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شكرا على المرور. على الجيم ميكر ستوديو

indeed to a certain level. thx

اللعبة تحتاج صبر. تاخذ محارتين و ترجع ااسطح    للهواء . كل ما زاد الجشع زادت المخاطر

الثيم ما كان واضح فالبداية  فحاوت اعدل بعض  الرسومات عشان تناسب الثيم  

Nice game but AI is a bit dummy.  XD

lol. thanks for the comment.

لو حاب نعيد التصويت عادي. ما عندي اي مشكلة :)

nice mechanics even with these glitches. well done and all the best. 

the ropes hear are so realistic. very good job! 

true. why they are not working?  record a video and add in comments. it might help. 

lol .. dont worry .. the challenge need a prototype. but u delivered a full game :) which is a perfect thing!   

The concept is mind-blowing! the snake can be used to drag, pull, release, climb .. any maybe attack!  I just love it! 

Nice Concept! I hardly got 3 out of 5 lol. All the best! 

Thanks. it is so much helpful! enjoyed the "game"!

great submission! and very enjoyable game. Climbing the rope requires more polishing but great job indeed. 

Good submission, The rope is used to hook to some points only. is there any other uses? 

I am not sure how the ropes are interacting in the game. Can you explain your submission further. IT looks like boss rush using sword so far. 

models are not required but they are nice to have. We focus here on concepts and game mechanics  only 

Nice. Three actions are to break walls, kill enemies and avoid ref pillers. correct? Good job! 

Very nice submission. The basics are all in place. nice improvement of dino game. The beatbox music is amazing by the way lol

تصويت الجمهور 

as per the subject!

limited time is part of the challenge. It will help participants to find shortcuts to demonstrate their best. :)

اي شخص ممكن يستعمل الحبل

not full game. only mechanics 

يعتمد علي نوع اللعبة. بس الافضل يكون ظاهر

يعتمد علي نوع اللعبة. بس الافضل يكون ظاهر

not really .. it should feel like a rope not a stick :) 

 الموضوع: صناعة مسكانكس محاكي لحبل 


- أنشئ حبلًا واحدًا (خيطًا أو سلسلة) لاستخدامه في عمليات متعددة.

- يجب أن يكون الحبل مرئيًا طوال الوقت.

- يجب أن تؤثر الجاذبية على الحبل طوال الوقت.

- يجب على اللاعب استخدام الحبل لثلاث حركات على الأقل (أمثلة: التسلق ، والسحب ، والتعليق)

- كن مبدعا.

core part of mechanics only

Thanks for the reminder. I sent already :) enjoy! 

Nice Game, Edit the submission page with cover page some some thumbnails. to attract more votes. 

Did you accept the friend request?  is this your account v.v.s1997 ?  this what i got from the link you sent earlier. 

yes. i sent u friend request. after 24 hours of acceptance i can send u the award 😁

I still cannot find you in Steam. Can you give me account code? 


Can you request the amount via paypal to my account ?