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im very thankful for the advice, however I can no longer edit this game as I dont have the files anymore, (new computer)

accquire pogchamp complete

but its not daytime, its night

Hey man, I was inspired by Arvie K as well, made my own game in construct 3, but did you pay for membership or whatever because im using free version and i dont have that many events

Lol thanks for trying to be nice, I appreciate it, but this is garbage.



uno reverse card

Oops sorry for late response, didnt even know i had messages, sorry had been so busy with school.  I make the ingame art, do you mean the ingame art or the thumbnail?


Very cool game, its epiCC, last boss so hard though

Very epiCC game, Very Fun. I found a cool bug, when you have to fix the VCR if you put it under you, you can fly around with it, and part of the roof had no collision, and some trees are floating lol. 

oh I thought it started already woops

I can't use discord what is the theme?


Very True

I won!

Very good, nice try to jumpscare, i died laughing it was actually funny, nice modeling ngl

Awesome game, but it's very easy, just go to shop and buy bard and wizard over and over, its op

I love dani, very inspirational

Very cute game! I'm to afraid to ask who I love though. If I were in this game, I would die at the "do you want to ask me something" I wouldnt be able to, im to awkward and shy.


hush child

Ok I don't understand this fully, but I didn't think this was a horror game until I saw the blood on the saw in the garage, and the body in the closet of the laundry room upstairs, when I saw it I jumped xD

I am actually going to work on it rn

& the layout isnt great cause I got interupted while making it, then I got lazy and never finished it, didnt bother with graphics either \_('-')_/

Thanks, I would add more too it, but im in school still and I take my grades as higher priority than this, not by much though xD Thanks for the constructive criticism, I thought the empty garbage was good as well, and I would add a voting screen, but I can't until I make the money to buy construct membership, because I have free edition, which, don't get me wrong, it's awesome, but when I buy membership I can add way more and I can make it multiplayer!

HAAHAHAH thats hilarious, so instantly not ever playing or knowing anything about this, i didnt get to finish the 1st voice line, I clipped through the wall, and then I got stuck later thinking it was a bug, and it was like "ya know how you clipped through the wall earlier, do an assisted clip" I thought it was a bug lol

Very weird, but I like the randomness and its fun!



hey I made my own, trying to put it on my website, how would I go about doing this?