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Planet EaterView game page

Help Eatopians protect their home from a dangerous shower of planets.
Submitted by Todemann (@MichiTodemann) — 29 minutes, 2 seconds before the deadline
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This is pretty fun! I like the use of the eyes as a health indication, although I think there may be a minor graphical bug: when an Eatopian in its damaged animation splits into smaller Eatopians, the new child will have the number of eyes closed as it parent had in damage, but no X's. Very minor bug that did not affect the gameplay, which is pretty solid! Otherwise I think if you want to work on this game after the jam is over, experiment with adding some juice like a little screen shake or more sound effects. Hope you had fun with this jam!


Thanks for the comment and playing the game, I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for pointing out the bug, I've noticed this issue happens sometimes, but have not been able to identify the reason. Nevertheless, I am currently working on a very similar mechaninc for a mobile game, so all the feedback that I can get is very appreciated. 


I had a hard time figuring out what a gas planet was so I wasn't even able to get past the first level. I think you should make it more visually clear. Using the eyes as HP is really clever!


Thanks for your feedback and for playing the game. I need to work on the visuals of the planets, so the difference becomes more obvious. 


Game is good! I like the concept you created with the given theme. One thing though, the asteroids are too fast, you can either give warning sign before they appear or just decrease their speed. But other than that, this game has a good concept. Good job! :)


thanks for the feedback :) - you are right about the asteroids, that is something that I need to fix.


This game was certainly from a different planet ! I liked the main concept, like dragging the Eatopians around felt like a strategy / puzzle game. The music was mysterious and gave a good atmosphere to the game. Good job !


I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks for the comment ☺️


This gets pretty intense! It's a nice and simple idea, but there are a few things you could do to aid the gameplay: - The hazardous planets aren't really distinct enough at first, and I found myself moving my Eatopians towards the gas-like planets a lot

- The asteroids are really fast! There isn't much of a warning before one flies into the screen, and their sheer speed makes the window to move Eatopians out of the way is pretty tight because of it

- There are some quirks with Eatopian velocity when they collide together, this could be intentional but I just wanted to point it out

Despite that though you did pretty well with the idea! Good work.


Many thanks for the comment. I liked your idea of providing a warning for the asteroids before they come out (Maybe some sort of light that blinks before they come). Thanks for playing my game :)