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Omg I’m stoopid. I thought using windows, Mac & Linux stand-alone will work for all of them ! So sorry.

That’s kinda the point to have things that normally wouldn’t kill you kill you

Here this is my game . Note remove headphones if you don't want your ears bleeding.

They spawn faster at like 350 score and spawns even faster after 700 and they fall faster after 1200. As for the detection not at bottom was just to make it relatively easy. But I greatly appreciate your feedback.

this task a gruelin one

1024 by 728 pixels

Thank you for your feedback! Still learning on how to make okay music for games.

Ya I enjoyed the simple music. What i meant about the delay cam movement is not exactly a delay it's that the camera doesn't follow the player smoothly. Like it wait 0.5 sec before locking on to the player. This kinda makes it feel a little less responsive.

Ummm... the UI for the game is messed up for me. So i can't even play it cause most of the buttons are off screen 

The game was good. Sounds, simple graphics, music .The UI was kinda messed up for me though.

Great game. Excellent simple music , A story and a Moral. Only thing I found a bit annoying was the delayed camera movement. 

 I know the music’s bad, but that is my best attempt at using bosca ceoil. Thanks for the feedback my guy!

Thanks I’m glad you think that way

Thank you ma9ici4n . I finished the game with one wrong yay!

I really enjoyed it. Don't really have anything to criticize about. ^__^

oh ok thanks

The first one “What even is the meaning of life “

Wow im already stuck on the code

Loved the game and the end!!

The game was fantastic. If you can I recommend adding sound effects. It will make the experience that much more better. Use a program called 'sxfr' to make the sound effects , it's really simple.

Thanks A Lot My Dude!

Thanks for the feedback! Tried adding Scores and failed :P Music wise gonna work on it.

Good Luck To You Too


Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed it.

Could you please tell me what exactly happened.

Made with Unity,Piskel,Pixel Studio,