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This game is quite the challenge! I wasn't able to complete it yet (got stuck on the spiky yoyo's moving platform puzzle) but this game is awesome. The color palette is great and the yoyo physics are amazing. Is the code on GitHub? I would love to see how this works!

Not sure if it's a bug or a feature, but if I break the brown yoyo and switch it over to another yoyo I can't use the other yoyo. However the reset from checkpoint feature saves the day (and there are plenty of checkpoints)! One thing I would recommend is to save the state of the activation orbs so that in case of player death they don't have to reactivate the orb every time to get another chance at the challenge.

Awesome game overall, hope you had fun making this one!

This is pretty fun! I like the use of the eyes as a health indication, although I think there may be a minor graphical bug: when an Eatopian in its damaged animation splits into smaller Eatopians, the new child will have the number of eyes closed as it parent had in damage, but no X's. Very minor bug that did not affect the gameplay, which is pretty solid! Otherwise I think if you want to work on this game after the jam is over, experiment with adding some juice like a little screen shake or more sound effects. Hope you had fun with this jam!

Thanks for playing our game! I will put on my jean shorts and straw hat and change my name to bug catcher Bobby, you'll find me in the Viridian Forest attempting to catch bugs.

Jokes aside, I agree that the AI is the most polished part (even though they still jump on your head, thought I fixed that!) My lesson learned is to polish the core mechanics first, even if other things may be more fun to make.

I'll be sure to check out your game soon!

If you can believe that you can fly you will touch the sky...

Jokes aside, we did an early build where you couldn't fly around, but then I thought that it was actually pretty fun to fly around. Also playtesters found it really fun too, got a kick out of finding shortcuts in the levels. Noted on the camera movement though! Will fiddle around with some variables to make it not too jarring.

And darn! I thought I fixed the children jumping on the player's head, bug catching continues!

Glad you had fun with our game!

The animations are incredible! I can see the potential for gameplay expansion but what you have is pretty awesome already. I noticed that the music didn't loop (on the browser) but that's not too bad. I feel like the rockets, the ones that explode into a ball of flame, should also explode when hitting the shadowy figures (which by the way also look awesome) and not just when they hit the ground, though that is just my opinion. Loving the parallax background and the atmosphere, great job especially for a solo dev!

The visuals and music are nice, the ground texture reminds me of human muscle and nerves which is not bad at all! I'm not sure how Unity works, but I did notice that whenever I got caught the music restarted, which was sometimes a bit jarring. Overall, terrain and enemy pathing seems to have been done smoothly and the visual effects were cool! Oh yeah, were there only three levels? I dug into the sign that said "The Core" expecting another level but the game closed instead.

What a funny stealth game! I didn't get too far because I suck at stealth games but just seeing your screenshots hints at how much content I have yet to get to. It's amazing that this is the programmer's first game, there's a lot of components to this game that are pretty difficult to crack into for beginner game devs but not only was it done but it was done pretty well! My critique is that if you are interested in doing another platformer, I would recommend considering implementing jump buffering and coyote time to make the platforming more forgiving, as well as decreasing the hit box on the guards so that it's more obvious that the player was caught. Great job!

Thanks for the compliment! If you want to know how we did it, send me a message, I'd love to share the code! I'll take a look at your game soon.

We finished our game! A space platformer where you help return wayward children to their home planets!