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Testé en live chez Alceste, quel plaisir! Une réussite de thème, d’esthétique, qui permet énormément de choses en surface comme en profondeur. Extraordinaire, vivement recommandé.

Un jeu bien condensé, très malin, inspirant et complet. Son design semble très bien cadré autour de la proposition "une heure, plein de mômes, go", mais ca serait une vilaine erreur de le résumer à ca. Sodalitas est clairement un jeu très réussi pour beaucoup plus de situations que celle-là.

This game packs a lot of punch, is very clever, inspiring and complete. Its design seems very well centered on the "one hour, a bunch of kids, go" concept, but it would be a bad mistake to think it's just that. Sodalitas is clearly a game that works very well in way more situations than that specific one.

This is deceptive in all the best ways. It's not the first time I get to read a book trying to emulate small cuddly animals going on adventures, but this one does it so well, it took me by surprise. I'm loving the emotions system, the Haus, the Callings, all of this is well done, simple enough to understand but rich enough to leave loads to explore during the game.

But what really clicked for me is the attention to small details like presenting a society where gender roles aren't important and telling us about family taking many different forms. Even in the fact that players can give each other experience, I get the strong feeling that Michtim is queer in all the ways that I want a game to be queer, I get the feeling this game has a message, and it's not just about hamsters vying for a better future.I get the feeling this is also about the stories that structure tells, and I'm so, so happy about the story this deliberate structure is telling me.

This is a remarkable achievement. The cards are a very cool element of visual aid, and the book is a pleasure to read.

Aaand I'm done!

Fully translated to English, just in time. I just need to upload it and that's it!

My game is done and working in French, I'm now supposed to use the ten remaining hours before the deadline to rush a translation in English.


I'm nowhere near done, but don't Twine story trees look lovely?

This is the stage where I start realizing I'm actually doing this. I'll be in time and I'll have something to show, and it probably won't be good, but ehh who cares?

Got my idea on Sunday evening. I'm going to be working on a Twine game, I did the coding part last night and it all seems to work.

Now I have to write the damn thing. I gave myself today, tomorrow and wednesday to write the three chunks of text that are going to be the full game. And then I'll use the rest of the time to make it look prettier and to translate it to English if I can. I'm confident it's a reasonable schedule.

Only I didn't write a line today. Might be the heat, or the washing I did that left me knackered. Anyway, I know I work best during the night, so here's to hoping I get that first third of the writing done before bedtime.