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Alley ! vous avez tout mes encouragements ^^

It's sper cute and look really fun with all the sugar to stop

I have three enigmas for my escape ! I consider my work to officially being decent (not good yet but hey... I still have two days)

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Hello sorry to bother. can I do... like, not a video game. like an.... an... escape game ? because I have an escape idea..... ^^*

the dialogue were a bit to long. that for the bad part. but otherwise everything was soft, Haru is a sweetheart and I loved everything ? I read there is a bad ending but I'm just like... meh no thank ? because the experience was so good and warmed my heart ??? thank you very much for this game ^^

It was so nice ! I got a little hard time understanding the commands but once I was in it was awesome ! thank you for creating this ^^