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A jam entry

The Last StandView game page »

Submitted by jSi with 2 hours, 38 minutes before the deadline
Rated by 6 people so far
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Sound effects used and edited from YoYo Games's free resources and freeSFX, background soundtrack is a POTC orchestral compilation/remix from paramedics (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJ0eAtb5DUk), land edited from Cities XL rips

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Overall this is a good entry and I liked the visuals and the gameplay. It was however a bit hard to handle the enemies with just the arrows to find out where they're coming from. So, here are a few suggestions:

1. Make the ships smaller so that more of the map can be seen, or

2. Center the ship on the screen, or

3. Make a dynamic camera that focuses also on the incoming enemies

4. Have the enemies anounce themselves in a more pronouced way, like shooting and missing a couple of shots before actually targetting the player

5. Make bullets bigger... Much bigger...


Thanks, I appreciate the feedback!


This has some great potential as its own game without reference to anything.  Really hoping it could become like the Warcraft III Map Battleships!

FYI this can't be played on Mac. It says the app is "damaged and cannot be opened".


Thanks for letting me know, I'll look at it. The game does work on Mac if you install through the itch.io app though.

Fun game. Main thing I would ask for is a faster restart time once you die. I want to get back to the action quicker, mainly because I died a lot.

I especially appreciated the ability to shoot sharks, excellent choice! Overall nice job!


Thanks! I made the death screen take a while so the player can appreciate the effort put into the death animations, but I'll make it a bit shorter xD


That's understandable! Maybe after the first time you die allow a button press to skip the animation or an option along those lines.

Anyway it's a good problem to have because it just means I want to get back to playing that much faster!