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Nice concept, enhancing the GFX and SFX would be nice

I enjoyed the game

Nice one

Simple, I love it

well the WASD keys didn't work for me on firefox

Nice start

Nice style of visualization

There is inconsistency of graphic :/

that what i was wondering about too XD

The game is cool, i would like to see more vivid colors or cool textures. i hope you continue updating it

Nice, it just need so dynamic feeling to it, don't give it up

Good start

Man i love the graphics

This car is made using MS-Paint ? XD

Nice work

The game is nice, but the controls need work

Man i love those graphics, i think you should  use anti-aliasing to smooth the rendering

not fan of visual novels but this is multilayer (y)

Nice concept, and your own engine this is cool

The game was fun XD, i would like to see better graphics and more visual effects ;)

I hope i can have time tho finish it soon, but update is guaranteed after few days

Cool you are in the second place (the first was 75 and i cheated and got less then 65 XD)

I have a Linux machine, so I provided Linux and windows versions, cause I can't export to Mac without xcode, and I didn't know that I can submit a web version beside the other ones,.

Anyway thank you.

Thanks, it was my first time making my own sounds

thanks, your game is great too, and your pixel art is hard too

well the game is not well optimized but it runs well on my dual-core processor with integrated gpu :p

sure i am going to fix the bugs and update it after the jam

Great graphics, nice use of the theme and game mechanics

Great graphics and animations, look at those characters :D

I love the graphics, amazing.

The game is so fun, and that story telling was super awesome, but the graphic are the best.

Yeah and more, thanks for the amazing impressions 😀

I know that I has some buy I will fix them after the jam

One of my friends did it in 75s, me in 67s 😁

Super cool, the art is awesome and the source is here too.

thank you man