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I can't figure out any workable strategy for playing this game. The weapons you find are too short range and the enemies deal so much damage that the only option is to outrun them. Plus, you can only fight them horizontally.

30 seconds... "This looks nice, hope it's easy." 1 minute... "My brain hurts!"

Score: 16392

I have found my calling in life!

I really like this concept. I'm afraid I had to rage-quit the game because my fingers are too uncoordinated to pour anything except a pure black coffee. And who orders a cup of milk and sugar??!!

Simple mechanics but great execution! The music was catchy, the level design original, the puzzles varied... I think you pulled off a brilliant game! (Also, going from Mocha to Americano powerup is infuriating!) My time was 912 seconds.

Right, it's WASD-style but with some variant of QZSD.

Or just hold down Z and move the mouse pointer where you want to go.

What are the controls please? S & D seem to move him but it doesn't seem to be WASD.

Very inventive and infuriatingly addictive. The UI, information display and flow of play are all quite polished. Annoyingly, I couldn't even beat Pope Easious I, so I'll never know what happens later.

Interesting game, I have not seen this concept before. If I could suggest one thing, it's that it's not really clear what to click to pour the coffee. Well, I soon figured it out.

The game is too hard for me to succeed on more than 1 cup. I wonder if anything else happens when you get 3 or 5 cups right?

Just added a rough actions menu and scoring UI  to the Coffee Coders office. Now the coders know they will need more coffees to reach their targets.

Numerous gameplay improvements and graphical updates needed before Saturday! Not to mention a good sfx hunt.

The background shapes look funky because I converted a small pixel art scene to svg to enlarge it. A foolish idea which I haven't yet reverted.

FYI on Mac this app requires entering an Administrator password so it can "install itself". I recommend figuring out a way to distribute it as a standalone runnable app, otherwise people could be scared off.

FYI this can't be played on Mac. It says the app is "damaged and cannot be opened".

Pretty creative, 2 games in 1 and lots of original art!

Life moves pretty fast... this game made me slow down for a moment.

In the scene in the movie there's a brawl in a nightclub and one guy goes crazy with a fire extinguisher.

It's anybody's guess. I developed and tested it on a Macbook with 10.11 so I'm not sure why there would be an input problem. Still, there are probably better games here for you to spend your time on.

Which platform are you on? Maybe the Godot builds are a bit hit-or-miss, although I can't understand why it would mess up the input - unless you have an unusual keyboard or system locale? Thanks anyway for giving it a go.

Good job! The game is not too hard, and just long enough. Do the sandstorms increase as you go further? It was tense at times not knowing if a water gourdon or a quicksand was around the corner. Also visually very consistent which helps with atmosphere.

Great graphics and the first entry I've seen to hit just the right length and complexity for something developed in a week or so.

It took me one go to catch on to the movie and the gameplay, but once I did it was a satisfying game to beat.

You should tag your uploaded zip as a Windows download. Otherwise people won't be able to guess what platform it is for, and most probably won't take the effort to download.

I can't find anything except a key, a switch, and a gate that won't open...

Very good. I've played 15-20 times and still no luck! I was a few pixels away and then the dock slipped away from me. The challenge is enjoyable and a little bit addictive though.

It would be great if there was an arrow at the start. I had no idea where the station was and flew off into space a few times.

Control system needs work - or maybe I'm just a button masher. I like the graphical style (particularly the wavy lava) a lot though.

I was tempted to choose this scene myself, just for the groovy carpet pattern! Nice job on the art. I couldn't get very far in your game because of Tony the Finger.

Seems quite professional, very good use of pixel art, effects and fonts. HO HO HO!

Fantastic fun! This was one of the scenes I nearly opted for - but you did a far better job than I could have!

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Thanks for trying, but the app inside the Mac download just quits with a " can't be opened" message.

I haven't used Unity so can't offer much help.

It wouldn't load in Chrome on Mac... I got to play the game in Safari.

Interesting storyline!

The download doesn't seem to be Mac-compatible; any tips?

I can't get it to load in my browser. Is there any special trick?

Tricky game to master! I figured out how the units and special powers work, but still don't quite understand the placing - is there a purpose to the three rows of tiles? Anyway, I died a lot. Would suggest putting  a warning message if you place no units, because the giant will get straight to the temple.

Nice game. I was expecting a WASD runner clone but this was something else entirely! I think I executed a headlock...

Thanks! I no longer feel the pressure to polish all night. The game I submit will have fewer bugs which can only be good.

Pas de moteur ici, façon Pierrafeu ;)

One suggestion, I think you need to explicitly state which colour you are supposed to be campaigning under! It wasn't obvious to me until I had lost a couple of games. Other than that, good effort.

A solid, bug-free experience with well-tuned driving controls that usually results in a winnable scenario. The gameplay could use an extra dimension beyond driving round in loops waiting for the enemies to defeat themselves. And I was never sure how to defeat that final car who has less health than you, short of just randomly driving into each other. A platform to build on.

One of those games that gets better and more insane the longer you play it. At first I thought it was an error when a goat got stuck in the side of the jelly. Later on I had 7 embedded in the main section, a few lodged in the sides and one sitting on top using it as a trampoline. Not to mention a pile of dead bodies left and right (I even managed to jump a goat backwards off the ledge.) If there's anything to improve it could be the text rendering, and the camerawork is a little slow.

The actual physics of the dropbear are pretty unusual, but once you get the hang of keeping him on the platform, it's a fun challenge. I have to admit, I only beat the first two levels by fluke (getting the platform+bear near enough to the green zone before they separated), but the third was too difficult for me. Props on completing something playable.