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I want to thanks all the particpants . It was fun to have this opportunity which made us knowing talents of all the participants . I learned so much stuff with you guys, best wishes for the next time , see you soon on other jam .

Nice game , keep it up :)

The idea is good :) , a game like yours made in few days is successful , good work 

the only thing its lacks it is the indication of the commands to play.

Nice game ! :)

 The idea its good , so good job !

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I like the graphics and atmospher is nice keep it up :)

الآن اللعبة تعمل ، حقيقة اللعبة جميلة ينقص بعض تعديلات الباغ و ان شاء الله استمروا فيها  ان شاء الله لو استطعت قيم لعبتنا  ، شكرا جزيلا لك

Thank you Anis :)

After being told that our game is difficult, i have decided to send you a video in order to explain you how to play the most difficult part of the game.

Rate the game :

Play the game :

Thank you all.

Thank you very much for playing appreciate it :)

 I will take your suggestion in consediration to improve our game, its going to help us to improve the game better Thanks again :)

 already Rated ! :)

Thank you for playing , Thank you for your suggestions I will take them into consideration 

Thanks again :)

Thank you for playing, appreciate it :)  I wish you a good luck  :)

XD , Thanks :)

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I stopped at the second level XD , If you can rate our games its would be a great pleasure for us :

Thanks .

Thank you, appreciate it :) 

We will add these details after the end of the jam , thanks again :)

Nice ! the game is fun , keep it up for the best future  :)


Rated ! Nice idea , great job :)

funny game I like it , good job ! 

For your first game its not bad ,the gameplay is good Nice atmospher keep it up 

good luck :)

Hackers theme XD I like it good game keep it up :)

Nice game the graphics is good but it misses a guide how to play it :)

Rated ! miss a bit of content but in general good game keep it up :) I would like if you can evaluate our game :

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Nice atmospher and the story its good , Great job !:)

I would like if you can evaluate our game :

Thanks :)

I like the idea Nice game :)

Rated !) Nice game but its very short 

 after i finished the level i can't move 

in general good :)

Animation as perfect Nice Game keep it up :)  

I would like to play this game but it does not work :(

I think the game does not work :(

Thanks :) , I would like if you can rate our game

Thanks :) you can play it in browser :

Rated ! Nice game,Nice atmospher great work keep it up , i wish if you can rate my game :

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

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Thanks I wish you a good continuation :) , If you want you can rate our game :

Thank you.

Very interesting game , Nice idea keep it up :) 

i wish you can try my game .

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Nice graphics , Need a guide how to play it but in general Nice game

If you want you can rate my game :


nice game but there are mistakes to see again in the player