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And I am not the only one, but maybe you hate coffee, maybe you Just Don't Care For It, maybe you know it's bad for you, maybe you prefer tea, maybe you rave about coffee but only drink it once a month, maybe you like coffee memes, maybe you just like the coffee ads with the old celebrity asking What Else...

That's great! Let's make something about it!

You have one week to make something, anything, about coffee.

Whatever you want, as long as it has COFFEE in it, or is somehow related to coffee.

How does coffee makes you feel? What memory you have linked with its smell? Why is tea superior to coffee in all aspects? Why is hot chocolate more your thing? What even is coffee?

F. A. Q.

What is the jam's theme?


Really, I can make anything? Not only glitchy video game prototypes?

Look, glitchy game prototypes are amazing, I love them, we all do. But it's summer, and coffee is for everyone. So go wild! Make a webcomic about that time you drank three cups of coffee to deal with a hangover, turn a real coffeemaker into a pong game, make a coffee flavored jam and share the recipe, make a board game shaped like a barista's apron, a philisophical essay about the way people drink their coffee, a scientific paper about whether people who only drink cappucino have similar socio-economic backgrounds, a booklet about your favorite coffee mugs …
WHATEVER YOU WANT, just don't drink so much coffee you make yourself sick while doing it.

Why this particular Week in july when probably nobody is available?

All year long, I make french YouTube videos about video games, all titled "Pause Café", which translates into "Coffee Break". There's coffee in them. Cuz I like coffee. Duh.
But mostly, it's my birthday week, and I'd like some crazy coffee creations for my birthday.

So should we drink coffee during the jam?

You can, but it is not mandatory. Don't ever ruin your health for a game jam, drink responsibly.
We might ask you how many coffee you drank during the jam though, if you want to count them.

Is anything off-limit?

Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia,... Any kind of hate-speech is a big N O P E. Any of this and super gore violence for the sake of it might get you booted off the Coffee Jam. We are here to do nice and stupid things, not be awful to each others.

More than anything, remember to have FUN !
Take the time to relax and rest.
This is not a contest, just an opportunity to make stuff and laugh about something innocuous.

Like coffee.