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First time ever writing a line of code! Hope you will get frustrated :-)
Submitted by TheGielov — 1 day, 3 hours before the deadline
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Game Design#1523.4123.412

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Short but also pretty funny.


I got played waaayyy more times than I'm probably willing to admit. For your first time coding you did amazing! Great job on the excellent game.


Thank you so much!


Excellent job for your first programming experience! I really dig the idea with the colored areas changing the gameplay. After several retries, I noticed that you can jump an indefinitely amount of times inside the blocks, this made the game a lot easier though I don't think that was the indented outcome. It was a painful but well executed kick in the nards when I finished the game and realized how close the ending was. Great job!


Thank you so much! Yeah, Asbjørn discovered the flaw about the endless jumping right before I had to upload. Buuuut, I just crossed my fingures and hoped no one would notice xD


No modular jump height. No grace jump. I went left at the top of the two red stripes and got a precision jump. No surprise I failed it the first time. Restart from beginning. Not doing it. You need checkpoints. If you don't have them, you reduce your audience to a sliver of the amount of players that may be interested in playing your game.

The design is interesting in terms of the coloured areas. What's good about them is that they have very specific rules and they are confined to these areas. So while you change the rules, it's never unexpected. This is both interesting and a desirable challenge.

The "As if :)" bit at the beginning was going to be where I would quit. Nobody pays me to look for the design inconsistency that you've decided I have to look for to even start playing. Now, with that said, you did help the user by putting the red area right above the secret wall in question. And the fact that this is so early in the game, is also helpful. With that said, I only kept searching for it, because I read comments that indicated other areas existed.

There is no audio.

Aesthetics are very basic, but they are cohesive. An odd choice is picking a hexagon for your player when his collide is a circle. I wouldn't recommend having colliders be too different from their shapes. In your case it isn't, it's just odd that you would change it from circle to hex just because. Perhaps there is a reason, I haven't found it.

I don't see how the theme is hit. After all you didn't lie. You said "As if :)". I only got a few more text object in the game, and they read go right, and then go left. So at best we have some wrong instructions at times, and some secret passages at other times.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hahah, thanks for the very detailed review! Afterall, it was my first time ever opening up Unity myself and first time ever writing code, and considering I did this in about 12 hours, I'm actually quite pleased with the result!  Only did it for fun, as we invited a bunch of friends to the Brackeys office to jam out and have a good time. But, thanks for taking the time to give some feedback! Hope you enjoyed the jam! :D


This is really fun. Got really frustrated with the yellow parts. :)

Some sound effects would be great if you can add them after the jam.


really nice idea. I really liked the simple graphics and the gameplay felt relatively smooth

it will be nice if you check out my game too


Got the to end second try but, i keept playing and i really like the blue panel thing , makes you really confuse, so i keep going till the other 2 endings. Really nice game 


The concept is interresting. I had a too short experiment to enjoy it on his best I guess.


good idea and implementation ... could have added sound but ... nice game :)


Good job


Best game I played in this jam so far


The game was fantastic. If you can I recommend adding sound effects. It will make the experience that much more better. Use a program called 'sxfr' to make the sound effects , it's really simple.