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الحياة مجموعة اهداف نسعى للوصول لها
Submitted by ikilane9 — 2 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Graphics/Visuals - المرئيات/الجرافيكس#332.7563.375
Sound - الصوتيات#402.2452.750
Innovation - الابداع#581.9392.375
Fun Factor - عامل التسلية#581.8372.250
Theme - استخدام موضوع الزنقة#611.8372.250

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Game Engine Name اسم المحرك:
Unity 3d

Who worked on this game? (Name List) اسماء الذين عملوا على صناعة اللعبة
عماد كيلاني

Country? الدولة؟

If you used any Game Assets not done by your team, Must be Listed here :
لقد قمت بأستخدام مجموعة من المجسمات ثلاثية الأبعاد المتاحة مجانا على متجر يونتي

How to contact you? An E-mail preferred اذكر وسيلة تواصل؟ يفضل بريد الكتروني

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Unfortunately I couldn't play your game cause I don't have windows OS on my computer :( 

Always consider supporting Multiplatform or at least making browser version. Good Luck ^_^


he , the browser can't support me game because it need height Requirements , and i forgot build other platform because  there was no time if i can send you a link i can uplode it now but i don't want to Infraction the rules  if i can please let me know and i will uplode the same version for other platform .


No you must wait, thanks :)


ok , Welcome.


Unfortunately in my case i can't extract the game and its sad cause i see that there was a lot of efforts spent in the game but i know you can't fix every bug in a jam like this , wish you better luck next time


mmm why you cant ?? what is the error 

the game have not a bug that make you cant play the game it have just one bug and one of the player share that with me down there in comments , but please tell me what the error ?!


im actually redownloading it :)




Can not extract file.




IDK, I did so many things to get it to open.


sorry , but you are the first one says that , i hope it's work for you?!


Nice graphics, controls and UI.

Something i'd like to point out; if im not mistaken you are attaching the objects you carry as children to the player's game object? And I assume you crouch (CTRL) by re-scaling the player's game object ?

Because if you carry an object and press CTRL the scale of the object changes with the player.

A simple and quick solution to that can be, On carry: position the object to a child's object position (with out parenting)

Hope you don't mind me point it out as I'm sure you know how to fix it but the time was short, overall nice work!

Best of luck!


hhhh ... you are awesome man , i was thinking to change it from parenting to make f simple script to follow player movement but i forgot that because i was must do other things more important , thanks for your time and I congratulate you for your beautiful analysis.

i will fix these .


Not at all it's my pleasure!

I know, I was rushing EVERYTHING last minute, no time to test or try anything haha.

Keep up the good work! 


hhhhhhh , i will.


Nice Font

Good Graphics

Not easy

و كابوس في النهاية


hhhhhh yes 

هون التحدي و الشطارة و احتمال كبير اكمل اللعبة وما اوقف هون


graphic are awesome ! , good work :)


thanks a lot


Nice work. I liked the control and graphics


Thanks My friend


لحد الآن أول لعبة ثلاثية الأبعاد بالزنقة كويس 
عجزت ألقى المفتاح .
إنتقادي هو إني تعليمات التحكم في بداية اللعبة راحت بسرعه  وما قدرت اقراها كلها , بعدين عرفت إن التعليمات موجودة عند إيقاف اللعبة
وبعض الحاجات أحاول اشيلها ما تنشال بسهولة  , أتوقع لازم أكون على بعد معين أو حاجة 
كويس لشغل يومين الله يوفقك


في البداية شكراً لك

ثاني شي المفتاح لازم تدور عليه في الغرفة في صناديق تتكسر 

موضوع تعليمات اللعب لما تطلع او ما تبداء الجيم تختفي بمجرد انتهاء تحميل اللفل 

اكيد موجودة في الpause 

بلعكس موضوع الحمل سهل جداً لكن لازم تكون على مسافة معينة عشان تقدر تحمل الأوبجكت عشان ما يصير في مشاكل و تقدر تحمل الأوبجكت بسهولة و تحركة براحتك 

وبالنسبة للغرفة الثاني بغششك هههه جرب احمل المشعل الي على الأرض و حركة فوق العشب 

شكراً الك صديقي <3