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One suggestion, I think you need to explicitly state which colour you are supposed to be campaigning under! It wasn't obvious to me until I had lost a couple of games. Other than that, good effort.

A solid, bug-free experience with well-tuned driving controls that usually results in a winnable scenario. The gameplay could use an extra dimension beyond driving round in loops waiting for the enemies to defeat themselves. And I was never sure how to defeat that final car who has less health than you, short of just randomly driving into each other. A platform to build on.

One of those games that gets better and more insane the longer you play it. At first I thought it was an error when a goat got stuck in the side of the jelly. Later on I had 7 embedded in the main section, a few lodged in the sides and one sitting on top using it as a trampoline. Not to mention a pile of dead bodies left and right (I even managed to jump a goat backwards off the ledge.) If there's anything to improve it could be the text rendering, and the camerawork is a little slow.

The actual physics of the dropbear are pretty unusual, but once you get the hang of keeping him on the platform, it's a fun challenge. I have to admit, I only beat the first two levels by fluke (getting the platform+bear near enough to the green zone before they separated), but the third was too difficult for me. Props on completing something playable.

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Have you played SuperCrateBox? Nice work, a polished game with lots of action on screen. If anything, a little too difficult for me. Would work well with adaptive difficulty.

Good fun! Nice art and music, a nice gameplay mechanic. I wish it was possible to keep juggling longer, after 6 or 7 jars it seems inevitable that one will smash. The upgrades made me come back and play 4 or 5 levels rather than 1 or 2. In summary, my favourite number is 3.

My apologies. All testing was done in Chrome. I have now updated the game to work in hopefully all major browsers.

Thanks! Point noted, a future version will have a reset button.

Pretty good fun, and a novel idea!

Pretty impressive! Really captures the crashiness of bicycling better than most other games. All it needs is a function to get up from a non-fatal crash and continue riding.

Very creative! The swatter trajectory is something you won't find in any other game. The harsh bleeps and garish graphics got the better of me in the end!