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Ah ah is it just the translation of the mdr, or also what you think of the game? XD

(okay, never mind, I found it in metadata-> classification, at the bottom of the page. Sorry for the bothering)

Hello. I'm sorry to bother. This is the first time I create a 18+ game, and I would like to know if there is an adult content-filter (I understood there was ?), and if so, how to use it ? Or there isn't any ? I'm kinda lost ^^*

Whaou. That the first time someone stream one of my game. And also it's the first time I see someone who is not a friend of mine playing one of my thing. It was super interesting to watch it. And kinda moving ? Just... the face you made when you were faced with the choice. That was the reaction I was looking for when I was creating the game. So thank you very much for all your time playing commenting, and making your stream accessible to watch. (also, I'm sorry for the misspelling in the game. ^^* I hadn't made a real English speaker proofread it ^^*) Thank you again !

I have to say, I didn't respect the rules of the game, and I just did what I wanted. Super Happy Arle got what she wanted right away. zero regrets, except for feeling like I didn't respect you work. Sorry. I'm sure the rest is well written, but I don't have the gut to play it right ^^*. But I'm happy with what I did <3, and the way you write the path I chose.

this was so cute ! I loved it

So, it took me a little while for heavy schedule reason, But I finally had the occasion to try again. And it worked. so I played the first chapter. And it was awesome. I love the drawing, and the dynamics. I am looking forward for the rest ! Thank you for this game

Hello. I'm sorry, I see it's a playtesting version, so I guess it would be better if I tell you I got a problem with the game ? I clicked on chapter 1, and after 5 minutes of nothing, my computer told me the game crashed. Which is a bit sad, because it's looks completely awesome and I want to play it  =D. at worst I will wait for the final release. But I will play your game !!

Trop bien merci beaucoup  ! J'ai update le jeu avec la musique !

Alley ! vous avez tout mes encouragements ^^

It's sper cute and look really fun with all the sugar to stop

I have three enigmas for my escape ! I consider my work to officially being decent (not good yet but hey... I still have two days)

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Hello sorry to bother. can I do... like, not a video game. like an.... an... escape game ? because I have an escape idea..... ^^*

the dialogue were a bit to long. that for the bad part. but otherwise everything was soft, Haru is a sweetheart and I loved everything ? I read there is a bad ending but I'm just like... meh no thank ? because the experience was so good and warmed my heart ??? thank you very much for this game ^^

It was so nice ! I got a little hard time understanding the commands but once I was in it was awesome ! thank you for creating this ^^