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Amazing game!

Wonderful gameplay design.

It has a lot of potential to become a massive success


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for sure bruh!

Just join the discord server and find a team mate.

شكرا لك ياصاحبي, توني أشوف تعليقك

أقدر وقتك للعب اللعبة ومشاركة رأيك فيها

بحاول ان شاء الله اني اشتغل عليها في المستقبل القريب

Great job!

I like the idea  :D

Very nice concept :D

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I'll sleep I'm very tired.. I  haven't slept 8 hours long in a long time it's making me crazy.. Just waking up all day and working on the game, Doing my parent's tasks while thinking that I don't have enough time to finish.

I'll play the games when I wake up :)

Oh wow I didn't even know that this was a thing...

That was nice.. Very nice... Keep it up ;)


I understand what's happening but why does the education is better than electricity? OR the opposite.. Or whatever I don't even know...

You (the developer) obviously the one who have the choice.. You know what I mean.

Great Graphics 10/10

Nice idea.

Cute animals :D 10/10 


Fixing bugs.. Was that a joke or you're really saying what's meant to be said?

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Day 3 is a point and click game :D

You click the circle and try to click things till it works :)

They found the first day game hard and frustrating, And It's because they don't play cs:go or cod or even Minecraft.. Or whatever FPS PARKOUR GAMES!

And also because I didn't lock the cursor in the Web Version :p

Your game is pretty good :D

I need a full version with better graphics, Do you think you could do that?

 I bet you can :D

I did and I rated it also..

I think you should reupload it but not till the voting ends..

This is what you gotta do:

Put the build files in one file and zip that file(compress)  and upload it again :D

I liked it :D

I'm a pro at this game.

Great game :D

Put the build in a file and zip the file and then upload it and check(Is this a web game) check mark on.

Noice graphics..

Amazing graphics :D

Slow Gameplay :(


Here is the winner right here.

The game is frustratingly hard, And the player is just like I don't care if there is a saw in my way.

The walking sound is annoying. 

You should've added some music.

The graphics is good and the level design is good also..

You should've made the game faster.. 

But It's good. I rage quieted  because of the walking sound.

If you had a die sound it would be more.. IDK I would try more.

Good game :)

Thank you very much :D

I'll try to make myself better at making games, I promise :)

Yeah that game is just amazing, My game on the other hand... Is not.

Thank you for cheering me up :D

You made my day.

I was about to play I swear xD

I agree!

It's just a pain to play on web.. 

The Ground is slippery and the player is skinny and the game is buggy.


Pretty good :D

Watch me playing my game and getting Frustrated!

If you don't want to play my game just watch it :D

Pretty good Idea :D

I also have an Idea like this but in 3D and it's basically an FPS Mafia Game.

I fell out the map.

You uploaded over 300 mega bytes, you uploaded the project.

The music is cool.

There is a bug in the second level..

Restarts level every 1 or two seconds.

Sank you :D Did you complete all the three levels/games?

Where did you found that music?

Did you search for: Sleep music on YouTube? 

Everything is good but the looping music..

Great job!


Great Game :D

I can't get over the moving platform.. I give up.

Did you get to the 2D part?