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OFFICIAL RULES: Feel free to ask any questions or suggest something new Sticky

A topic by angrysmile created Oct 01, 2020 Views: 3,716 Replies: 53
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Please follow these 7 standard rules for this jam series:
  • HAVE FUN - The more you focus on winning and the less you focus on having fun... the more you miss out! If you have a great attitude and aren't under pressure, you might turn out the greatest game in history, but applying imaginary competitive stress is only hurting you! DONT! We are all starting out and having a blast doing so.
  • You may use any engine (godot, unity, ect.) as long as it is playable on Windows. Ideally, a web build or html build for browser play so that MAC users and others can easily play off the page itself without downloading. I understand that we all don't have the specs to do an html build, so I will not hold it against those who cannot do so.
  •  All NSFW or adult themed games must have appropriate warnings on the title. Example: “(18+) Zombie Fun” or similar. If you choose to go this route, please keep it subtle. I will personally disqualify a game from winning prizes if more than one person claims it as "offensive" or if it’s clearly too excessive. Please keep in mind that as a beginner's circle we may have a younger community, which may prevent NSFW material in future jams if submissions for this game jam are excessively inappropriate. Any NSFW game will be removed if labeled offensive.
  •  This game jam will be solely judged by myself. This will prevent any double voting or unfair down votings. Jams with votes usually end with unfair results, so don’t fret! Uneven or unfair votes won't be a part of this community!
  •  You must make all assets and code yourself or by your team within the time frame of this jam. Any templates, plug-ins and/or pre-builds will not count in the originality department. This jam is intended to practice your critical thinking, creative and coding skills, not copy and paste.  Any of these will apply to the Originality category. Music must be royalty / copyright free and properly credited. so its fine to use music and fonts
  • You may not post any links when commenting and you may not post a comment for the sake of self-promotion. These comments will be deleted and this type of behavior will count negatively towards your Community Spirit score. There is a section in our community to post your links
  • Once that countdown is done, you will not be able to edit your submissions any further. It is recommended that you upload your project at least 2 hours before the deadline. This is wiggle room to catch and fix last minute touches. There will be late tickets available on request if your game has game breaking bugs that need repair.
  • This isnt just another place to reupload and show off any game demos, nor is it the place to show off or try to impress anyone. This is a game jam hosted for a community of people starting out. There are sections in the itch community.

Is there a discord server?




Is it allowed to use construct 3?


any engine as long is playable on windows

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oh thank gosh

You have to go with your own team or its aleatory who is whit

 who ? 

I am pretty sure that they just have to be a part of the process and you have to credit them if someone else help, at least that's what I understood.

I am so excited for this :)

what is the theam //

the theme is game theme


Pueden ser juegos creados en java? Es decir con ejecutable .jar?


Mientras se pueda jugar en Windows, preferiblemente en navegador, esta bien.

Sí, puedes crear un juego de Java. Pero no debe ser ofensivo y debe ejecutarse en un navegador o en Windows. De nada.

hi this my first time i participating in a game jam and i have two questions 

1. What's the theme of the game cause i don't know what the game theme will be ( or you will announce it later )

2. where can i upload the game ? > is is on my itchIO account or an external account

Plz i really need your help so i can work on the game comfortable 

Merci Pour tout le monde #Peace


1. The theme will be announced when the game jam starts

2. The game should be uploaded to your account

Hope this helps :D


Thanks really helped 

Hi! the theme is "game show" according to angry smile(the host)
this is my 1st jam too. Wanna team up or somethin?

Btw which country r u frm?

I'm Indian

hi i'm from algeria , i'm sorry i preffer to work alone i'm so sorry.

 i wish you the great luck 

it's cool bro i understand. Best of luck to u too

@NavenduKala do you have discord?

hey man im asking you if we can team up becuase im from algeria too we have better chances to win if we team up so thnx 

hi nice to see an algerian game dev here too

but i'm sorry i thing that i can do all stuffs like modeling and programing and music so i prefer to work alone i'm sorry bro i wanna test what i lean in the last year I wish you the best bro 

yeah ok i understand that good luck 

does it matter if i make it 2D or 3D

It wont matter unless the dimension is specified in the theme :)

Alright, thank you!

what is the theme of game jam


That will be announced once the game jam starts

I can't use discord what is the theme?


That will be announced once the game jam starts

oh I thought it started already woops

The theme is Game Show



Are we allowed to reuse any code from a previous game

reusing code is pretty much a must in most cases.

you will not see anyone here starting to write their own libraries and engines for a game jam(ok maybe 2-3 crazy people will write a library).

but it all depends on what "code" you want to reuse.

can you copy and paste?


yeah that was my question

what is the difference between copy-paste and using a premade library?

"You must make all assets and code yourself or by your team within the time frame of this jam." So I believe reusing code is against the rules.

you can reuse any and all of the back-end functionality you want "Any templates, plug-ins and/or pre-builds will not count in the originality department" meaning that code used for handling in-game stats, physics or base AI would not really affect your score anyway because no one gives "originality points" for making a ball bounce or an enemy to walk in a straight line towards a target while avoiding obstacles.

but the front end: sprites, game mechanics, story, and so on - should be made during the jam or lose originality points.

might DQ if there is a massive abuse of that rule, but in most cases using sprites from the asset store or copying the plot of a book shouldn't be that bad as long as you give credit and take the point loss.

I wish that Jam hosts would acknowledge this fact a bit more.

regarding "You may not post any links when commenting and you may not post a comment for the sake of self-promotion."
my game engine requires players to have VCredist and DirectX installed on their computer(a directX based game Engine).

I had issues before of players not having those things and saying the game doesn't work even when I link them in the download instructions and game description and explain this specifically.

is it ok to link those sites on comments?(as this is not self promotion, a link to Microsoft's VCRedist and a link to the latest DirectX downloads)

Pretty sure its ok as long  as the link isn't to your social media or any other self promoting links



As a composer and sound designer can I be part of more than one team?

You can, but i would suggest you to stick with just one team for better quality.

how close to the specific theme does it have to be?

this is my first game jam...

Excuse me, sry for ask this question but can i use Playmaker for Coding ? 

ps. i'm not sure about my english 

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Oh, I just looked it up, since its a plugin for unity, its probably fine.


buenas tardes que pena puedo utilizar construct 2 para estar en el concurso

Cualquier motor es aceptado siempre y cuando pueda exportar a Windows


muchas gracias voy a inscribirme y voy a intentar ganar

If other people give ideas like art and stuff do they count as a team/include them in the project?

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Could I Use Scratch as a platform (because its a web platform and)because I use it mainly for coding

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

I'd like to join but unfortunately my game was made using RPG Maker MV on the Nintendo Switch, which means a Nintendo Switch is required to play it... Any chance it's still possible to participate...?