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Create the perfect scenario for your special agent!
Submitted by M7md_Ark — 1 hour, 33 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Graphics/Visuals - المرئيات/الجرافيكس#173.3333.333
Innovation - الابداع#183.0003.000
Theme - استخدام موضوع الزنقة#222.9172.917
Sound - الصوتيات#262.6672.667
Fun Factor - عامل التسلية#382.2502.250

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Game Engine Name اسم المحرك:

Who worked on this game? (Name List) اسماء الذين عملوا على صناعة اللعبة
Mohammad Alarkobi

Country? الدولة؟
Saudi Arabia

If you used any Game Assets not done by your team, Must be Listed here :
3D Model (John wick)

Floor textures

Target mesh

How to contact you? An E-mail preferred اذكر وسيلة تواصل؟ يفضل بريد الكتروني

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Simple, I love it


Thank you, very glad you do!


Unfortunately I couldn't play your game cause I don't have windows OS on my computer :( 

Always consider supporting Multiplatform or at least making browser version.

But judging by your credit and screenshots, I really wished you develop a game with less pre done frameworks and assets cause I'm sure you can, anyways Good Luck :)


Thats unfortunate, I'll keep that in-mind next time and make sure I support more than windows OS ensha'allah, thank you for the feedback!

I would've loved to create the assets myself but animations is impossible for me,  and the character would take ages.

I just thought since its only 3 days I'd focus on learning something new, which I did and i'm very greatful for the opportunity.

Thank you again! 


well done! The preparation took time for me before playing the scene. the coding is advanced and I liked it.  


Will try my best to improve, thank you very much I'm glad you liked it!


Nice graphics i like the music :) good job !


Thank you very much! Glad you liked it!


Thanks :) , I would like if you can rate our game


Done! since 2 days ago :P

Great job btw


Perfect Animation

Great tutorial

Good Idea

Suitable music and sound effects

Nice graphics

لعبة متعوب عليها

!لكن لم أستطع تجاوز المرحلة الثانية،يوجد هدف عنيد!

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you very much for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the game :)

إن شاء الله, بعيد تصميم المراحل بطريقة افضل

thanks again!


it did not work for me on tutorial i try to press on the ground but nothing change


Can you please tell me what resolution you ran the game with?

If not 1920 x 1080. please try that.

otherwise try clicking Around the tile where it says click here, its button + resolution issue.

Sorry about that.


yes now its work , i love the idea but you can make it better by adding a lot of things and fix player movement and animations but the idea is great


Will do!

Thank you very much for the feedback!


Welcome , any time 

if you want to try my game :

Submitted (1 edit)

مشالله اللعبة متعوب عليها!

The intro was amazing! i was able to pass the first level but for the second i couldn't get past three targets, i wish the controls were smoother.


Thank you very much for the feedback,

I 100% agree, the controls can be smoother.

I just wanted to make sure its bug free (when it comes to the controls), that's probably why its the way it is.

Anywho I'll  definitely work on that.

Thanks again!

Submitted (1 edit)

i realy like the art direction and the idea is good and respects the jam's theme but im my case there was a probleme in the early begginning of the tutorial when it tels you to click it doesen't work and it won't let you play the game  unfortunately :/ but i know that time is realy short so keep doing games like that :D

Developer (2 edits)

Hi, thank you very much for the feedback!

As for the issue, are you running the game on 1920x1080 resolution?

It works correctly on 1920x1080 as I designed it for 1920x1080 resolution.

I noticed that happens because the UI button  moves away from the spot, just in the tutorial.

Try clicking around near that spot it'll work.

Sorry about that!