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Thank you <3!!!! I will be working on it hopefully the story will make sense in the next update!

Looking forward to play it :D

Best of luck!!

الرسم والانيميشن رهيب! التحكم فيه مشكله وينقصها مؤثرات صوتية

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I love the art style!

لعبة رهيبة ومتميزة! نفسي اعرف كيف ضبطت الصوت

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 حبيت جو اللعبة :D 

ياليت فيه حوارات بين الحراس والسجين

Nice style and gameplay!

The game looks stunning! everything works great, you did an excellent job!

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 فكرة اللعبة جميلة وممتعة, ينقصها الأصوات والمزيد من المراحل

Great job you should definitely keep working on  it! 

اخيرا عديت كل المراحل, اللعبة جدا ممتعة  وفيها تحدي :D  

 بس العدو سرعته عاليه بالمقارنه باللاعب وتمنيت لو فيه مؤثرات صوتية

I really look forward to play an updated version of this game!

لعبة لطيفة وممتعة!  التحكم فيه مشكلة وسرعتي بطيئة بالنسبه للزومبي

I like the graphics :) the girl looks so cute! 

Congrats on your first game!

Well done on your first game!! Nice music and maze design :)

Nice, awesome feeling when playing this game! I wish there was sounds and effects it will add a lot to the game.

يعطيك الف عافية!!

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ههههههههههههههه حركة العدو مرعبة!! جدا ممتعة اللعبة وتصميم المراحل ذكي.

يعطيك العافيه  :D

!أكثر لعبة متكاملة بهالزنقة. ستايل اللعبة جميل جدا والقيمبلاي ممتع. متعوب عليها بجد

You did a great job guys!

The idea is nice and i loved the intro. it was SO HARD though! It'll be easier if we can rotate left and right. This would make a great game if you update the controls\ visuals.

This time it worked! jumping is buggy, otherwise the game is really awesome..!!

Nice game I love the art style!! And like everyone pointed out main issues are jumping, sounds and the silent death.

I got my blue friend and tried to walk fast to get past the first jump

ههههههههههههههه فضيعه اللعبة, ياليت تنضاف نهاية تكون مقطع عقاب للجاني

لاحظت التحرك كان فيه خلل بسيط, والاسئله مفروض تنطرح عالجميع بدل مايروح السؤال على شخص واحد

Great job that was fun :D!

I love this game. Making the right choice is essential for winning, it's fun and addicting. Improve the visuals + add more levels and put it in the store ASAP.

Great job guys! 

Nice! i got really attached to the story!

:P in our heads the plots was so well executed. but we need to add more material\puzzles and explain it better

this is the gameplay video, i hope it will be clear (plot explained in the newspaper 3:20)

Nice graphics and music!! there were two bugs that prevented me from finishing the levels, the character suddenly dies, and i can't jump when i'm near an edge.

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مشالله اللعبة متعوب عليها!

The intro was amazing! i was able to pass the first level but for the second i couldn't get past three targets, i wish the controls were smoother.

 لعبة ممتعه وفكرتها مبتكرة! بس الحركة متعبه, وفيه بق تخليني افوز مهما كان اختياري


I wish i could get past the first level the game looks amazing! how can i get the player to walk on the street?

Thank you :D💕!!

The game is so beautiful and peaceful. It didn't seem possible to make the first jump though, any hints?

The videos made the game feel more alive! I like how you applied the theme, but it would make it more interesting if you add hints!

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Nanda sore xD!!

"it's not a good place anymore.. it have to be destroyed" you got me hooked! it appears that i prefer visual novels, the dialogue is high i wish it was longer. also 5 stars for following the theme, الترقيعه was flawless v.v

Great job! i like the idea, but it wasn't clear what will my choices affect (strength of the enemy maybe?)

same here, 8 elections survived

I love the graphics and game style :D!! i wonder if there's a hint to tell us which is more qualified? i only got two right

couldn't resist i went with rude choices :P

what a weird game :D, falling from that height is terrifying ! 

It's a nice game, good job!

of course i will become a ghost!

Good job btw! I like how the movement is fast and smooth, turning into a ghost is fun i was flying all over the place *.* (i suspect it's a bug), 

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Great job on your first game!!! Add a timer and more hints and it will be super fun!