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Love the idea!

It's amazing how you did make a game like this in 2 days even with your own game engine, It needs some point updated by time but you're doing great so far, You should Fix some collision bugs and controls also add a menu and a manual on how to play no one knows the controls around!

Wish you the best of luck!


We was planing to make a mine menu but for me I didn’t have the time to make a back grand for it and we run out of time so we scrap it in list mint XD 

And am not a real good artist my last pice of work was 3 years a ago.


actually i had a map for the Main menu and if i had time i could made a GUI for the control which you can change the hotkeys and in the same time look them up, but unfortunately the last two hours i spent on to make the first quest, there were letterly no time, i spent 6 hours to make the AI system in those 3 days from scratch and the AI units were getting stack together so i removed the cops collision all together. and by making this game i discovered why the collision is so bad, i need to add the speed value for the collision checking.

so yeah, this is the first game that is made by this unfinished engine and i am glad i made this attempt i learned a lot and found a lot of gaps in it XD

so thanks for trying it man, i will try to fix the Engine stuff, improve and add the missing systems and make this game, you can check my feed back (when i feel add them) on my homepage