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it's technically a game now, and not just aimlessly driving!! let's mow down some blobs to "deliver coffee to them"!!

Looks incredible!! Can't wait to play it!

got the truck to drive today, as well as a waypoint indicator!! now to just get the waypoints to spawn randomly. then, it'll be time to make some coffee deliveries

Didn't get as much done tonight as I had hoped, but got some textures going on the truck itself, and found the reading material I needed to (hopefully) get the truck driving for tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!

Still need to make some textures for the truck, and get it driving, but thought that I made pretty decent progress tonight, especially after being away from Blender and Unity for so long. Started working on this a bit later than I had hoped, so hopefully I can get the rest of it sorted out by next Saturday!

@gerbilinspace Sorry about that, I didn't consider trying to play with the trackpad since I always use a mouse with mine. I'll go in and make an alt aim/shoot so if anyone else doesn't have a mouse they can actually play it.

@Sinusoidal Also sorry about that, it took a little while to load on my computer, so I assumed loading would be long enough to account for that! I'll fix that too.