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Your puzzles were well made, good job on this !
I can advise you that if you want your game to be played you can try out and comment other's games. People tend to play back your game in return ^^

I can't understand how nobody has commented your game yet, it's amazing ! I love this kind of games and really enjoyed it ! (I even replayed it several times)

The overall design is really well made and walking through the manual is really cool ! I would love to have a printable version of it.

The only tip I can give you for this game is to rewrite the manual with better explanations to avoid confusing the player with sometimes not well explained steps (e.g. the "Size" chapter). Converting planets name to code was a bit difficult (never got the Earth conversion working, strangely) but finding it myself gave me a more rewarding feel.

Really cool game and I'll definitely look over your other projects and the future ones !

I liked this game, the ambiance is really cool ! I believe this was your first 3D game (following your devlog about this jam) ? You've made a great job !

Thank you !

Thank you for your comment ! Our artist worked really hard to make these beautiful animations and worlds.

Thank you for your comment !
The deadline got too fast so we had to cut off the game early.

Also sadly don't expect any update of the game, our team couldn't agree to continue the game or not.
Sorry about that :/

Thank you ! We were quite short on time so we had to go with what we got at the end of the jam.

Thank you for your comment ! Sadly not everybody on the team wanted to continue the game past this release :/ so don't expect any update
Sorry about this

The concept is very unique and I love the way it's implemented. Somehow the watermark voice fits well with the music :D

Nice Godot game, good job !

interesting gameplay, the graphics are nice and the sound effects and music add a nice touch to this game ! Good job !

This game got a lot of love ! The music and sound fits perfectly to the game, the effects are cool and polished, as well as the levels.

The only catch I got was getting used to the physics, like we need to move first before having some air momentum.

Nice work !

This game was certainly from a different planet ! I liked the main concept, like dragging the Eatopians around felt like a strategy / puzzle game. The music was mysterious and gave a good atmosphere to the game. Good job !

I liked this game ! The art style is charming, with the clouds gimmick that hides the enemies. The patterns are interesting and we got a strong replay value. I didn't get far because shoot'em up are not my cup of tea, but I recognize that there was a lot of work and polishing made into this game. Good job !

Here are some thoughts about how to improve your game, don't take it as flaws but just advice on how to make your game feel more polished :
- Autofire : besides preventing the destruction of the player's spacebar, it's also a good way to give more accessibility to your game for disabled players.
- Sound Balancing : The fire sound effect is like repeated many times. I suggest you to just decrease the volume to give more room for the music and other sound effects.
- Add more ambient sounds : Like some wind sound effect from time to time, like when clouds pass by
- More sound effects for enemies : Like when the regular enemy fires at you, or a distinct sound for specific stronger enemies.

I liked the concept ! I'm interested in how you made the effect when you press P.

Adding a background music and some sound effects may contribute to make your game even better ! If you don't know where to find some musics I suggest you to take a look at Kevin MacLeod for example. For the sound effect you can find free tools to generate sounds like bfxr.

By the way, the game runs fine on Firefox, maybe level loading was a little bit long but we can't do much with web builds ;)

Good job !

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Thank you ! We really appreciate that you enjoyed our game !

Thank you for your feedback ! A knocking door sound effect was planned at some point but went forgotten until the end of the jam. We placed a dialogue as a sort of replacement.

Thank you for your kind comment ! We are really glad that you loved our game. I can't tell how much your comments (of all of you) made our day. Thank you ! ^^

Thank you for your video ! We really appreciates that you enjoyed playing our game :) seeing someone else discover our game is always interesting, like the fact that you scared right away the Dracula kid ^^

Good luck playing the 54 remaining games !

Nice game, the candy explosion are great and we don't even talk about our spaceship's explosion, it's really well made ! :)

The enemy patterns are predictable, they are also clearly visible by contrasting their colors with the background, good job !

I would leave just a little game design tip (though I'm not an expert at all) : Since we need to keep the spacebar pressed in order to shoot, and there is no penalty when shooting indefinitely, I suggest you to put an option to auto-shoot without the need of pressing anything. It's quite convenient for disabled players for example.

Thank you ! We are really happy that you liked our game ^^

I loved this game, it contrasts highly with the rest of the games made for this jam ^^

The artworks made me think of the game Don't Starve and it wonderfully suits the horror feeling of the game !

It was me or our character moves faster diagonally ? I figured out that I can escape the enemy faster this way.

