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A jam submission

The Criminal Select صفوة المجرمView game page

العب بالمجرم الذي يتعامل مع تنظيف الأدلة
Submitted by Cookiesliyr — 1 hour, 29 minutes before the deadline

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The Criminal Select صفوة المجرم's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Theme - استخدام موضوع الزنقة#452.2913.000
Graphics/Visuals - المرئيات/الجرافيكس#502.1822.857
Innovation - الابداع#502.1822.857
Fun Factor - عامل التسلية#521.9642.571
Sound - الصوتيات#691.3091.714

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Game Engine Name اسم المحرك:
Game Lover 3.1 (My own Unfinished 2d Game Engine)

Team Name, if you have any اسم الفريق ان وجدت

Who worked on this game? (Name List) اسماء الذين عملوا على صناعة اللعبة
Only me

Country? الدولة؟
Saudi Arabia

If you used any Game Assets not done by your team, Must be Listed here :
the two backgrounds from my brother IceLord

How to contact you? An E-mail preferred اذكر وسيلة تواصل؟ يفضل بريد الكتروني

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Unfortunately I couldn't play your game cause I don't have windows OS :( 

Always consider supporting Multiplatform or at least making browser version.


The idea is good :) , a game like yours made in few days is successful , good work 

the only thing its lacks it is the indication of the commands to play.


Nice concept, and your own engine this is cool


thank you, it is sad it is not a good game in this state though ...


Pretty good Idea :D

I also have an Idea like this but in 3D and it's basically an FPS Mafia Game.


Thanks, i updated the idea, but now i am cleaning up the mess i made in GameLover and trying to finish the systems i made to make this game runing


Love the idea!

It's amazing how you did make a game like this in 2 days even with your own game engine, It needs some point updated by time but you're doing great so far, You should Fix some collision bugs and controls also add a menu and a manual on how to play no one knows the controls around!

Wish you the best of luck!


We was planing to make a mine menu but for me I didn’t have the time to make a back grand for it and we run out of time so we scrap it in list mint XD 

And am not a real good artist my last pice of work was 3 years a ago.


actually i had a map for the Main menu and if i had time i could made a GUI for the control which you can change the hotkeys and in the same time look them up, but unfortunately the last two hours i spent on to make the first quest, there were letterly no time, i spent 6 hours to make the AI system in those 3 days from scratch and the AI units were getting stack together so i removed the cops collision all together. and by making this game i discovered why the collision is so bad, i need to add the speed value for the collision checking.

so yeah, this is the first game that is made by this unfinished engine and i am glad i made this attempt i learned a lot and found a lot of gaps in it XD

so thanks for trying it man, i will try to fix the Engine stuff, improve and add the missing systems and make this game, you can check my feed back (when i feel add them) on my homepage


فكرة شيقة

أتمنى أنكم تعملوها


الفكرة مجرم يجيك ويحط ملف المهمة على الطاولة، المفروض عداد الوقت يبدأ من تلك اللحظة، عندك الخيار الأطلاع عليه او لا، الملف يحوي بيانات عن المهمة ومكانها، تحتاج تنظف مكان الجريمة من الأدلة، المفترض اللعبة فيها ادوات تساعدك على نقل الجثة، مسح ادلة او حتى تزوير ادلة في الموقع، لما تغادر المكان بيكون عندك خيار تتنقل على الأرجل لكي لا تصدر اي نوع من الإزعاج او شبهة، او بالدراجة او السيارة، السيارة سريعة ولكنها بتخلي الشرطة تشك فيك إذا شافتك

في مكان الجريمة تستطيع إزالة او وضع ادلة، ولكن اللعبة مصممة بحيث يمكنك تجاهل المهمة بالكاملة والشرطة بتحصل الأدلة وتلاحق المجرم اللي اعطاك المهمة، مش انت، إذا تدخلت والشرطة شافتك او تركت ادلة مثلاً جبت سلم ونسيته على حسب اخطائك الشرطة ممكن تشك فيك وتلاحقك، إذا المكان نظيف الشرطة بتنسى الوضع وبترجع مكانها. او يمكنك الذهاب للشرطة بنفسك واعطائهم الملف وتشهر بالمجرم بنفسك!!!

كثير من الأفكار والتصاميم والبرمجة راحت للأسف ما قدرت  انجز اللعبة في 3 ايام، المفروض اللعبة فيها ادوات وشاهدين ونظام محادثة بس إنشاء الله باحاول اخلصها وارفعها على Steam

the control is :-

move = WASD + arrows

work = E

take items {read top secret files} = Q 

change language = F1 - F2

change window size = F9 + F10 +  F11


the  game has been rushed,it is not finished, its full with bugs.