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I'm planning on using either PICO-8 or TIC-80 for this. Makes it easier to stick to the gamejam rules that way.

Doesn't work, but I guess thats the point!

I like your cats and graphics. I didn't play it with anyone else, but the simple theme and execution were good!

Just simple but awesome. I'm sure I played a game like this on the Atari 2600, but your colour matching is unique and fun. Would make a good mobile/cell phone game!

This is quite hard, but I love the idea of it. A space sized escort mission! I didn't realise you had to collect power for your bullets!

I like your monsters. And the oblivious protagonist is a great idea. We did a somewhat similar theme/idea!

Great '3d' graphics - reminds me of DMA Design's first prototype of GTA1. Really hard to control though, didn't get very far on my attempts!

The graphics are amazing. Wow, well done. I like the idea of the game, and the non-tutorial was awesome. But the game died on me with a collision error within a minute of playing!

Wow, what a lovely recreation of BoI. I'm impressed at this, especially your scrolling. I guess you're technically the bad guy in this?

Great tile graphics, and the theme is great too. I find it hard to control the player character though.

Interesting floaty jumping, and love the monkey sprite. Reminds me of Atari 2600 game.

Great graphics! It's a bit hard to shoot the drones bang on.  Would be good to see variations of enemies in the future, and other obstacles event. Great stuff! Reminds me of Top Gun on the NES, and Space Harrier.

This is my first ever game jam, and first time coding for PICO-8 and also my first time coding in LUA!

Thanks for checking it out! And remember, "You are not the hero. You are dog."