correctly) and... well... you know.

Gahhh. Biggest script I've ever written (and it's going to get even larger when I add sound, animations, particles AHHHH)

Tomorrow, I'll add status effects (for drinking coffee) and that should wrap up the battle system. After it should be polish, Polish POLISH, POLISH.

Then I'll have to find a way to make encounters - make sense.

Save me.


Thank you all for the nice comments on my previous post. Black, no sugar is now online.

Although I didn't spend much time on it, since I went for a game with such a small scope, I was actually able to add features over the course of the jam instead of removing some. That's right, I can hardly believe it either.

As a result, the buttons on the Game&Watch-like device ( the picture I used as a base was apparently from some sort of russian imitation ) are now fully functional. This means I will definitely upload an Android version. However, I have never deployed on Android from Unity, so I'll have to find some time for heavy testing on a couple of devices before I make the build public, which will probably have to wait for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, in the meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy the WebGL version !

Incidentally, question to Miss Myu : Will you make a video about the jam's games ? I found out about your channel thanks to the jam (clever advertising), and although I'm not much of a video-watcher, I'd love to see an overview of the games other participants made.


Congrats on a game well made and a jam very well time-managed!
To answer your question, I want to make a video after the jam yes. Hopefully I have enough time in august to review all the entries properly. Look out for a french video with english subtitles, probably :P


Les sous-titres seront superflus en ce qui me concerne, mais je ne doute pas que d'autres amateurs de café sauront apprécier cette attention à sa juste valeur. Merci de ta réponse.


I spent this morning before work mocking up the GUI.  Probably not the best, but it'll have to do.  Hopefully I can implement it tonight after work.

Hmmm.... finishing this on time is iffy.

Ohh, it's super neat and clean. I love the way you sort of, 'built' it into the world as well. I mean compared to my (literally) non-existant knowledge of UI this is really neat.

Submitted (1 edit)

Thanks!  I might raise the ground up a bit just so you can see it better.  Maybe.  We'll see how the thing plays, if I get that far.  :P


it's technically a game now, and not just aimlessly driving!! let's mow down some blobs to "deliver coffee to them"!!

Deleted 1 year ago

Base mechanics and features are all done.

I decided to give my game a massive visual overhaul (as you can see from the image). After some research into UI design I think I made a pretty swell looking one (don't you think?). Also in the GIF you would be able to see that Drinking - is - done! You can now drink your coffee for boosts. Status Effects in general are complete. Enemies now charge up a unique special ability that may aid themselves or harm you. Certain coffee may also apply a status effect on enemies. 

Now it's all about the polish. This entire day (9:30 in Britland right now) I will spend polishing the battle system gettting all the nooks and crannies sorted out so for Saturday I can finish it off with basic encounters.


Nice improvement on your GUI!  Good job, Nutty!  :)


I like your forest graphics and fonts :)

Thanks for the kind comment <3


In the game me and my bf are working on for this gamejam, you play as a bottle of milk fighting against evil coffee :3 (The picture above shows the bottle along with a 'donut companion' powerup shooting out milk bullets, and the enemies are different variations on black coffee). So far I've coded most of the game by now (my bf is doing the modeling/art for it. Atm the game has only has 2 of the finished models, and none of the animations/textures). The level itself done, along with the shooting mechanics/powerups, some of the enemy types, and half of the boss. I think I'll be able to finish the rest by tonight ^_^ Looking at what we have so far I wish we aimed to add another level/make the current level bigger, but I don't think we would've been able to get it done in time :'3


Title Teaser. without polish and placeholder graphics. Finished the gameplay loop, it's time for some serious polish!!!!


Even your placeholders look nice :'D This looks very cool, great job!

Submitted (1 edit)

I'm new to so i discover this page only now... My Twine game is doing well, i'm so proud ! It all comes in place and everything ! I'll be able to finish in time. Just wanted to be enthusiastic about it ok thanks for reading and have fun finishing yours!


Twine is so great :D Have fun finishing your project !

Submitted (1 edit)

Thank you !


well, pretty sure my entry will be incomplete and probably not even playable.  I'll submit it anyway (unfinished), but I'm extending the deadline for myself to another week in order to finish.  Cheers, everyone!!


Good strategy, don't overwork yourself, take your time :D I'll be on the lookout for post-jam updates!


I ran into some pretty big bugs and now I'm scrambling to fix them in time for me to add ui options + the animations + hopefully a minimap? TwT I think the boss will end up being a m e s s and that breaks my heart TwT


I feel you, I have had similar issues >.<
Don't hesitate to downsize your project a bit. But if you reaaally want to put more time into your jam entry, there is always the possibility of submitting a v0.1 and adding to it after the official dates. It usually helps with polish/debug to come back after a good rest.


I think I'll end up doing that, yeah :3 Even if all the code will be done by the deadline (I fixed the game-breaking bugs, so I think it may be?) the art probably won't. I'll probably submit what we have completed, and then me and my bf may spend a couple of extra days just polishing the visuals or fixing any bugs that crop up :3


I've been working on a game similar to restaurant-management sims. I call it "Super Serve them Coffee" because I'm bad at naming stuff, aha. You gotta take the customers' orders and prepare the coffee the correct way. Got most of the gameplay loop and items done, time for a bit of polish before the deadline!

(1 edit)

Right. Home Stretch. Due to the scale of my project (by the way I count, 426 lines of code in one Player Script), I've been killing myself this entire week. So I want this day to just be focused on quality of life improvements, bug fixes, add content, content, content and then finally just add some encounter "scenarios" (maybe having a small over world was a bit over scope).

Good Luck to everyone else!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I submitted my "game".  It's more of a demo or proof of concept than a game.  Oh well, I had fun making it this far.  Perhaps I can finish it.


I had a glance at the other entries.  44 entries so far!  They're all looking pretty swell and much more complete than my hot mess.  Haha!  Can't wait to give them a try!

Peace and Love, coffee folks!  :)

Can't wait to get playing when submission time has passed!


Ahhh I submitted the project TwT I'll be continuing to work on it for sure, I'll probably do some of the textures + find free music to put in along with other code-related things :3 

All the submissions look great so far!! ^_^ ~Good luck everyone~


Oh wow I didn't even know that this was a thing...

Submitted (1 edit)

I'll sleep I'm very tired.. I  haven't slept 8 hours long in a long time it's making me crazy.. Just waking up all day and working on the game, Doing my parent's tasks while thinking that I don't have enough time to finish.

I'll play the games when I wake up :)


If you have something you want to submit after a good night sleep and a bit of downtime, post a message here or send me a message on Twitter, we'll add your entry to the jam even if you are a bit late :)