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just go home :)

Thanks for your positive feedback! Appreciated.

Happy to know that this is your very first game! Keep the hard work.

one of the top games in this gameZanga! Well done! 

Thanks for your feedback, The theme was Minimalism, so I decided to use 3 objects only ( onion, bomb and grinder blade) to design levels with a lot of variety, ideas and difficulties. the game is inspired by Mario Maker with simpler and basic elements. 

Theanks for you positive detailed feedback on the game. I am happy to recieve such comments. I would like to have more elaboration on the Level Design since i personally think it is what makes makes Basala one of the TOP entries for this year. plz :) 

Thanks and Happy you like it. 

Unfortunately i found a critical bug on the timer. Did any one noticed ? 

As promised :) 

Thanks, it is working now. 

Thanks Dear!

Simple and fun. Love it.

Nice game. but too easy. 

error running the game. data file is missing. 

Good game, a bit dark room but fun.

Great Game. I dont know why some shapes disappearing if i hit the white walls. by design ?  I managed to reach level 2 only. 

Actually i liked the idea. Good game. please continue developing the game after the gameZanga. 

Thanks for your feedback. I will consider your suggestions for sure. 

Thanks for your comment. Top10 ?! How I wish :D 

Thanks for trying my game. So happy that you liked it. 

Thanks for your feedback. Appreciated. 

Nice game and challenging . I managed to finish it :) Good job! 

Good game, I solved all the 5 puzzles :) Need more plz.

It is working now. I did sonething wrong earlier lol.

for some unknown reason, it didn't work with me. any advice ? 

Good job guyz! I will master your game and record a speed run for you. just wait for it. LOL

Mission completed !

3 Level you need to drag and drop boxes using mouse

Cool game, I managed to beat :D the levels with keys are the hardest lol 

I created a platformer game also for this game zanga. 

Good game, unfortunately  couldn't beat this game lol 

Great game. well done! 

Yessss !! I managed to beat this game! Thanks for the game.  

Good game, how can I unlock the other levels ? 

It was working fine with me. but i completed the game in 2 tries only with less than 10 seconds lol .. it was designed like that ? Good game by the way :) 

Great job guyz! I will give it another try to beat it :)

Well done guyz !! Nice game enjoyable ! 

LOL .. High pressure already ... but complete the game . Nice one ... 

To be honest I reduced the volume .. I thought a loud scream and a monster will jump from my screen at the end of the level LOL 

Very smart Idea, It took me awhile to beat level 4. but then I completed the full game. well done!

I am glad to hear that, very honored to be honest! What are your games? you and your little brother ? I will try them for sure.

Nice Game. I liked the Idea. and managed to beat your game :)