A nice game with some nice art. I liked when the light turned off, it made the game a little scarier :)

Woah, this game is truly awesome ! It's honestly not that far from being a true commercial game ! I loved every second of it

This game made me think of one of Rayman's levels where we have to climb the level as fast as possible before the water reach us. The player's sprite is nicely animated ! I couldn't get far enough to see the enemies sadly, but good job ! :)

Also, I found a bug with the wall jumps : wall-jumping multiple times quickly messes up our player's lateral velocity, he's shaking for some time right after the jumps.

The way the world is designed using pictures gives charm to this game. The player has full air control so the game is really easy, in a way the gameplay is not frustrating at all :)

I would like to see more ^^

I liked the game's arts, it's also quite difficult. I found out that we can move a block while standing on it and remove the block from our feet, just to see us floating ^^

Fun and addictive game, I love it ^^

Thank you for your comment ! We're glad that you enjoyed the game. I agree with you about the inventory, we have the name displayed only when picking up but not after.

Hobb™ is a private joke from Beginner's Circle's Discord Server where somebody called "Hobb"(™) talked the same way as the character in the game. He also mentioned about crediting the puns so following the joke we put trademarks everywhere his name appear.

Thank you for your feedback ! I agree with you about the texts, we need to push further our English skills if we want to build a better dialogue-based game.

For the object placement, we were limited in time and couldn't draw more rooms (I was the improvised artist for the backgrounds) So we had to place the last puzzle into already existing rooms and used the real ghost to give hints to the player. The cage key is the most difficult object to find and it's totally my fault.

Again, thanks for your feedback ! Your comment is highly appreciated !

Thanks for your comment !

A secondary camera mode by locking the rotation would be a nice addition, I just didn't thought about that.

Thank you ! I wish we could have more time to polish the game with sounds, minimap, etc.

We were not expecting that people would enjoy this game this much, now I want to make more ! ^^ Thanks for your feedback again !

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I used a KinematicBody2D for the car, and yes, I zero out the lateral velocity because when there is a collision the car is bumped away like a soap bar. Very funny though, a little less for the final user experience.

In the most basic movements, the car accelerate and brake at different rates. In the game the brake force is stronger.

The pivot point is at the front wheels, and the  rotation force vary with the  speed. I used a second degree polynomial curve :


The resulting curve will be a float between 0 and 1. This value is a coefficient that will be multiplied with the real rotation speed. That mean the max rotation speed available is  when we are in the middle point between the max speed and 0.

But there is a twist: on the second half of the curve I add a "high speed rotation" value to the coefficient (0.3 is an acceptable value). The value is then capped at one.

The final curve is a standard growing curve until the middle point, where it keep at its maximum value for a while and then drop slowly to stop at the high speed rotation value.

I hope this explanation will help you with your 3D car physics :)

If you have any questions or if I didn't explain well some things don't hesitate to ask !

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Thanks for your comments, Ganius Games, Tortle123 and jp00p. I agree with the three of you about the theme. The original idea was the car does not have brakes at all. We figured out that the game were missing something and quickly got boring. That's where we got the idea to implement several "curses". We also thought about implementing some sort of "possessed car" curse that would randomly turn the car but we found out it just wasn't fun enough and could ruin the gameplay.

It was fun to make though, we enjoyed playing around with the engine and hope we'll get better for the next jam :)

Thanks for your comment !

We got difficulties configuring the autotile feature of Godot so Jeremy decided to draw the map by hand, tile per tile.  We also got some troubles about missing matching road tiles so the circuit can sometimes feel a little bit "blocky".

We were kind of undecided about the UI layout and we finally chose this one because the objective wont block the player's view while driving and the curses are in front of the player so that he has the infomation near the critical part of the screen. The objectives were less important because they don't change between two playthrough.

The no brake and reverse bug was known, I admit, we were counting on the "die and retry" feel of the game and focused on other things.

The absence of music is due to the fact that we didn't prioritize it at all on the todolist and were scraped away with the approaching deadline.

Thanks for your comment ! We are really glad you like our game ! :)

The minimap was planned but we did not have the time to implement it in the final release. We would like to implement more challenge types and even more curses but we have feature-locked the game early because of the approaching deadline ;)

Thanks ! I agree with you about the objectives not having some way of telling the player he got the objective or not.

For the camera I have configured some smoothing but I think that we got used to the way the camera moves and passed on this too early.

For the bug it's kind of strange, are you sure it wasn't a curse behind this ? (no friction for example) We didn't saw this while playing or maybe it's a web version exclusive bug feature ?

Again, Thanks for your comment !