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Coverage from last time, which we should use for the future! (obviously, without my promotions/plugs)

Guys, you dropped the ball on this Jam - you didn't advertise this in enough places (Reddit, Twitter etc.!) FC_Jams tend to be big, and I was hoping number 4 would be bigger! I even got FC_JAM 3 some actual press coverage in Retro Gamer magazine last time, and a few small youtubers involved.

This time round, it completely flew over everyone's radar!

Sorry, just wanted to rant, because I didn't know this Jam was going on.

You can play this in your browser. Thanks for playing!

Apologies for some of the placeholder art - I just ran out of time to Polish.

Title Teaser. without polish and placeholder graphics. Finished the gameplay loop, it's time for some serious polish!!!!

Here's a very quick Sneak Peek of my game in progress, I started a bit late, so hopefully can catch up....

Dude! Your game got a good mention in retroGamer magazine, congrats!

Hey! Your game got a mention on retroGamer magazine!!

Hey Dude, your game got a mention in retroGamer magazine!

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Congrats, your game got a mention in retroGamer magazine!

Your game got a mention :-)

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Hi All,

Just to let you know, I got in contact with retroGamer magazine a few months ago about this Jam, and Fantasy Consoles in general, and they decided to do a small feature on it!! Congrats to all those games mentioned!

This is the May issue of retroGamer in the UK.

thanks dude

Hey, What did you use to write this game?

Thats awesome, thanks for your response! I'm always too scared to do "particles" as I worry too much about the CPU cost but your solution is great!

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Graphics are very cute. Excellent art style.

Your graphics and presentation are pretty cool. rain effect is excellent. Is that using a whole bunch of lines or a colour palette swap technique?

can't play this game as it says 'love.dll' is missing.

Hey, I've updated the game and the gameplay so that it's more smooth and easier to play (initially). Please do take another look at the game - you'll probably get past Depth 3 this time!

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  • Smoother/faster & responsive  player movement
  • Re-balanced gameplay (including stamina management)
  • Better camera
  • Better demon/imp AI
  • Better Enemy AI / smoother enemies
  • Treasure counter
  • Enemy Balance jump from Level 2 to level 3
  • Super skeleton enemy
  • Smaller Mazes
  • Treasure counter per level
  • Less treasure needed per level to level up
  • Sword hitbox increased.

Bug Fixes

  • Level 8 is no longer out of memory bounds
  • Level 8 is the last level
  • Player movement (and enemy movement) is smoother
  • Demon fires fireballs at slower rate
  • Player resets correctly in the same room they were in after Depth 5.

Thanks for your input, it's appreciated and will be taken on-board.

I've got a bug fix list and feature list ready to dive into after the jam is over :-)

Apologies for the choppy cam and player movement, I ran out of time to experiment with them.

Thanks :-)

Yeah, I wasn't too happy with how it moves. I just ran out of time to experiment. How would you prefer it move:

  • faster?
  • 8-way attacking?
  • acceleration in movement (i.e. the more you go in a particular direction, the faster the character will move)
  • 8-way dash?

Let me know - your opinion is appreciated!

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Thanks for playing, I'll watch your footage! I love the little guy/gal you made too!

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Thanks guys, I had a blast, even though I ran out of time for the stuff I wanted to get in. Love the pico-8, tic-80 and pixel vision. (I think I want my next project to be on pv but I need to buy it first!)

I wasn't a fan of the theme at first but it has led me to make my best game yet!

Hope y'all had fun! And plz rate and comment on my game! :-) would love to know what you think! It's a complete game with an ending (if you can get there!!)

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Thanks for playing! Check the game page for tips!

"Why not to make the game get harder each minute? Or you change weapon type each minute"

Those are good ideas, I guess you could also do score multipliers every minute and so on as well. Or challenges for under a minute that give you a boost or something.

Then there is also bonus/power-up lasts for one minute, or even a sports game with 1 minute timer for rounds or qualifying etc.

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I hate games that put you under time pressure, so I'm trying to think of a game that has this "one minute" theme without it affecting the gameplay as a timer. I don't want a countdown or a count-up. 

At the very least, I think I will make any time-based mechanic a bonus rather than part of the core gameplay.

Anyone else thinking this way?

I guess I could always look as "one minute" as a measurement in degrees rather than a measurement in time!


Thanks for playing this game. Developed on and for the PICO-8 Fantasy Console.

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I'm planning on using either PICO-8 or TIC-80 for this. Makes it easier to stick to the gamejam rules that way.

Doesn't work, but I guess thats the point!

I like your cats and graphics. I didn't play it with anyone else, but the simple theme and execution were good!

Just simple but awesome. I'm sure I played a game like this on the Atari 2600, but your colour matching is unique and fun. Would make a good mobile/cell phone game!

This is quite hard, but I love the idea of it. A space sized escort mission! I didn't realise you had to collect power for your bullets!

I like your monsters. And the oblivious protagonist is a great idea. We did a somewhat similar theme/idea!

Great '3d' graphics - reminds me of DMA Design's first prototype of GTA1. Really hard to control though, didn't get very far on my attempts!

The graphics are amazing. Wow, well done. I like the idea of the game, and the non-tutorial was awesome. But the game died on me with a collision error within a minute of playing!

Wow, what a lovely recreation of BoI. I'm impressed at this, especially your scrolling. I guess you're technically the bad guy in this?

Great tile graphics, and the theme is great too. I find it hard to control the player character though.

Interesting floaty jumping, and love the monkey sprite. Reminds me of Atari 2600 game.